ASUU strike update: Lecturers reject FG’s offers, continues strike

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike action s set to continue after they rejected the offers made to it early this week by the federal government.

ASUU strike update_ Lecturers reject FG’s offers, continues strike lailasnews

The expectations of Nigerians that academic activities will resume soon in the country’s public universities may have been dashed as Academic Staff Union of Universities (Asuu) has rejected offers from the Federal Government.

According to PREMIUM TIMES, the President of ASUU, Biodun Ogunyemi, said upon reviewing the offers made by the government, members of the union across various campuses and zones rejected it.

Mr. Ogunyemi, who described government’s offer on the outstanding revitalization fund of N1.1 trillion as tokenism, said members are insisting that government should release at least a tranche of N220 billion spread over four quarters of 2019.

He added that on earned allowances, government’s proposal should not be lesser than the total amount released “the last time” out of the verified balance. Mr Ogunyemi said;

“Our members have rejected tokenism with respect to outstanding revitalization fund of N1.1 trillion. They are insisting that government should release at least one tranche of N220 billion spread over four quarters of 2019.

“On earned academic allowances, our members said government’s proposed amount out of the verified balance should not be less than the total amount released last time, while evidence of mainstreaming the allowances into the 2019 budget should be shown. Also, timeline should be attached to payment of the balance of the arrears.

“The revitalization fund and earned academic allowances are the two critical areas on which our members feel strongly about. They expect necessary adjustments on the part of government before they can reconsider their decision on the ongoing strike action.”

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  1. Hmmmmmmmm
    Pls ooooo you people should consider the amount so that we can continue with our studies oooo

  2. Half bread is better than puffpuff . the money is there take it and strike again next year simple

    • Is it that asuu doesn’t have conscience why are they suffering us like this, is it because they are receiving there salaries, they really have to end this strike, because their demands cannot be reached our government don’t know the value of education.

  3. This people should consider the students that wasting at home and resolve this matter..they are playing with people’s future

  4. They should try and consider for the students..
    They can’t just keep students at home, they should consider

  5. Please oooo we are tired of staying home. FG should please pay the amount so we can continue our schooling

  6. What is all of this, How long will Nigeria students continue to suffer as a result of strike,

  7. While ASUU is considering the plight of the students. The federal government should also take into consideration that these lecturers are parents who need to take care of their families.

  8. Whenever they like they should call off the strike, as for me it’s an advantage for me to finish learning my skills. Certificate does not give money in Nigeria only your skills.

  9. Government officials should do something serious on this matter so that students can get back to school

  10. Since FG doesn’t care much about our public schools the strike will continue until that stipulated amount is being met.

  11. The fact that FG is willing to release money to ASUU would seem like the FG wants the strike to come to an end. Please, on behalf of the Nigerian students, i want to appeal mto ASUU to collect the money and call off the strike.

  12. Shows how unconcerned our government is on the education sector. These are asking for their rightful money.

  13. Why can’t FG suspend salary and allowances of all elected office holders and their appointees for three months to meet up ASUU’s demand.

  14. This people should consider the students that wasting at home and resolve this matter..they are playing with people’s future

  15. Federal government should try and considered students so that their time to graduate will not be extended

  16. It’s obvious the government is playing pranks on Asuu.But Asuu is not ready for any of their pranks this time around.The government should just settle Asuu because the students are the ones suffering everything

  17. It good, that the only thing Assu can do for them to get their need, they should continue the strike as far as the federal government are not ready to pay, I support you people, no body prays to labour without having any rewardsuggestions or compensation…

  18. Asuu should consider the plight of students and return to work. It will be difficult for the federal government to agree to their terms.

  19. Am speechless right now,God please help us especially the final year student we don’t want our graduation to be delayed.please the price demands should be reached

  20. Federal govt.should disburse money to cater for the needs of ASUU instead of wasting billions of naira on useless election that won’t favour you

  21. I really think most of this asuu representatives don’t even care about the students anymore since most of their children’s are also abroad . I think what FG offered them was fair enough

  22. These ASSU are wicked than the government, every day strike enough of that, let reason like a human being pls

  23. Government should please find a solution to this on going strike because we are tired of sitting at home

  24. Students are tired of staying at home.
    Asuu pls consider the future leaders of tomorrow ooh
    God pls see us through

  25. This is really really affecting Nigerians students federal government should meet up to what Asuu is requesting from them

  26. I wouldn’t know why this is dragging so long,by now the FG should know that the students are the once been affected here and do the needful

  27. You are killing this country in this way that you people go on strike, please accept the government offer

  28. The FG should please do something about this issue and consider the students who has been home doing nothing since the strike began… Anyway, their own children are not in Nigeria

  29. Federal government should be blamed because none of them up there will let there salary or allowance be delayed for a day not to talk more of 2-3 years.

  30. The government too should release at least one tranche of N220 billion spread over four quarters of 2019. They are busy gathering money for election. FG please save our education

  31. Come to think of it. If the government can sustain the senate,why can’t they sustain the lecturers ?

  32. Federal Government should act fast as expected to enable ASU and students resume. Precious time of our students are been wasted for no fault of them.

  33. Everything in this our wonderful country is shorting down, how does the so called government of the APC feel seeing students youts that are suppose to be in school studying rooming round the streets.

  34. Government should just settle this people na, what they want ,so that students can go back to school

  35. What is this country turning into everybody is just selfish. The lectures are selfish and they don’t care about the student warfare.

  36. God hear the cry of Nigeria student and help us and the way this people are going with this strike it shows their is a motives behind it

  37. ASUU should comply with federal government and help the students so that they can return back to school

  38. The federal government should please come in terms with asuu. That amount is not too big for the government to give asuu

  39. APC led government should please have mercy on the students and do something please. Asuu on the other hand should be lineant with their demands.

  40. please, Federal government should act fast, Student are wasting at home. For 2 months now, they have been sitting at home. Please have mercy on the Leaders of Tomorrow.

  41. FG should fulfill the promise made to ASSU. They don’t care for education in Nigeria because all their children are studying abroad.

  42. Nigeria,,,the senators will be collecting 14million plus,every month,n to pay d lecturer is a problem,,, hmmmm

  43. The students are the ones feeling the pains of this strike o.FG and Asuu should please come to a reasonable understanding.

  44. This government does not care about anything in Nigeria. God will disappoint their evil agenda

  45. Abeg WO its the student that are suffering spending more than expected years just because of trike

  46. The federal government should settle them…… Abi they don’t want us to go to school??????

  47. Nawaaa ooooo the federal government should settle this people nah so that students will start school

  48. Hmmmmmmmm
    Pls ooooo you people should consider the amount so that we can continue with our studies oooo

  49. Let them remember that these students are the leaders of tomorrow they should pls consider and correct the money

  50. This shows how less concerned the government is over the education of our children.. Well I still want to plead with ASUU to make sure the cover up the lost time and period of studies missed.. Government do something soon

  51. The government should do something about dis strike ,coz we student ar no longer happy staying at home

  52. Abeg what else do they want they should take the one given to them first so that the student can resumes their studies

  53. When two fights the grass suffers it….. Please ASSU should consider the offer for the sake of the students

  54. This ASUU People are very greedy and wicked people, you said its money you want, now they’ve given you, you now rejected…….what else do you want again….!!!?!???!!

  55. ASUU please try and consider the students, time is really going on their side and for the sake of God…. Call of the strike.
    Stop wasting our future

  56. What type of country are we into that some will not be giving his wright anymore our leader are not helping

  57. I feel for students who jus sitting at home due to all these disagreement.pls consider them and i will use this medium to beg these student to use it as an opportunity to learn a skill

  58. If they want that type of amount that means the school should not resume this year this money is too much

  59. Is like you lecturers don’t want to resume again, you can still collect this and FG will add to it later

  60. Pls u people should consider the money so that children will continue with dear study, even for the future of ur own children

  61. They should consider the innocent young boys and girls that are sitting at home, waiting patiently for them to call of their strike

  62. Pls the government should comply,,,so students can resume lectures,,,, I’m already tired of staying at home

  63. Hmm this people don’t want us to go back to school or is it because their children ain’t studying here these people study for free during their time ooo

  64. Asuu and FG should pls come into an agreement, it’s really unfair to all students that are currently at home instead of school

  65. Both parties should please come to an agreement.its really unfair to the students,at least pity their parents that are waiting for their children to finish school

  66. The government supposed to answer these lecturers. Wetin? If not that they are notorious for promise and fail, these ppl would have gone back to d classroom. Before u know it now, students will have extra year automatically.

  67. Government should looked into fulfilling thier promise to Assu, I don’t see the FG wining this battle

  68. The FGN and ASUU should consider the students who are suffering due to the strike. The only option is for them to come to a common agreement and this strike will be off but it seems neither of them is ready to compromise

  69. Federal Government should retify this STRIKE issue with ASUU once and for all the students are suffering

  70. When two elephants fights, the grass suffers. Fg and ASUU, you are suffering the Nigerian students seriously.

  71. Fed government should meet the demands of ASUU since they can pay senators others millions monthly as salary and different allowances.

  72. Pls don’t spoil our life for us ooo we want to use something good with our life that why we have it in mind to go to school

  73. This is not good for the country at all the federal government should do something about this ASSU strike is getting out hand so the students can go back to school and stuff’s back to work


  75. FG should please consider the the future of the youth. Dey should please do anything possible to get us back to school

  76. Please you people should consider the students. They are the future of this nation. ASUU, reconsider your stand abeg.

  77. I feel the plight of the students and they have every right to be angry. But I blame the government for all this crisis because they are the ones that prolonged this issue till this time without any action taking. The only language the government of Nigeria understand is Strike simple. The more the government keep delaying this , the more our students are endangered to evil vices because they say an idol man is a devils workshop. Hope the government come to the table and meet up the demands of this people so that our children will return back to school and study. Is a shame to our education sector that this is happening.

  78. Plssssssss you people should consider becos of the students. FG should also do sometin abut amount nah

  79. What else do you expect from government, they will never agree with them simply because their children are not studying here in Nigeria

  80. We know that students re at the receiving end. But Federal Government need to improve and be committed to the agreement.

  81. The federal government should also take into consideration that these lecturers are parents who need to take care of their families.

  82. The lecturals should at list try to consider the future of the students that is been delayed by there act of rejection

  83. If they don’t earn their dues now is it when the elections are over that they will get it. Its now or never.

  84. Its high time federal government puts an end to this Asuu strike please for the sake of our students so they can continue with their studies

  85. It is better the government should answer all these people and settle them. At least there are money in the country’s purse

  86. The federal government should put smiles on the face of workers by simply implementing the terms from ASUU so that school activities in tertiary institutions can continue, they should also remember to do well on the minimum wage

  87. this news is so horrible we deserve some respect from the government they should just agree to the Asuu time I’ll restore our education back to us

  88. I’m tired of hearing about this strike. Government and ASUU can go on strike till thy kingdom come, I no longer care.

  89. Federal government should stop making promised and fail to this people they need their money because they work for it.

  90. Thus I’d beginning to get out of hand
    All these members claiming to be fighting for a better learning institution, once the money is released their corrupt nature takes over and they’ll start doing substandard jobs and looting the money
    They’re just greedy
    Fighting for what to steal

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