ASUU Strike: Nigerian government, lecturers resume talk today

The federal government will, today, resume talks with the leaders of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), with the hope of an agreement that would bring an end to the ongoing ASUU strike in public universities.

Universities lecturers went on strike on November 4, demanding improved funding of universities and implementation of previous agreements with the government, Premium Times reports.

ASUU Strike Nigerian government, lecturers resume talk lailasnews
ASUU Strike Nigerian government, lecturers resume talk

The national president of ASUU, Biodun Ogunyemi, confirmed the meeting, Monday morning.

The meeting is scheduled to hold at the Ministry of Labour and Employment at 4p.m.

This will be the eighth meeting since the union embarked on the industrial strike.

The union asked Nigerian government to release N50 billion, to demonstrate its commitment to the revitalisation of public universities, in line with previous agreements with them.

The striking lecturers gave this as one of the condition for calling off its strike.

The N50 billion, the union said, will form the first tranche of the N220 billion government agreed for the project, this year.

However, one major issue dragging the negotiations forth and back is the revitalisation of the universities. At present, the government is yet to release the N1.1 trillion it agreed to release as part of the funds for the revitalisation project.

The 2013 Memorandum of Understanding stipulated that public universities need N1.3 trillion for a modest revitalisation. The fund was to be released in tranches of N200billion in 2013, N220billion 2014, N220billion 2015, 220billion in 2016, N220billion in 2017 and N220billion in 2018.

Although the previous government of Goodluck Jonathan released N200 billion in 2013, since then, nothing has been released.

At the seventh meeting of the government with the leadership of ASUU January 8, the minister of labour and employment, Chris Ngige, said the dispute with the teachers was on the verge of being resolved. He listed the fresh concessions made by the government to ASUU.

According to Mr Ngige, the Accountant-General of the Federation and the ministry of finance presented evidence that N15.4 billion had been released to public universities for payment of salary shortfall.

On earned academic allowances, he said the president, Muhammadu Buhari, approved N20 billion to offset arrears of the 2009 to 2012 verified earnings by university teachers.

As part of the agreement reached between the union and the government before ASUU ended its industrial action in September 2017, the federal government had released N22.9 billion for earned allowances of both academic and non-academic staff across 22 Federal universities.

Of the amount, ASUU members got N18.3billion, while non-teaching staff in the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian University (SSANU), Non-Academic Staff Union (NASU) and the National Association of Academic Technologists (NAAT) got N4.6 billion.

The sharing formula, which was condemned by the three non-academic staff unions, led to pockets of protests on various campuses at the time, and eventually led to the unions embarking on a long strike.

Apparently, to avoid the controversy that greeted the sharing of the allowance in 2017, ASUU is insisting that the federal government should categorically state the amount earmarked for its members, which it said, must not be less than the N18.3 billion it received then.


  1. Nawa ooh, see money, ooh hmm , see me am tired of sitting at home ooh but as am seeing this strick it will be on till 4_6 months

  2. Like play like play this strike will just reach six months, is students that suffer the months because Lecturers ar receiving their salary. On herald of the students of Bigeria I plead that Frdral government should grant ASSU’s request

  3. Asuu are the main problem we have in universities, most of their children school outside the country and poor men children suffer for their selfish interest.

  4. Nigeria government should do the needful and allow ASUU returns to class, our students are loosing at home

  5. I just this government will co-operate this time around.Because their children school abroad that is why they’re not concerned. Asuu shouldn’t let the government play tricks at them

  6. I beg we’re tired of talk upon talk call of the strike and let us go back to school that’s all we need

  7. I just pray that their voices shall be heard. It’s not really good for those students staying at home, after all the struggle getting admission into the school, suddenly you started staying at home doing nothing. May they get back to work soon

  8. This strike is getting worst
    I pray they should resolved it
    So that student should come back to school
    Is delaying they academic program

  9. Pls let this students go back to school, your children are out of the country but you are there dialoguing rubbish.Pls hesting up let this chiren go back to school.

  10. Hmmn! I don’t understand d kind of revitalisation they are talking about. Is it structural or ‘stomachal’ ? Lols. Whatever it is, pls I beg u ppl to go back to d classrooms.

  11. You people should please reach agreement this time around and stop playing with the future of the innocent students

  12. is students that suffer the months because Lecturers ar receiving their salary. On herald of the students of Bigeria I plead that Frdral government should grant ASSU’s request

  13. Really students aren’t happy with the way things are going with the academic stator….. It seems government want our students to get married and settle down before they call off the ongoing strike…..

  14. The truth is that FG can’t win this war so theynshould listen to Asuu and solve thier problem

  15. May god help us in this country, whey the government reviews to release the money to the teacher it’s will resort to strike.

  16. We pray ooo. Them better deal with this issue so that we students can return back to school so that we’d graduate ooo. Federal government should be quick oo.

  17. This talk of a thing is propaganda, they have started talking since last year which has yielded nothing. Government should do the needful

  18. this hide and seek should stop,the federal government should be serious and address issues headlong

  19. Well ,we have less than an hour for the meeting to begin. I hope the outcome will be favourable so that these children can go back to school.

  20. They should conclude this monkey tales and let people resume please. What kind of a joke this country is

  21. this asuu strike of a thing,federal govt should sort all this problem so that students can go back to school,is it because their children are not there is that why they are gambling with other children future

  22. Hope they come out with something positive and reach an agreement to find a lasting solution to the frequent strike actions affecting our tertiary institutions of learning and also help the students resume to school.

  23. The federal government should do the needful and stop all these unnecessary strikes, they know what to do, they should do it

  24. Why won’t the government keep dragging this matter up and down? Their children is not affected by the strike,,,

  25. Nigeria government are busy with their election neglecting are children who are in the school who they claimed are the leaders of tomorrow.

  26. FG please do everything in your power to call off the strike, am tired of doing nothing at home
    I’ve even forgotten my reg number

  27. Federal Government should just comply with ASUU because this is the only opportunity they had to get what they want. They should try and reach on an agreement

  28. I pray it end up in good and favourable condition that will suits and pay both lectures and students

  29. This talk is plenty.the youths are the ones suffering this…it’s not encouraging at all making the already unvalued education more valueless

  30. ASUU strike is becoming the trending news in Nigeria and yet our leaders are not doing anything about it.

  31. Please the federal government should do something about this strike, we are no longer happy about this

  32. Whatever they discuss in the meeting, they should know that students are at home doing nothing and need to return back to school

  33. On behalf of the students of Nigeria I plead that Federal government should grant ASSU’s request

  34. This ASUU strike is affecting The undergraduates. They should cut off this Asuu strike before someone get white beards here

  35. Thank God! My cousin can now sit, writes his final exams and wave bye to tertiary live for a time being.

  36. That’s is one of the most important issues we need it to be addressed. Our sisters, children are out of school. And government is there pursing irrelevant matters. Please after the meeting. Government do the needful

  37. But come to think of it , isn’t the money they ate asking for too big . ASUU and the government should resolve this matter, is more like the government is only interested in the upcoming election . The president himself doesn’t strike me as a person that is bothered about education thing

  38. We have been on this assu strike for so many months now, they delay the future of our youth, let take a look at the foreign schools, they don’t strike like this, when is it going to stop

  39. anyhow they want to do it the important thing is that they call off the strike so students can resume school

  40. The present government are planning to come back into power you refuse to do the necessary things the masses needs. Pls think twice, just because you people have nothing to loose. God dey oo

  41. Please they should quickly reach an agreement so students can resume classes. Tired of this talking of theirs

  42. is students that suffer the months because Lecturers ar receiving their salary. On herald of the students of Bigeria I plead that Frdral government should grant ASSU’s request

  43. They have been talking since and they haven’t been a positive response. I pray this one turns out to be positive.

  44. Just seem like strike is part of our university curriculum. Can’t anything be done to end this strike totally?!

  45. What a money. Abeg I no wan stay for house again suffer… Give me certificate for the one wey I don read.

  46. Federal government should meet the ASUU demand. After all they pay senators and ministers millions as salary.

  47. Comment*
    we pray it yields positive result and we will not hear of ASSU strike again in our educational sector o

  48. this is not good at alll… i just pray that the strike will stop so that students to resume back to school

  49. The strike should be called off, it getting discouraging to the students as some who were suppose to have graduated last year are still held back

  50. The federal government have tried but Asuu just didn’t put the intrest of the students in their dealings only selfishness.

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