Average Nigerians can’t afford my cream – Dencia

Whitenicious Boss, Dencia has finally spoken up after her company faced intense criticism over her decision to bring Blac Chyna to Lagos to promote her new bleaching cream line and she mentioned that average Nigerians cant afford the product.

Average Nigerians can't afford my cream - Dencia lailasnews 2

Speaking with Broadway TV, the Cameronian singer said her products aren’t for the average Nigerians because they can’t afford them.

“[Nigerians] have a choice. It’s not a necessity, it’s a luxury. The average Nigerian cannot buy it. So, it’s for people that need it and can afford it,” said the entrepreneurial singer.

And she said a lot more.

Watch the video:



  1. Because ur rich doesn’t mean u insult our Nigeria please who ur cream help wen u leave this hope say u will carry the cream along o

  2. To be realistic, average Nigerians can’t afford your cream. We don’t need it. What is the importance of changing your complexion. Rubbish

  3. So this lady is not even a Nigerian and she is selling skin poison to our ladies. And she is proud about it.

  4. Well she might be right but publicly defending her bleaching cream . That’s well . Well it’s about your choice and your pocket

  5. It’s a matter of choice,if you want it and you have the money,you buy it.For me,i can’t buy such cream even if it’s one naira,black is beautiful.

  6. Beacause u are rich dosent mean u will insult our country.your cream is usless u have other thing to do with money

  7. It’s a matter of choice,if you want it and you have the money,you buy it.For me,i can’t buy such cream even if it’s one naira,black is beautiful.

  8. Let her go and sell her bleaching cream in Cameroon and let’s see how much she makes. She should be grateful Nigerians are making her rich.

  9. That God you know that buying your products in Nigeria is optional and for the previlleged ones who can afford it. Beauty as you see it fades away, it is just for the main time

  10. You don’t any reason to insulting Nigerian what kind of cream on Earth that is unaffordable. It’s means your product is not worth using

  11. Comment* all fingers are not equal. a big congratulations to those that can afford to buy it and a big offer for marketers that will market it

  12. You are right because average Nigerian have sense and they know the right thing to to with their money,but average senseless people like you that doesn’t know what to do like you will surely spend there money anyhow on bleaching cream,without thinking about the future,idiot

  13. The Average Nigerians don’t even need your products sef. We need something that will add value to our lives not something that will put our skin in danger. Destroying d melanin dat supposed to protect it.

  14. Offcoures average Nigerian can not afford it,but be rest assured that you will not remain like this forever.

  15. And what’s up with those that can buy it,any award for them,,,this is shit,,,you are just spoiling your body my dear

  16. You’re correct, an average Nigeria prefers to settle for his/her home fed and properly taken care of instead of going for luxury. This is Nigeria where every individual cater for their basic needs and not luxury.

  17. Cameroonian operating in Nigeria and insulting Nigerians.what did she the take Nigeria for.she not in her right sense.

  18. You are stupid, Nigerians can’t afford it but you chose to launch it here, why didn’t you take it to your country, silly ass bitch.

  19. When you are advertising a product, don’t say some class of people can’t afford it because even if they can’t afford it they could actually help you advertise your new product if they like it, but you have to be polite to all

  20. If your cream will not make us famous after rubbing on our skin, or make us go to heaven after rubbing. We don’t care…we have better things to buy with our hard earned money..

  21. Average Nigerian can’t afford that Blac Chyna cream bcos average Nigerians don’t wanna welcome skin cancer. #$imple

  22. That totally too much from her, what did she take we Nigerians for well is not her fault, I don’t know what people most especially girl find in this bleaching crime after all Nigeria are black and am proud to be.

  23. That true Average Nigeria cannot afford the cream but the way she said it shows that she don’t have manner.because she is looking to be in a rich and recognize home.what is the cream going to change in human body.only bleaching off your natural compression.and face the bleaching task at old age.

  24. Sure right, most average Nigerians are thinking of how to make investments and truth is most average Nigerians don’t bleach. so if they don’t buy it, it doesn’t mean they can’t afford it, they are busy making investments

  25. You already knew that average Nigerian can not afford to buy your cream why bringing it to Nigeria again

  26. This is a slap to our face, how can a foreigner come in here and Insult us, who she be, what kind of concurtion cream is that,, abg make she go down for gutter

  27. So why come to Nigeria to market it if the average Nigerian can’t afford it. Dencia is a really senseless being. I pity those who will purchase her bleaching cream

  28. Dencia has insulted Nigerians ,but anyway to hell with her cream.we Nigerian girls love our complexion. If I should start applying that cream,will my body turn to gold?? Nonsense

  29. Of course yes, we can’t afford to buy the cream when we have better things to do with Monet those who can afford it are those useless and senseless like you, we love our black we are black, we say No to skin poisoning

  30. You already know that an average Nigerian can not afford your cream . why then did you come to Nigeria . Are you satanic agent?

  31. That she is rich doesn’t mean that she now has the right to insult Nigerians and moreover Nigerians have the money but is just that we don’t want to buy it

  32. No wonder because you are extremely rich. That was why you collected 10 million just for appearance alone.Your cream should be expensive then

  33. But seriously the cream is not for only those that want to bleach their skin,she has for dark skin too depending on your skin.Only for those that can afford it.

  34. Dats great insult to Nigerians. Den why bring ur products to Nigeria. Ordinary Cameroonian came to Nigeria and insulted us with her fake cream. Don’t u know dat bleaching is fake.

  35. Yes please average Nigerians can’t afford your cream its a good thing you know that so can you take it to another country where you will make more money.

  36. You are right Dencia it is not wise to spend money on luxurious things that will not add value to lives. Average Nigerians have taste. Dencia is advised to look for market elsewhere may be in Ghana or Eskimo.

  37. True. But I think it’s their luck because the consequences of all the poisonous substances on the skin at the long run will be loud

  38. What kind of cream is it that will cost up to 90k, that’s unnecessary spending. Most these products have side effects that develops over time

  39. What kind of cream is it that will cost up to 90k, that’s unnecessary spending. Most of these products have side effects that develops over time

  40. Average nigerians van not afford it because they have better things to do other than whitening their skin.You that can afford it, is your body made of gold now

  41. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with bringing Blac Chyna to Lagos to promote her new bleaching cream. It’s her marketing strategy.

  42. yes they can’t afford it because is dangerous and poisonous to the health and Nigeria don’t buy danger with their money.

  43. She speaks with courage, if its too cost then you will be the one to apply your cream. If not that some of our Nigerian ladies always like to look unnatural you will just go home with your product

  44. I don’t blame her.. because her daughter was paid 10million ….upon that she came late and disrespect her promoters.

  45. Well that’s what business is. People who can afford your product will definitely purchase it no matter the criticism in town.

  46. Yes It true.. Is buy choice and not meant for average Nigerians
    ..though if I have the money I can’t even by it

  47. Why not trow that wotd to your country men why nigerians…and yet operating in nigeria…you are a very stupid fellow.

  48. Thank God you know, its people who feel insecure in their own skin that will buy it, some slay queens will now do the unthinkable because they want to get the cream.

  49. You are right because a right thinking average nigerian is sane and knows how to manage money and doesn’t just spend money with gay abandon on something that adds no value to his life.

  50. Good for you ,and hope you won’t come again to talk of cancer ,bcos all this expensive cream have side effect

  51. Is not a must thing rather is choice. if you like bleaching and can afford it go for it and deal with the consequences

  52. So what exactly is she coming to do in the country? Am sure that those people she feels can afford her cream will be knowledgeable enough to know the negative implications of the cream on the skin!

  53. Thank God is only for the rich,,,, we don’t need you to curupt our poor and average indigens or kill or give them desease through your cream cos they won’t be able to cute it, so sell it to people who can cure the effect if any

  54. You might be right after all but one thing you should know is that one nigerian can buy the whole of Cameron including you..

  55. mtsheeewww…To hell with you and your rubbish cream…I would rather rub vaselin than rubbing that nonsense on my skin

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