Atiku Abubakar reacts after APC promised South East and South West Presidency in 2023

Atiku Abubakar has reacted to report of APC promising South East and South West Presidency in 2023, only if they vote for Buhari.

Atiku Abubakar reacts after APC promised South East and South West Presidency in 2023 lailasnews

The PDP Presidential candidate who told the two geo-political zones to take their destinies in their hands by doing the right thing in the 2019 general elections, accused the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, of trading with 2023 in a bid to return to power at all cost.

The statement from Atiku Abubakar reads in full;

“In its desperation to hang on to power despite its abysmal failure so far, the All Progressives Congress, APC, and the Presidency, have resorted to trading with the lure of 2023 presidency, promising both the South East and South West respectively of the 2023 Presidency in exchange for votes.

“Giving out two promises has exposed the insincerity and dubious intention of the Buhari-led federal government with the people of the South-East and South-West geopolitical zones with empty promises of bequeathing power to the two zones at the same time in 2023. This is why Nigerians cannot take the APC and the Buhari presidency serious any longer, as we prepare for the 2019 election,” Atiku said in the statement.

“Speaking on behalf of Presidency in Owerri last week, the SGF told the gathering that the President would hand over the reins of power to a South-Easterner, while calling on the people to support President Buhari in 2019.

“Meanwhile, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo had also told leaders of the South-West to support the re-election of President Buhari so as to get the presidency in 2023.

According to PDP campaign council, “two principal officers of the same government cannot be fooling Nigerians with vainglorious promises all in the name of re-election. Such discordant tunes by the first and second citizens of our dear country have exposed lack of synergy, and display of double standard and double-speak by chieftains of a government that has continued to display wanton desperation to hold on to power at all cost in the face of monumental failure.”

The statement continued: “How can the President be promising South-Easterners the Presidency when his Vice President is also promising the South-Westerners same position in 2023, all in the name of 2019 re-election?. “This is a clear show of deceit, desperation, crass insincerity and hypocrisy of the highest order. This is a clarion call on the South-Easterners not to trust such carrot being dangled before them as it has become obvious that this government neither fulfils promises nor keeps any convenant.

“The same government cannot promise the Igbos and Yorubas at the same time if it were sincere about the shape of politics of 2023 Presidency. This government has an uncommon reputation for deceit, lies, insincerity and hypocrisy especially when it has to do with its 2019 re-election bid.

“Nigerians are beginning to see through the pretensions and dubiety of purpose of the Buhari-led federal government; a government that has shown its incapacitation and leadership atrophy in the last three years and crippled the fabric of our collegiate solidarity and unity through nepotism and cronyism.

“The President cannot on the one hand be playing God by decreeing which zone it intends to bequeath the reins of power, while his Vice President on the other hand is also promising his South-West zone of same position. This is a typical feature of power hawkers, in their desperation to hoodwink buyers to patronise their morbid products.

“The Nigerian public must wake up to this double-speak and vote out this inconsistent government in 2019. It is a responsibility that every Nigerian must buy into in order to save the country from further maladies and misgovernance.”

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  1. Atiku must win, all Apc candidates will swim in a political pestilencial aquar. All their empty promises with their bad intention will end up hovering around their political permuder triangle, it won’t work for them.

  2. Only God will save us from all the political liars in this country..promises here and there ..Lets wait till that time..then, we will know who is who..

  3. No one has a clean slate in this situation, if atiku was also the president he could do more than this. No one should play the “I am better off” game here. All we need is good governance not empty promises.

  4. Confusion and false promises increases daily during this period. But Y such means of getting votes. People should not allow politicians lure them.

  5. You see in politics people lie justbto get what they want, they make promise That they know they won’t fulfil

  6. You all can say all you like, what we want is a better Leadership. If you do well, you stay if not you shall be gone.

  7. Only God will deliver us From the hands of these politicians..they have promised and fail so many times…And now look at the means of getting votes God help us

  8. Leopard and cat are from the same one is different from others he has been in the system for why is it now he want to make the difference, they should just allow us to rest with their castle in the air.sikena!

  9. Let’s just vote for the right candidate band make Nigeria a better place for us to stay
    .And really their motive it to conquer their opponent

  10. Nigerian politicians should allow the masses to make their choice on who to vote for in the up coming election.

  11. Politicians and their fake promises. They promised two different geo-political zones presidency at the same time. That’s pure hypocrisy. APC must go come 2019.

  12. You people should not sell your vote because of dis yeye promise, vote wisely …pls let’s vote dis APC out oii

  13. God please save us from all the political liars in this country..promises here and there ok we will know who is who..

  14. Thanks for the information and let me state clearly here that, we many Nigerians that knows the truth, knows this government have failed us and in act of desperation to hold on to power, they have resorted into lies, propaganda and intimidation but they can’t fool us anymore. We are voting them out comes 2019 simple.

  15. The fact is that I don’t give a damn whichever geopolitical zone the president is from, all I want is a better Nigeria

  16. Nigeria politics, we all know this is APC tricks telling both zones the same thing, I will call them fools if they believed.

  17. African politics is nothing to write home about,before election they make promises but after being elected their promises hit the rock.

  18. If APC like let them promise heavens on earth,all we know is that they are full of promises they never keep

  19. Exactly…. You just nailed it.. Imagine they are trading presidency for future use who does that nonsense…Am in support of you sir they aren’t capable really that’s why they are trading lol

  20. our People is time to be wish, this not the first time, such political blackmailing statements are made to get the public,

  21. It’s really heart-rending, the level our politics has degenerated into..a cursory look at the cartoon pics highlights the level of hunger and poverty in the land ,yet done people are busy clamoring for what cannot be guaranteed. It’s shameful

  22. The party that will win ,will win and nobody will be able to do anything about it…so you people should just play your games fairly that’s all

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