AY, Falz, Jim Iyke And Ramsey Nouah hang out on set of “Yoruba Demons” (Photos)

Comedian, Actor and Producer, Ayo Makun aka AY shared these photos as he posed at movie location with musician Falz The Bahd Guy and actors; Ramsey Nouah and Jim Iyke, cast in his new movie Titled ‘Yoruba Demons’ at the Jabi Boat Club, Abuja.

AY, Falz, Jim Iyke And Ramsey Nouah Hang Out On Set Of Yoruba Demons Lailasnews AY, Falz, Jim Iyke And Ramsey Nouah Hang Out On Set Of Yoruba Demons Lailasnews2

Recall that, Some popular men in the Nigerian entertainment industry came together for a new movie project, Jim Iyke, AY, Falz And Ramsey Nouah were pictured together at a movie set rocking the white agbada and some of their fans can’t wait to see them together in the movie.

In the photos, Jim Iyke, AY, Falz and Ramsey Nouah can all be seen rocking really lovely white agbadas.

The pictures were shared on Instagram by the popular movie ‘bad boy’ Jim Iyke to his many followers.

According to reports, the celebrities came together for a movie titled ‘Yoruba Demons’.

Yoruba Demon is a term used to describes a guy – married or single – who still plays around with numerous women, married or single. His signature attire is agbada.

Recall that Nollywood actor, James Ikechukwu Esomugha, popularly known as Jim Iyke, is not cut out for critics online, and he has taken to Instagram to express himself.

Jim is one Nigerian celebrity who doesn’t just overlook negative comments on his social media pages.

According to him, if you cross the line, he will refuse to be urbane. He wrote;

“The moment of clarity is the weirdest gift life gives u. keeping with the joneses makes one a walking target. I termed it “Industry wisdom”. Close quarters makes for strange bedfellows. To labour the point is pointless. I see the world behind my curtain thru filters beyond the conventional. I share my elan, thoughts and life miles on this platform to tutor, guide, inspire, vent and learn in return. My private life remains intact. This is a stretch without bias nor pressure im willing to offer. It finds incredible resonance with many people. It also apparently irks others for no apparent reason.My passion is shared collectively by the ensemble i belong to; my sensitive super smart boy, i build everything for. My nuclear family that thinks I’m ‘Zeus’. Parents I’ve being a son to ten times over. True fans that truly believe in me. It is my gauge of manhood. My sense of a great collective higher purpose. Unapologetically it’s not designed for everyone. We can argue about civility and tolerance all day. I’m a man that is fairly versed in most stations and circle of travel. Im exceedingly patient and dexterous with kind and open people. I’ve zero tolerance for bullies and trolls. Their satisfaction is to disseminate their virus until it is hosted by everyone on their wake.Their choices is a by product of weakness. Their weakness is their strength. It can prove cancerous and has driven many innocents to an early grave or a derail of self worth. Insideous words can manipulate the spirit and soul.
Nigeria “fans” are some of the most gracious people in the world. Given to such grand gestures of voracious loyalty and generosity.
Some are also capable of unprecedented cruelty and vindictiveness given the slightest turn of tables. It is impossible to keep up with our multi facet maelstrom. It is as funny as it is tragic.
To overfeed the Dragon is precarious. To underfeed is an uphill task. It is to constantly recreate the scenerio of the devil and the deep blue sea in one’s life.
We can convey our disapproval and disagreement under an auspice of modernity. U dt like it pls ff or block. I refuse to be urbane if anyone cross the lines. It’s my prerogative. God bless. #ICONIC”


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