AY gives more scary detail about Nollywood

AY has also thrown a jab at Nollywood, just after veteran actor Kevin Aduba went public with the state of things in the movie industry which according to him has the ‘fakest’ lives and people.

AY gives more scary detail about Nollywood lailasnews

According to AY, he decided to come forward with more scathing details about Nollywood after Kevin Aduba’s post, because he has also been exposed to the good, the bad and ugly. The comedian disclosed that the ‘fakeness’ in Nollywood is fast becoming a legacy designed for posterity, and the Nigerian movie industry is a backstabbing community where some pretend to love you in the open and condemn all your determination and efforts to succeed when you are not there.

He wrote;

As a growing actor and a movie producer, NOLLYWOOD has exposed me to both the good, the bad and ugly.Barely few years in the industry, i have experienced all sorts from the stables of the high and mighty self entitled ‘stakeholders’, to the very insecured individuals whose only claim to fame is an old testament fact of “We started this industry”.The above post by @kevinikeduba, has given me the courage to further introduce you to our Nollywood. So welcome to an industry where rivalry and fakeness is fast becoming a legacy designed for posterity.

Welcome to a backstabbing community where some pretend to love you in the open and condenm all your determination and efforts to succeed when you are not there. Welcome to an industry where enmity reigns supreme… Eg “If you are using her in the movie, then i can’t be on it”, or “i can’t be in your film and not play the lead role”. Welcome to an industry where some actors have more visible roles on Instagram and Red Carpets. Welcome to an industry where some would maintain a position that would make you keep to yourself rather than ask for a selfie.

Welcome to an industry where some cannot use their platforms to help another colleague to promote his or her work(including the ones they are contracted for). Welcome to an industry where most families mainly depend on public support when one of our own falls sick.

Welcome to an industry where some engages themselves daily on WhatsApp groups chatting about how others have no business making movies (even when they break their own records back to back). Moving the industry forward goes beyond seeking for the downfall of others, or basking in the euphoria of an old glory that has been taken over by trend and time.

Above all, i still see Nollywood as a special place; a place filled with creative geniuses.Working together and supporting ourselves can only make greater arts happen to the diverse audiences we all set out to entertain.But at the end of each plastic characters that comes with movie productions, let’s find a way to share our real side. It’ll either scare away every fake person in our life or it will inspire them to finally let go of that mirage called “perfection”

AY gives more scary detail about Nollywood lailasnews 1

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  1. Nollywood is full of fakes……..the actors and actresses should be real for once…AY said it all

  2. A lot of fake people everywhere. When I see their own soliciting for help on social media I do wonder after all their wealth and friends nawa oo. They should turn a new leaf

  3. Whenever there’s competition in a community, there’s bound to be no growth in the group, there’s hatred, jealousy and bitterness.. People seeking others downfall by creating potholes.

  4. exactly my mind, they are leaving a fake life, is not good to immitate them because their fake life is incomparable

  5. Thank you guys for shading light into the problems inside Nollywood family. That’s why is hard to see any actor helping one of their members in need or sick. I see now. Is too bad and hope what AY said can help them change and show themselves love to move the industry forward.

  6. I am not surprised. Naturally, people finds it difficult to love themselves. How much more people doing same job.

  7. Yes, you say the right words but that can’t be eradicate in the world no matter who you are just have it ur mind that not all those who smile or play with you are your friends some are smiling with you and looking for ur down fall so thats behavior can’t be eradicate in the world

  8. Nollywood leaves a life of fake things, weather AY is saying the truth or not ,nothing concerns me in their matter.

  9. If the good, bad and ugly is found in nolly wood, that makes a movie or social industry, they have to try their best in making sure the good get better, the bad and ugly becomes better also

  10. What are we talking about. It’s everywhere humans gather. Be it Church, club, market, Banks, and other secular organization; even in some families. Humans will always be Humans.

  11. Very true, however its not peculiar to Bollywood. It is a general Nigerian phenomenon, no love at all, we are all selfish.

  12. Exposing the secret life style and happening in the industry is seen like strong discouragement to those that are upcoming like seriously……though the sandals of not giving assistants to fellow actors and actresses is kind of bad but should be kept and worked on…

  13. They are suppose to bring each other up not trying to bring anyone down,everyone has their cliques may God intervene

  14. my dear is not only industry is everywhere even in working places, compound, family etc. Just try to be who you are and leave the rest to God.

  15. In every industry, u must meet the good, the bad and the ugly…all this three are what spice up an industry…the only thing is all that shouldn’t change ur personality..do ur own part by been good..@AYmakun…we love ur works

  16. its didn’t start today,kudos to people with boldness who are able to come out and open this can of worms

  17. I don’t understand what you people are saying, if you tired you can leave and create a space for people who are interested to come in. I was even want to enter movie industry soon.

  18. Hmmmmm this is very bad, i thing film something is a team work not an individual work so u guys shld suppt each other

  19. AY you are very correct, they are living a big fake life but even at that we enjoy there movies. There is where we see the good people the bad and even the ugly

  20. It is not just in the industry that you see all the back biting and back stabbing. It’s everywhere. Just say welcome to the world!

  21. All of you are involved so we don’t want to hear…in fact its not even my dream to become an actress.

  22. Well said AY, Fake personalities everywhere. People claiming what there are not just to belong and represent.

  23. He speak the true but all we need is love and make Bollywood a better place like Hollywood.

  24. Even if AY know the good and bad of the industry, it’s not proper exposing them. Anyway… I pick a point from here, “moving a industry forward goes beyond seeking for the down fall of other”

  25. AY has really exposed me into what I don’t know before.. I read meaning in this write up about Nollywood…All the same, I love Nollywood. .

  26. Must there be dirty linen in every areas of livelihood. Even the Nollywood have turned into a political race. Everyone don’t wanna carry each other along, they wanna be at the top always. Nigeria is divided

  27. Nigeria is divided,Hollywood is divided,music industry is divided is only God that can help in this Nigeria

  28. AY spoke the truth about Nollywood. In life, no matter how good you are to people, you will find them sort of stabbing you and saying all sorts of terrible things about you. You don’t commit yourself to people.

  29. He is right and may God help Nollywood… Their problem started when they partnered with Hollywood.We must also understand that much is expected of them and sometimes these actors and actresses can’t meet up..so the only thing is to fake and backstab.

  30. Bird of the same feathers
    We all know you are all the same so what are you trying to tell us that you are holy or what

  31. Of course it is expected from celebrities. Because everybody want to show off. AY pls to your thing and forget them o

  32. Lovely one brother, das just nollywood for you oo. I thought most of peoples doing it had also learn from wat you post

  33. Ay is right, most of this Nollywood actors and actresses are living a fake life, which is very bad for the image of the country as a whole

  34. The truth is that all these and more are obtainable in every sector. Not only in Nollywood. Fake people are everywhere

  35. Plenty talk no dey full basket.. make una find way correct una self.. and outsider won’t change Nollywood

  36. Forgive me if this is sarcastic or rude but why you didn’t come forward to say something before Kevin did. Although I won’t be surprised if other celebs come out too with their own talk of the fake life of Nollywood.

  37. So Nollywood Industry worst like this….. That very bad of you guys and you will be advising people not to back stab them self’s

  38. nollywood is made up of humans and none is perfect.. Even within our own circle of friendship, we still have fake people and those who doesn’t want one to be more successful than the other

  39. I like the fact that you spoke out about the flaws in the industry. I guess things like these have been happening in the industry before now.

  40. Is always like that AY should just mind his business when dealing with them what goes around comes around AY please stop bringing issues up, let lying dog be

  41. This is happening every where not just in nollywwood everyone wants to be on top and all that let’s just keep a low profile

  42. The industry is a platform that encourages the living of fake life. It is really not needed to live a fake life all in the name of impression

  43. That is life for you
    In every 12 ..there must be a betrayer
    We just have to be careful in anything we do

  44. He said the truth.Just because you are an actor or actress doesn’t mean you should go to extra length to live in a N6million rented apartment in Ikoyi when that money can build for you in Ikorodu just to keep up appearancea
    That is fake life and who is deceiving who

  45. There no how u won’t have bad ppl in the industry, I think its normal
    Everyone can’t love u, its just the way of life

  46. I am sure this kind of life is present in every other industry. Pride, jealousy and backstabbing is no new thing in every establishment/industry. One should just live each day as it comes.

  47. Well articulated, I stand with you,back stabbers everywhere, just for them to succeed more than you do

  48. Most of these issues are not peculiar to Nollywood alone. It’s almost in all sectors. All I can say is that, if you’re real, keep being real. We acknowledge your realness. Looks beyond these challenges and keep flying. Fakes will fade out and remain at the background

  49. Great approach
    Exposing to us the good, bad and ugly in the industry
    Not to reproach anyone but to grow and create a family for prosperity
    As A Y talks about the way forward and the potential for greatness
    Good talk

  50. The world we live in is a fake world abeg. Were we expecting more from the movie industry. Fake people everywhere.

  51. Very true….u jst nailed it,i pray dey read dis Nd change 4 d betterment of nollywood

  52. We already know that not all dat not all day glitters are gold and d fakeness is not only found in nollywood but also in our environments

  53. wonderful observation. this is completely true and Nollywood needs to change in other to grow and become recognized around the world.

  54. Is high time nollywood step up in their production sef, encouraging one another will enhance growth into the industry

  55. I really don’t understand what AY is trying to drag here, he’s gradually leaving comedy for Nollywood. He’s into movies now than comedy, i don’t if i’m the only person noticing that

  56. The rivalry and jealousy among Nollywood stars has been on for many decades now. I’m not surprise that this is coming on air. This has been a major setback for the movie industry in Nigeria. I hope the concern authorities will look into it and stop the menace.

  57. he decided to come forward with more scathing details about Nollywood after Kevin Aduba’s post, because he has also been exposed to the good, the bad and ugly.

  58. Uncle AY is not everything that eyes sees that the mouth should disclose. What will you gain after revealing the secret nothing. Why not let the sleeping dog lie. Don’t talk for talking sake.

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