Baba Ijesha celebrity status will not help him – Lawyer says

An entertainment and intellectual property lawyer, Femi Njoku, has said that the celebrity status of embattled actor Baba Ijesha has no bearing on the sexual assault case against him.

Baba Ijesha celebrity status will not help him – Lawyer says

While speaking in an interview with The Punch , Njoku also stated the reason why the actor might have not been granted bail since he was taken into police custody

He said

“The case is a very serious one. Bail cannot just be given to anybody. There are certain grounds for bail. If he asks the court for bail based on those grounds, then they can grant it to him. But if the court feels he may escape or try to beat the law, they may decide to hold him down.

“As regards his celebrity status, it is not supposed to affect his case. However, this is Nigeria, and a lot of factors come in to play. Beyond what happens in court, there are many factors that come into play. We are in a country where a particular Senator was seen assaulting a lady, yet he is still a member of the National Assembly. That shows our level of seriousness as a country.”

Reacting to a rumour making the rounds that the minor’s guardian and comedienne, Adekola Adekanya, aka Princess, and Baba Ijesha, were in a romantic relationship and was only trying to set up the actor, Njoku said,

“She is not a party to the case. It is between him (Baba Ijesha) and the state. It is a criminal case, so it is between him and the state. Any criminal matter is between the defendant and the state, so it has no bearing with and won’t tamper with the case.

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