Atiku’s server result for 2019 elections is fake – INEC

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has said PDP’s presidential candidate in the 2019 election, Abubakar Atiku’s server result is not in any way genuine.

Atiku’s server result for 2019 elections is fake - INEC lailasnews 2
Atiku’s server result for 2019 elections is fake – INEC

They are hereby accusing Atiku and his camp of manufacturing results of the last presidential election to prove his case at the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal, Premium Times reports.

The electoral umpire filed its response on Thursday at the tribunal in Abuja. It distanced itself from an electronic sheet that purportedly contained the genuine results of the presidential election.

Mr Abubakar’s legal team submitted the sheet at the tribunal last month, contending it was obtained from an internal compilation of results on INEC’s Internet server.

The team, amongst other submissions, said Mr Abubakar won by more than six million votes, but his victory was allegedly suppressed by the commission in favour of incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari.


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  1. I have always suspected Atiku as being a client of the American C.I.A. On behalf of the USA, the C.I.A goes around the world corrupting and recruiting the so-called elites, in business, politics, intellect and millitary, and have them serve America’s and their personal interests at the expense of the citizens of such countries. Any electronics voting or counting is subject to hacking or electronical flipping of votes to favor the corrupted elite if the inital voting comes close. Examples of these are , the Honduras, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador and Poroshenko will win the ukrainian election too.These are the few cases where those not elected by their people , but ready to sell their countries to the USA are electronically rigged into “leadership” INEC did a great job tallying the votes manually, otherwise Buhari would have lost the election, even though he lost the election.The USA so far has not congratulated Buhari for winning the election because their plan was preempted by INEC’s manual tallying. Atiku’s American University of Yola should be investigated for possible money laundering activities, as well as the really activities The UNITED STATES AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL “DEVELOPMENT” (USAID) and all their financial transactions in Nigeria. You can NEVER trust the whiteman, especially Americans, The phoniest and most pretensious and dishonest people on earth. Our naivetee continues to hurt us.

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