Azealia Banks calls Kanye West ‘dumb’ for pretending she’s in love with him

American rapper, Azealia Banks, who in her Insta-story post claimed that Kanye West spilled ‘some tea’ to her, has further called him ‘dumb’ for lying against her.

Azealia Banks calls Kanye West 'dumb' for pretending she was in love with him lailasnews

According to Azealia Banks, Kanye West switched sides in their talk after realizing that Kim Kardashian was going through his phone just after he leaked some secret to her. She further disclosed that she telling Kanye West that she ‘loves him’, was reaching out to him as a sister because he is suicidal.

Read her Insta-story post below;

Azealia Banks calls Kanye West 'dumb' for pretending she was in love with him lailasnews 1

Azealia Banks calls Kanye West 'dumb' for pretending she was in love with him lailasnews 2

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Say it aint so, Kanye West had @azealiabanks write his verse on @6ix9ine new song, I am beyond disappointed he used a ghostwriter but the fact that he hired an actual ghost who nobody listens to is just disrespectful to hip hop 🤢 shout out to @theshaderoom #kanyewest #azealiabanks #tekashi69 #nickiminaj #trippieredd #vikings #chicagobears #lebronjames #drake #kimkardashian

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This is coming after she went public with her “Yeezy Modular Survival Kit” design. The rapper claims to have created the design after considering solutions for disasters or even camping. The item includes an “electric generator, a hot plate, a convection oven, a small cloth washer, and a mini-fridge.”

The artist shared the “genius product” on Instagram in case her design was taken to the market without proper credit.

“Since everyone likes to drain me of my energy and run off on the plug (me)…kanye mentioned something about Kim Kardashian being jealous he was talking to me then ghosted, but I’m pretty sure it’s just sneaky Kanye’s way of trying to steal my idea and leave me out. Sometimes pretending like you are emotionally unstable is an easy way to sneak past people and manipulate them into doing ALL THE WORK FOR YOU. Second pic is the YEEZY LOGO I designed for him. Hes supposed to be hiring me to work for yeezy but I highly doubt Kim Kardashian will let that happen.”

Azealia Banks says Kim Kardashian is looking like a black woman


  1. Nanny west shouldn’t have lied to her ,lobe is powerful thing that is not supposed to be joke with.

  2. This black Americans with their trouble. They are all the same. They would try everything to get our attention while they make money from it.

  3. Names calling is not the issues here… please Some one should talk to Azealia Banks stay away from married men.

  4. How come she said it was really a brotherly love…who does that nowadays. She want Kanye West but it’s not possible.

  5. Dear Azeila banks, please don’t be angry o. Is that one you are wearing there called cloth too? Abi rope. No vex o. Just a question

  6. There are some shit that it is better that you don’t even comment on like shits like this,must everything be brought to media

  7. Since Kanye West started supporting Trump, the entertainers in America have started acting cold towards him. I am not surprised by Azealia’s comments

  8. Anyway she came out publicly first ,so she should be ready to receive any in insults comes out of it.

  9. Celebrities and their lifestyles sometimes amaze me. Must you post your personal life issues on social media? People fall in love for different reasons. And the same way you fall in, you also fall out. Lol

  10. You don’t want Kris Jenner to have him killed, why the did you send the heart emoji in the first place..Bank you Are only looking for attention

  11. You don’t have to call him names OK? Though here on social media we can’t know who is wrong or right because celebrieare full of tricks

  12. I don’t really think she said the truth because I still think there is still more to the story . You might have feeling for someone before now and later stopped then you are denying it now . I think that should be the case

  13. She did that to gain attention I guess because Kanye would never do that, but celebrities now a days likes so much attention gained because we are in a world of social media.

  14. This babe sha, you and Kanye, who is deceiving who? If Kim is draining Kanye, he likes it like that. Leave them and get your own life

  15. Azealia is always in the news for dissing one celeb or another. This matter should be private between herself and Kanye West. Dragging the rest of the world into it won’t make it any better.

  16. why pretending to be in love when you are not all this celebrities you people are full of rumores don’t even know if is the truth or not

  17. These kind off ladies destroy homes. You claim to be helping him out off suicidal tendencies (I’m certain you’re not a shrink) and yet you slander him in public. Careful babe.

  18. Miss rapper,I pity ur ass,if Kim and the whole of kardashian family descends on you.your name will be sorry.

  19. Is this really supose to be a public issue or their privater matter? Let them handle their wahala jarree

  20. If you were not wrong, you won’t get a wrong signal too. So stop calling him names and fix yourself right.

  21. What’s the point pretending. When the love isn’t there and all of this jealousy stuffs. There is no point Calling him dumb

  22. Pretence is not the best way to get things from another because at the long or short run it will escalate and may lead to malice.

  23. Azalia banks is just bitter day she can’t have Kanye to herself……I see no reason why she shld wash her dirty linen in public

  24. You guyz are two adult why not sort things out as adults you are@Azalia if you have issues with Kenya why not Sort it out amicably with him.why trying to bring him low on social media your bringing yourself low at the same time

  25. Its better one knows whom he is playing games with and much more importantly, know what type of game to play.

  26. Banks should stay away from kanye west, the married. Spilling tea, reading messages, told by kardashian and yada yada yada

  27. If she ain’t spilling the tea then she needs to take several seats and stop making a fool out of herself

  28. What a bad statement to one another, he might have in mind to do that but he Won’t say anything on it again for using that statement on him.

  29. She called him dumb because he told his partner the whole truth about her dirty feelings for him, she knows Kanye West has a wife and she still throw herself at him. Irresponsible lady with her irresponsible lifestyle.

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