Aunt came to pick my daughter, cut her hair without permission – Man cries out

A man has taken to Twitter to narrate how an aunt who’s not living with him came to pick his daughter to go and chill by the pool side and returned hair with her hair all gone.

Aunt came to pick my daughter, cut her hair without permission – Man says

He said his aunt never took permission from him, but went on to cut off the 3-year old girl’s hair, just because she said she was feeling hot.

See what he posted below:

So an Aunt came to get my daughter to go chill by the pool, And she brings back my daughter with her hair. This woman didn’t even ask me if she could cut her hair or anything. apparently Ruth “my daughter” who is 3 said “it’s so hot I want to cut my hair. Guys man.

See reactions to his post:

*** You have a duty to protect your children, not just feeding them. That was a line ur aunty crossed & it is a really red line by red I mean dangerous. Your hair contains ur DNA and your DNA is your identity. People of the underworld could also use it to manipulate your destiny

*** Something is not right here. Pls demand for your daughter’s hair now and also ask her to take you to the salon where they have her hair cut. I hate what I don’t like.

** Nah sorry we would have to fight because who listens to a 3 year old about wanting to cut of their hair without even talking to the mom first? She wanted to cut your babies hair.

*** I am so sorry. Set the boundaries asb. Tell her you are very unhappy about what she did and for that reason she will not come and take Ruth for play dates again. Let her know or she will keep doing whatever she wants.

*** Hair neatly cut, maybe by a barber. May be she meant well but she should have asked for permission, that’s where she went wrong. You’ve got every right to vent your anger but please find out of she meant well for your child. Parents can not be too careful in this desperate time

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