Atiku seeks probe of alleged Buhari’s family’s purchase of Keystone, 9mobile

PDP Presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar, has sought a probe in the allegation that President Muhammadu Buhari’s family is behind purchase of Keytone Bank and 9mobile, Punch reports.

Atiku seeks probe of alleged Buhari’s family's purchase of Keystone, 9mobile lailasnews
Atiku seeks probe of alleged Buhari’s family’s purchase of Keystone, 9mobile

In a statement issued in Abuja on Wednesday and signed by his Special Assistant on Public Communication, Mr. Phrank Shaibu, the former vice president said such a probe was necessary in view of reports that members of President Muhammadu Buhari’s family now own substantial shares in Etisalat (9mobile) Nigeria which has an estimated $2b (about N727b at 360 per dollar) of its estimated $20b global net worth.

Atiku also expressed shock at reports from what he described as unimpeachable sources that the first family now plays big in the nation’s financial sector after acquiring mouthwatering shares in Keystone Bank with total assets of $1.916b (equivalent to N307.5b) as well as  purchasing about  N3b worth of shares in the new Pakistani Islamic Bank.

He said,

“I know that last week was turbulent for President Buhari and I apologise for adding to his woes, but as he is insistent on the myth that he is spotless and anti-corrupt, if this is found to be true, this scandal would break every rule of corporate and public governance, since this will be the first time members of the first family will be openly involved in a once-in-a-lifetime deal that would make them all richer beyond their wildest dreams.”

Atiku added that the accusation was coming amidst reported allegations in the media that the All Progressives Congress-led Federal Government plans to use billions of naira from the Anchor Borrowers Programme allocated by the Central Bank of Nigeria for farmers, using imaginary donations from 12 million farmers as a façade.

The presidential candidate of the PDP advised President Buhari to shun the use of state resources and machinery for the upcoming 2019 presidential poll.

Specifically, Atiku said no farmer contributed any N1.7b for Buhari’s re-election campaign, warning that the APC’s decision to use monies meant for farmers “to run his campaign is not tidy at all.”

He added,

“The other day, a man who scored 15,424,921 votes to win the 2015 general election was reported to have been nominated by 14 million APC members at the presidential primaries for 2019.

“Now, over 12 million farmers have donated to his campaign. Are they indirectly spewing out outrageous figures of people they intend to claim voted for them in the coming elections?

“Does it mean that the President has jettisoned the idea of a free and fair election and telling Nigerians that no matter how they vote, he will return for a second term of four years?

“In any case, if the farmers who just took a loan through the Borrowers Anchor programme and have not liquidated the facility can donate this huge sum or any sum for that matter, it means the  ‘Association of widows’ and children of all those slain by Boko Haram and herdsmen will donate N5b to the Buhari campaign.

“In fact, the 23.1 million youths who lost their jobs between 2016 till date will donate about N12b to the Buhari campaign.

“Assuming but not even conceding that such a huge sum of money was donated to President Buhari by Nigerian farmers as his handlers would want Nigerians to believe, wouldn’t such donation be in contravention of Section 91(9) of the Electoral Act 2010 (as amended) which says no individual or other entity shall donate more than N1m to an aspirant or a candidate.”

He said if President Buhari wants to run for office next year, he should take only from monies sourced from donations by his campaign groups that are independent of government.

“Anything short of that – as is currently the case with the use of funds from the CBN meant for farmers- will mean there will be no level playing field for all the candidates billed to contest the presidency during next year’s presidential elections,’’ Atiku said.

But reacting,  the APC National Publicity Secretary, Mallam Lanre Issa-Onilu, said Atiku had started exhibiting early signs of depression, resulting from obvious frustration.

In a statement made available on Wednesday, Issa-Onilu challenged Atiku to tell Nigerians why a discredited person like him should be elected as President instead of raising puerile allegations on a daily basis.

“President Buhari and APC, not his programmes for the country, appear to be his main campaign issues. Nigerians are desirous of campaign that focuses on issues that matter to them. For Atiku and his PDP co-travellers, the only interest is to grab power and continue where they stopped in their avarice.

“The APC administration is eager to showcase the impressive achievements we have recorded in the last three and a half years. This is the campaign that matters to us and this is what Nigerians are interested in. The trajectory is exciting as we see a brighter future shaping up.

The statement added,

“We won’t yield to the PDP’s shenanigans. We will not play the PDP’s game. PDP is acting an anti-people’s script. President Buhari remains unshaken by the desperate efforts being made by Atiku and the PDP to blackmail the APC government. Everyone who was involved in corrupt practices would be brought to justice.

“PDP is not offering any alternative to the progressive course this government is pursuing. It is actually apparent that the party is not contesting the 2019 elections to redeem itself, least of doing any good for the country, but simply to seize power to escape justice for the grevious crimes committed against the people of this country.

Nigerians won’t be fooled by the rapacious PDP gang. Never.”


  1. I know EFCC will not look into this matter now because it is not an APC aspirant that seek the probe. May God help this country.

  2. All this are just campaign and we have so many drama kings and they would stop at nothing in other to achieve there plans

  3. Buhari doesn’t fight corruption because all these politicians are the same. They use Nigerian money to enrich their own families.

  4. Buhari doesn’t fight corruption because all these politicians are the same. They use Nigerian money to enrich their own families and their future generations.

  5. EFFC will not to do their job now oooo….The poor man now as rich people in their family abi….APC with their lies…

  6. Mr. Atiku just calm down. Allow Mr President and his families to enrich themselves with our common wealth. Pray you win this election. Then it will offer you the opportunity to deal will him.

  7. EFCC over to you if really you people are fighting corruption please let. Know the truth and please proceed to find the source of the truth and Nigeria know how far the investigation went

  8. Now they they know that such news will be review because of the nearby election. Where have they been all these while?

  9. This one will be tough, let EFCC investigate this too as they use to on other politicians,and if found guilty,let it be seized,he always seize others properties to fight corruption, he should not just start.

  10. Efcc should wake up and investigate this matter not only to disturb Yahoo boys. I know the president must have skeletons in his cupboard despite the fact that people are saying he is not corrupt.

  11. EFCC should look into it… All this political palaver when ever election is near you hear different story

  12. It may be true, it may not be true but only God knows, but if it is true is only in this country that some people are about the law and corruption, is not like that other countries so let us learn from them.

  13. In Nigeria, it’s common to hear different kinds of rumors and fallacies that seems to be truthful.. God help Nigerians.

  14. This is political propaganda, Why will atiku seeks efcc to probe buhari if he purchase etisalat if not for political gains and forth coming election.

  15. lets forget about the issue of election, what if such deductions from poor farms loan are done in the name of donation to fund his campaign. its quite corruptible.

  16. Not even surprise to hear this
    All this Part of politician propaganda
    Some day
    Some how
    The truth will be prevail
    Till then let’s us vote wisely

  17. This is presidency corruption, he himself had corrupt big time…. and He’s saying that he’s fighting corruption.

  18. Something should be done about it because fighting corruption is not in mouth it should be putting into pratice let us fight corruption to all corners.

  19. Those people are just using all means to bring themself down, may God give us a good leader in this country

  20. It is obvious, Atiku wants Buhari’s job,so political statements remain one of the ways achieve his 2019 ambition.

  21. Politicians and their left right allegations. If Mr President is guilty the truth will eventually come out

  22. Spotless buhari indeed, Atiku my advice for you is that you should stop giving yourself headache nobody will probe him, but one thing i know is that God will deliver us from the hands of lying APC.

  23. This why desame set of people will continue to be rich the rest will be dieing in proverty may God help us ooooo

  24. Let us vote wisely in other to fight for corruption in this country and I believe Atiku will be better than buhari

  25. Some people have been brain washed , all these so called politicians have no plans of changing Nigeria and all they are after is to gather money for their families and generations unborn . Be it APC or PDP they are after their selfish interest. Useless politicians.

  26. That is it, we are the on lookers and a times it becomes difficult for the masses to pick the picture of what is actually happening here. When two elephants lock horns, the grasses suffers.

  27. In Nigeria when election is close we will now be hearing various reports from our politicians instead of them to mind their business

  28. This aligation is alarming if it is true Nigeria is indeed in trouble atiku should just wait if he becomes president then he can prob buhari

  29. All is politics because the election is coming up soon you will be hearing different news about the MR President

  30. Everybody is looking for money. So may God help nigeria. Let it be given a good president that will direct and guard us right(amen)

  31. Atiku should better keep quiet and think of better ways to do his campaign in order to win the presidential election if he can. He talks as if he is better than Buhari while all of them are the same.

  32. Still and friends leave Bulgari alone. Don’t go and do something that will spoil the whole plan oh just keep calm neglect them.

  33. I know no matter how rich some one is, the person can’t go to grave with the wealth. God is watching us

  34. Stupid political leaders always after their own interest and not that of the people they want to rule. You should keep fooling yourself because you are not fooling us.

  35. Elections are around the corner, so there’ll so many propaganda against the opposition. True. But what if there’s truth in all these allegations?

  36. Still allegations against the Bugatti family’s must be taken seriously..what kind of scandalous corruption is this in the government claiming to be fighting corruption?

  37. When it comes to election period, you will hearing a lot of hiding secret from the opposition. That’s just political campane.

  38. Political fathers will always look for a way to be nice to the nation so they can win their hearts and the position. Politics!

  39. Which way naija? If the first family are suspected to have done such things, there’s nothing wrong in having them probed and they should comply if they know that they are innocent of the charges levelled against them

  40. The fact st u are the president doesn’t stop u from being probed. If the efcc can do their jobs well, we will know if the allegations are true or false. After all he has been probing others

  41. Nigeria and propaganda. I hope that allegation is true. And if it is true, Atiku’s view should be considered.

  42. Buhari is said to be fighting corruption but can’t even look into this cos they are his family , this is were corruption started

  43. And later they tell us they are not collecting enough money and he not built any house,having a share worth $2b ,nice one

  44. This is serious why saying it now why not then because election is around the corner everyone I’d exposing themselves OK o continue

  45. this man should go and sit down and allow his children hustle like every other youth in this country or is he taking the money to heaven or what

  46. I keep saying the masses and most especially the ignorant part of the masses are just been taking for a fool
    Atiku is calling for probe
    Someone that stile for 8years,let the probe start from him first and let’s see what will happen

  47. He should be investigated because he is trying to deceive us that he is not corrupt that he is not there for the money.

  48. Who are this farmers and under what condition where this money received, how much did each farmer contribute and who collected the money and summthem up the president

  49. As if I know buhari is no better of all the politicians… Stealing our money for his own betterment. I pray he does not enter for 2019 election

  50. Come to think of it, how can farmers use borrowed money and donate it for PMB to support his 2019 re-election. Something is not right here. EFCC and ICPC should use this info and investigate, that is if these two agencies are sincere.

  51. This is nothing but mere propaganda. He should be more concerned about his own campaign and not laying an accusation finger on others.

  52. Politicians know how to play their games, they black mail each other, they give bad report of each other. We are use to them because that is what they do

  53. No politician has clean hands no matter how much they claim.. Not just in Nigeria but every country in the world

  54. Mmmmm, all this is political propaganda. Election is around the corner now looking for loopholes so to gain grounds. Why cant he mention this earlier and not now.

  55. Mmmmm, all this is political propaganda. Election is around the corner now looking for loopholes so to gain grounds. Why cant he mention this earlier and not now. If this is true then Buhari is in trouble

  56. All these are political tactics to confuse please Nigerians vote widely to avoid another 4years of hardship.

  57. Different parties but still the same people. Nobody will reach there and the family will still be poor. But too much of it is bad.

  58. PDP APC are all thesame had it been the apc government has filliled all their campaign promises pdp would have died a natural death,but they are also here to re-loote the looted money only God will help the poor masses

  59. They should carry out their investigations, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be legal, the truth will surface soon

  60. Alll these nigerian politicians sha..they should work on their campaign rather than doing all these..they should carry out there investigation

  61. And now the battle has begin. The game where probes, faults and secrets are exposed. As if atiku himself is innocent. Like I said, the battle line has been drawn. Can’t wait for what happens next

  62. Let Atiku tell us his agenda not all this cock and story all this are political propaganda we are not interested

  63. Who would want to probe the president and his family when the law protects corruption, its only if atiku wins that he can do something thats if the aligation is true

  64. It is now that election is close by that such news is finding its place in the media. Nigerian political propaganda meant to win vote

  65. This govt is known for cheap lies. How can farmers donate to your campaign?
    We have to be watchful cos they are preparing well for d election. Keystone and 9mobile is such a big move.

  66. Buhari represent corruption and this nothing anti-corrupt about hime…how a penny less family turned into billionaire within 3years and half and he is shouting integrity.

  67. All these allegations may be or not. The only way to find out the true position things let EFCC and other agents swing into action.

  68. All this political revolt will ends after presidential election and we will now the true colors of Atiku welther he’s ready to serve or as a pretender.

  69. Why all these? Is it because the general elections are close? I wish all these political imbeciles will retire to their homes.

  70. When Buhari leaves office, I fear to many surprising allegations will come up to sweep the puritan off his feet

  71. This government is so corrupt, let the truth of this matter be revealed on time. Atiku should continue to unfold every truth.

  72. Buhari and his family members should be probed…. Meanwhile Atiku and Buhari the movie is about to begin… I can’t wait for the next thing to happen

  73. I see sense in what Atiku is saying. Yes we know they are opponents in the forthcoming presidential elections but we can’t just turn a blind eye to certain allegations been labelled against the President and his family. If indeed all the allegations labelled against his family and him is anywhere true, then proper investigations should be done at least to know the real truth and situation of things. We know that most of our politicians in this country are corrupt so none of them should behave as if he is clean and innocent.

  74. I know EFCC will not look into this matter now because it is not an APC aspirant that seek the probe. May God help this country

  75. Nigeria… My dear country… When will me get politicians that won’t be pointing fingers at themselves and just work for the betterment of the nation!!!

  76. Honestly I don’t see anything wrong with President Buhari’s family acquiring businesses for themselves. Every potential Nigerian will do that if the opportunity comes to him/her

  77. This is just a political propaganda and a political strategies to spoil Mr president rigime
    If he has I believe efcc will take a look at it

  78. APC government is not fighting corruption at all because the party is full of corrupted Mindset. Efcc will not strike on that at all because they are only working with directive of President.

  79. This is all about politics and nothing we won’t hear since election is nocking by the door.
    God help Nigeria.

  80. This is one of those political tricks. Election is around the corner, and as a result we will keep hearing stories like for real

  81. That’s political issues for you I don’t blame them it is EFCC that I blame because I don’t know the reason why they cant investigate the matter.

  82. All these is all about political propaganda and those EFCC will not be intervene, see how our country is going, when this country is going to Gain their independent ?

  83. Am not surprised at this but my concern is to EFCC, you can never see them investigating or trying to at least look into this but when it comes to opposition issue, they will be acting real. May God save this country.

  84. Let the EFCC investigate and shun all these forms of corruption because they are in the best position to do that

  85. Efcc your attention is needed in this case o,not only yahoo boys,if there is an evidence as regarding all this ,i think investigation should start because i dont trust that Buhari

  86. But why are all these allegations cropping up na that we are in election year, our politicians are too greedy

  87. They can never look into this matter but if is something that relate To any igbo you’ll see them.. Nonsense people….

  88. What all this politicians problem for crying loud sake just because election is around the corner, we ll start hearing different things.

  89. Just keep claim my atiku and let see what his going to happen to buhari and his administration in the uncoming election

  90. To be frank ,if dis is real,dem d president is just d same as others, cos dere re lot of people outdere suffering wen he his busy acquiring one in life time property for is family, DAT bad

  91. They will just be opening each others cupboard because election is around the corner my people vote wise oo

  92. I was confuse when I read about his expensive shoes and HE Mrs Buharis bags, wristwatches and clothes.
    I hope it can be investigated
    We will hope to see the outcome.

  93. Comment*politicians are all the same They use Nigerian money to enrich their own families. they don’t care about the masses this is just a drama because election is near again

  94. Let buhari be investigated. Since reports suggest dat his family members who were broke b4 2015 election are now billionaires

  95. DONT MIND THEM !!! it’s a political game …now they will start exposing their selves and after reconcile with a dinner in a luxury hotel.

  96. No same. Politics is a dirty business. You all know what you are doing. You have the yam and you have the knife so what ever you remember use Nigerians and Nigeria to do. Nobody will question you people. Felicitation

  97. Truly, the PDP presidential candidate should focus and mind his business rather than pointing fingers and digging pits for his opponent(s).

  98. Meaningless calculated facts. All of you are same, when tomorrow you assume office as the president another rival will shoot out your own corrupt activities.

  99. No Matter who you are money can easily change your mind to something. election will soon be commenced so don’t allow politicians to cajole you.
    Any way
    Buhari can’t divert public fund, because of his honesty

  100. After declaring and presenting his assets before 2014 election he Buhari diet engaged him self in that kind of attitude so I urge you atiku to withdrawn your statement

  101. If APC government says they are corruption Free, then they are indirectly telling Nigerian to do Hide and Seek

  102. This is like getting EFCC to interfere in this matter. They really are trying to destabilize buhari.

  103. politicians have no plans of changing Nigeria and all they are after is to gather money for their families and generations unborn . the PDP presidential candidate should focus and mind his business rather than pointing fingers .

  104. Things are really going wrong in this country, and until the EFCC looks into the matter things will go right.

  105. This is serious..all this happening in a government fighting corruption.let there be a probe and let it be Free and fair without fear nor favour.

  106. Who is Atiku to probe the incumbent president. For real this man is going too far. He should be careful.

  107. IF THIS CLAim is true then I think that this adminstration is the most corrupt we have had in this country.

  108. You too need to be probed because you sold Nigeria properties to yourself, family and friends when you headed privatization under Obasanjo regime

  109. It is beyond him to state all these because his hands are full of blood, he should return the looted funds first

  110. This is good news,I don’t know where buhari family is getting the money from,they were poor before he became president, why did they do this now ?,this is good news

  111. Campaign strategy we know all these things..but my point is anyone who votes back buhari does not want the progress of Nigeria. That’s the truth.

  112. Hope EFCC is not asleep now? If it is PDP, they would hav swing into action…this matter should be investigated

  113. both of them are politician and what atiku is saying is political propaganda , just to confused the civilian and gain their interest

  114. I hope the EFCC engage in a thorough investigation because it is a crime for a sitting president to engage in buisness of any sort

  115. If at all is true, then I may have to do a rethink of who to vote for. If actually is true…..then the worst is yet to come . This goes to tell us what the next 4 years would look like should Buhari wins the next election since he won’t be contesting again in 2023. If actually this is true, then obviously he has lost hope in winning the next election. I just hope it’s not true. *shaking my head*

  116. This one will be tough, let EFCC investigate this too as they use to on other politicians,and if found guilty,let it be seized,he always seize others properties to fight corruption, he should not just start.

  117. Atiku is talking like this because EFCC is not yet after him, and also to make people to vote for him. Please cool down Atiku.

  118. The polity is being heated up right now and hope our security agencies especially EFCC be at alert to act impartially no matter the party involved but I doubt them because the buhari government have hijacked the agency for his won gain. This allegations must be investigated to know the truth and Nigerians deserves to know the truth. This government have failed us and they are a time bomb ready to explode this nation to nothing and now is the right time we citizens to kick them out of office. The power is in our hands. Enough of this lies and propaganda from buhari government.

  119. What isnhee saying when you are the grandfather of corruption, if your claim is right please write to EFCC for proper investigation

  120. Election is around the Conner, so they is nothing you we not here finished. Because Mr A talk about Mr B and etc

  121. I really don’t think it’s a nice one to play politics with someone’s family . If such a claim should be wrong , atiku and all pdp members should be dealt with

  122. I just hope Atiku is not trying to play politics with an issue as sensitive as this one.Well,investigation should be conducted to get to the root of this matter.

  123. APC will always find a way to defend and blame someone for all these administration’s errors.. Mallam Lanre, Atiku is to showing any signs of depression that is out of frustration. He’s only stating that facts.. All these he stated needs to be looked into..

  124. What if its truth and what if its a lie?Only God knows.May God save us from these our leaders because no one to believe again.

  125. While I agree with Atiku for a probe on Buhari, I suggest that candidates seeking political offices should also submit themselves for probe.

  126. It’s because it is BUHARI family ,if it was akitu family …will all these allegations be laid out. Please focus on election, good luck

  127. That corruption isn’t obvious doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Every allegation must be thoroughly investigated. my take

  128. They knew election is around the corner, that’s why dey will keep bringing fake news. Nigeria politics… We can’t understand them.
    Have mercy oh God

  129. from my perspective, if there are genuine reasons for the alleged claim, then it should be done to clear the air

  130. I don’t know if EFCC will be able to do their job, we’re talking about the first family all of it is political propaganda

  131. All this are just campaign and we have so many drama kings and they would stop at nothing in other to achieve their goal.

  132. All of you are just making noise, Nigerians cannot be deceived anymore, they know better now, and they will vote wisely.

  133. This is just propaganda. We are getting close to election and everyone will cook stories that will make the public dislike one aspirant and prefer the other.

  134. This is too much for me to bear. Our country is this wealthy and it goes to few families. Why do we have to be wicked in this country. People are dying everyday and there’s nothing they have. No money but still few families control billions of dollars… Why?? There has to be a change for good. Those few persons who consume the country’s wealth will never go unrewarded.

  135. What is APC publicity Secretary even saying self
    It’s clear that this government is ready to do anything to ruin and rule this government
    A probe should be done following atiku’s claim on the Pakistan bank shares, etisalat and keystone
    Let’s know what this government truly stands for

  136. Its not just right to be picking issues on your opponent for any reason at all…this won’t change the mind of voters

  137. I don’t believe any of them. Election is here and we’ll hear different stories. Its all political talks.

  138. Is this not just a political propaganda just to attact voters to himself Atiku? Why all these political talk. If EFCC had come after him before now, will he still be talking like this? Let us wait for 2019?

  139. If tHis news is truly right,Buhari got to be sanctioned… How can a president acquire such a hung asset and still complain of corruption when corruption actually live with him… Politicians and their mind games… Then later he will come on set to broadcast rubbish.

  140. It’s clear that this government is ready to do anything to ruin and rule this government
    A probe should be done following atiku’s claim on the Pakistan bank shares, etisalat and keystone

  141. Mr. Atiku leave this man Alone and do ur campaign and tell us what you have for Nigeria you are just looking for fault here and there can u come out clean that u did not steal Nigerian money so why claiming innocent

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