Atiku gives condition to participate in presidential debate today, slams Prof. Sagay

Atiku Abubakar, PDP’s Presidential Candidate has given a condition for him to participate in presidential debate today.

Atiku gives condition to participate in presidential debate today, slams Prof. Sagay lailasnews

In a statement released by spokesperson of the Atiku Campaign Organisation, Kassim Afegbua, the PDP Presidential candidate said he would only attend the debate on the condition that the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, President Muhammadu Buhari will also be on ground.

Atiku Abubakar who slammed Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, Prof Itse Sagay who claimed that President Buhari will not debate with political dwarfs, stated that the erudite professor has become a turncoat academic.

The statement read;

“When you realised that a supposed law professor like Itse Sagay now talks with tongue in cheek, you easily know that societal values and morality have become debased.

“When you realised that he once taught in the University, then the senility of his intellect has attained double jeopardy.

“Itse Sagay has not only become a turncoat academic but one whose sight invokes pity, sympathy and empathy. How can APC presidential candidate who has been fighting ‘battles’ with his WASC consider others who are duly qualified and well read as dwarfs?

“Does it not suggest that something is amiss somewhere?

“Who is actually a dwarf here? Is it a presidential candidate running away from debate or one who is challenging the other to a debate?

“Didn’t you see them packaging a phoney debate for him where he would have studied the questions and answers and regurgitate them to the best of what would have been prepared for him?

“If the APC presidential candidate is not presenting himself for debate, we will not allow our presidential candidate to attend any debate. But if APC candidate is ready to engage our candidate, he is ready and prepared for him.”

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  1. Sometimes I find it difficult to believe that Sagay is a law professor. His political affiliation seems to have clouded his judgment.

  2. What ever he feels is right let him do. Debate or no debate whoever that wants to perform will surely do.

    • Atiku can never be afraid, he is equal to the task, he is a man of wisdom. How can his contestant not appear for the debate and you expect him to come

  3. The conclusion of the matter is just that societal value and morality have become debased in our country.

  4. I am in full support of what atiku said
    The two candidates should be there without any excuses.
    It will be so interesting

  5. If really he is fit and willing to rule again let him manifest himself, why is the president scared of debate

  6. Presidential Debate gives all aspirants the opportunity to tell the populace what they intend to do when voted into will be most unfortunate if the APC candidate does not show up even though they are the government in power.

  7. Attending Presidential debate do not mean you have good intentions for the country. All of you should go and sleep.

  8. Yesooooo, how can he debate with an opposition candidate who is not going to be present. If it were me, I’d never try such.

  9. Atiku is correct. The president should make himself available for the debate. He should lead by example.

  10. Yes, I support you Atiku he should be around that is wha debate is all about. That is wisdom from Atiku

  11. Presidential debate no be new thing n.a., let him come and do it. Atiku has a point here and the president should compky

  12. I think both presidential candidates need to come to a round table debate. They’re not enemies, just rivals.

  13. I totally support Atiku on this. Buhari is shying away from the debate so as not to make a fool of himself which he has been accustomed to. As for the supposed professor, my heart churns at the very mention of his name. He has indeed together with Femi Adesina proven that partisan politics changes people for bad.

  14. I am in total support of what Atiku said. Why run from the presidential debate when you’re seeking for a second tenure. Lol, that’s funny.

  15. Why is he running away from it..A president that cannot speak like someone that went to school..when i listen to his speech i feel ashame..I think Candidate Atiku want to prove to the world that President Buhari is not in a position to handle a state talk more of a country

  16. If he has something to say on the debate, let him come out and say it instead of waiting for APC presidential candidate whom we all know that he is not good in debate but he will do better again if reelected

  17. Atiku we seeing your good work I pray God help you get to where we want we know you where the 1 God sent to help Nigeria moving

  18. Atiku2019 let go. Mr president please come and face my upcoming president and fell the fire. Let see who’s the dwarf here.

  19. That is hilarious! Why would APC expect Atiku in a debate without the opposing party on ground? That is pure rubbish and unthinkable

  20. Wahala go dey o. What will he say. His last debate was nothing to write home about… Lacked information, not comprehending, absent in mind. Writing on paper to remember

  21. This shows that he is scared of Atiku,because see the look on ground Apc presidential candidate has no fact on record.

  22. Like seriously Buhari is too old to rule this nation, he is not fit and agile again, thou Atiku cant be trusted either, they are all politics, but lets vote first and see the winner.

  23. Yes,I support atiku on this,if buhari don’t want to come for the presidential debate then no candidate should attend period

  24. Yes the president must also be present at the debate Atiku is right about what he said its unfair if the president did not pertake in the debate

  25. Sometimes I find it difficult to believe that Sagay is a law professor. His political affiliation seems to have clouded his judgment.

  26. Yes if the serving president is not available what is the point coming for debate, he should be in the fore front as the current serving president, l pray he will be present.

  27. Attiku said the right thing because if they want debate let all the presidential contexter come out for it not only one person

  28. I find it difficult to believe that Sagay is a law professor. His political affiliation seems to have clouded his judgment.

  29. I support what atiku said, burhari must be present at this debate . he should not give us any excuse why he won’t be there

  30. When I see things like this it only gives credence to the cabal saying of the wife of the president. He PMB is just there while others run the show in the back ground. My thinking now

  31. Well said Atiku. How can he call a former Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria a political dwarf. It is really laughable. Buhari should stop running and come to the debate.

  32. Abubakar Atiku has a point. Buhari shouldn’t be exempted from the presidential debate. The ruling party are been petty and playing games.

  33. All the presidential candidates should all come out and face the debate that is the right thing to do.

  34. There is no need for this trash, they should both come to address so we would know what they have to offer even though sey all na lie

  35. He’s not supposed to be scared or give conditions.Everyone has their own race.Besides you should be able to prove to Nigerians that you’re better.He should appear for the debate

  36. Atiku really gave him the best reply,I love that so much.Itse please mind your business,are you the APC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE


  38. In as much as Atiku sounds somehow right I think he should have respect Nigerians and participate because is not buhari that is voting him but we nigerians

  39. I have always said this that PMB won’t attend the debate cos he has nothing to say. He has failed the nation and he is even unstable.

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