ASUU strike continues after meeting with FG end in deadlock

The ongoing Academic Staff Union of Universities ASUU strike will continue after a meeting between the union and the FG ended in deadlock.

ASUU strike continues after meeting with FG end in deadlock lailasnews

The meeting between the leadership of the union and the Federal government ended in a deadlock yesterday December 4th.

The meeting which held at the Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu’s office, failed to see both parties reach an agreement.

The Union began their strike action on November 5th to demand better funding for universities and alleged plans by the Federal government to increase student fees.

Speaking to newsmen after the meeting, ASUU president Biodun Ogunyemi, said

”We have been meeting but we are yet to reach any concrete decision”.


  1. I thought this present administration said they are carry for education but still didn’t cut off the strike yet,I am pitting the students whom this strike is affecting most

  2. But this ASUU strike is taking long to be call off, I can’t really understand the stand of our government.

  3. Very sorry for Nigerian students because this people are not ready to help this country.

  4. Goverment should pls consider dem and answer dere requests so that dey can resume to work in time

  5. This is weekedness the reason this is on going, is because most there children are not directly involved. God help us in this country.

  6. Please FG give fair hearing to ASSU let students move forward with the studies……is really unfair for those on their final year…

  7. I will only persuade the federal government of Nigeria to consider the development tabled by the ASSU to federal government.

  8. They will com to agreement it just a matter of time but the government should about the youth because we are the leaders of tomorrow

  9. This isn’t fair. They should meet a concrete decision once and for all. They feel unconcerned bcos their children school abroad.

  10. What kind of thing is this federal government!!! what is going on,so people settle with Asuu too bad.


  11. Hmmmmm, they are taking much time on matter not even care about the life of the student they are wasting their time, they should come to conclusion and call off the strike cos of the student… May God help us in this country.

  12. Government is not serious about the welfare of its citizens when it comes to matters pertaining to education, most of their children are schooling abroad..

  13. Federal government should do everything they can to end these strikes that comes up to distort the education system in this country. The idea if poor welfare package ASSU take home should up reconsidered, if they go home with fat package then it should be the same for everyone.

  14. I cant comprehend why federal government is finding it hard to dialoge with ASSU we are tire of staying at home o.

  15. ASSU Should just wait until they agree on the agreement ,if they don’t agree they should they should not come back they should go on with the strike.

  16. Our educational system in Nigeria needs improvement, the federal government should come up with a proper agreement with ASUU and end all these unnecessary strikes

  17. What kind of life is this , the strike is taking longer than expected please the government should do the needful

  18. They just need some time they will definitely come to agreement so that the students can resume school

  19. asuu is really ready for them this time..i don’t think they will call off the strike if FG don’t do want they want

  20. What is this now, why can’t they federal governmnet answer them so that student will go back to school , they should come to compromise and end this Asuu strike

  21. Why is it that before FG accept any request, it must forcefully come from strike tactics…Our FG is bad.

  22. This FG sef. Does it mean they enjoy the suffering of people. Because their kids school Abroad, so they don’t care

  23. It’s absolutely unfair. They should meet a concrete decision once and for all.i encourage federal government to reach the conclusion of ASSU ,.

  24. Federal government is just behaving as if there is no money in the treasury ….what is the big deal in giving them what they are requesting for?

  25. They are really delaying the academic calendar. They should try and come up with something.

  26. I think it should be included in the law that every Nigerian must go to school in Nigeria so that these our politicians will take education serious

  27. This our government sef, you people are a disgrace to this country, Wetin be all dis nonsense meeting without gain?

  28. This asuu strike is taking too long to be called off…what is wrong…they dont want people to graduate..

  29. Please what ever you will do to help we students please do, we are seriously behind schedule and some of us needs to graduate please sirs/ ma.

  30. when would the strike end na… Students needs to return to school I don’t know when this issue would be resolved… This usually happens almost every year

  31. It is not surprising at all. The children of most of these political office holders do not school within Nigeria. How can there not be any agreement after 1 month of strike.

  32. Federal government is lying down on this issue and is not good, educational issues should be treated with I priority. Negotiation will be the end thing but that I think is January.

  33. Is it that they dont want Nigerians to go to federal university or what the federal government is not trying atall

  34. After the Negotiation with FG,No results of the meeting held.this is really bad,the strike is affecting the student.

  35. I strongly believe that one day you asuu strike will end… And student will go back to school to study

  36. They should try and do something before student will stay at home for too long, and this may affext the electiin son how

  37. The government should ahead to their demands
    Let this strike stop, the student re really affected in this, fufill their demand

  38. They wouldn’t want to strike an agreement with ASUU because the strike ain’t affecting the education of their children who school abroad.

  39. Federal government should bring out money to settle ASUU so that students will go back to school

  40. well Federal government is not trying o is it because there children is not schooling in Nigeria. God will not forgive them o

  41. The ASUu are trying their best, but the federal government don’t want the best for the students,and why that?

  42. FG should try and reason with them let this sh*t come to an end, students are frustrated with this idleness sh*t

  43. What is happening in dis country? Why can’t the government listen to d people so dat dis ASUU strike of a thing will end.

  44. Federal government should try to settle this matter with ASUU. Students are at home and they need to continue their education.

  45. FG should do away with thier AsoRock heart and let students go back to school and study like their abroad studying.

  46. Please asuu and federal government should try n reach to agreement ooo students are tired of staying at home

  47. Let the Federal Government attend to the plight of the lecturers and let students resume their various programs.

  48. The longer this strike continues, the more the students will suffer and stay at home. Unfortunately, thus does not affect the government officials children as they school abroad.

  49. this is rubbish Na… What is wrong with this federal government self
    Playing with our educational system..
    Dey should do something o

  50. This is expected because this government thrives in chaos and anarchy. GOD will surely ease them off.

  51. Lead us well Mr president, pls do something about this endless strike think effect on other peoples children since yours are not schooling here

  52. I’m very sure by January all this would have gone down.
    FG should please answer them on time, in my own school now some claim to be ASUU and some class to be CONUA.

  53. Why would FG not consent with them,they should reach agreement and let them call of the strike it should not extend to next year

  54. What Labour has failed to know is that , wether they call off or not the strike that doesn’t still jeopardize PMB victory in 2019. The will be losing in two ways . I implore both the FG and ye Labour to come together on a mutually ground . This doesn’t speak well of this great nation

  55. What are the students going to do…no wonder the rate of crime has increased.. Please let the welfare of the students be considered.

  56. Why federal government is doing this to the youth,why wasting our youth time an they will be expecting us to vote them in 2019.

  57. It’s time Nigerians should know that government has no plan for our educational system. Federal government should please do everything they can to end these strikes, it is really disturbing the education system in this country. The idea of poor welfare package to ASSU should up reconsidered, if they go home with fat package, surely an end will come to this strike action.

  58. The government is playing with the education sector, why can’t they meet the demands of asuu, when their is money in the country

  59. Federal government were just using our educational sector to play ludo,I pray they should resolve the issue..

  60. This strick of a thing is too much for Christ sake , every time , how students go even study well and learn nawaoh,, what every is causing this strike the government should settle it

  61. It’s only God that knows when the federal government will attend to the needs of ASUU, because this ASUU people are determined to continue the strike until their needs is attended to

  62. There is this saying that when two elephant fight its the grass the suffers. Fg and Assu should try and think about the students

  63. Our leaders are unsympathetic to the heavy burdens that parents,some of whom are underpaid lecturers, carry. They do not care that students are wasting away at home while theirs study abroad. This is inhumane.

  64. The failure and success of our educational sector is in the hands of the federal government. What ASSU is seeking for was agreed for years back and the government have refused to fulfil there own bargain in the agreement so I don’t blame the asuu action towards the strike. The government should find a way and stop this strike by coming with an agreement and pay some of the debt.

  65. Increase school fees?
    I didn’t know that was the government’s intention
    If naso let the strike continue till the government gets reasonable
    We need funding for standard education

  66. But this ASUU strike is taking long to be call off, I can’t really understand the stand of our government.because am tired of being staying at home.

  67. I don’t know why this people are heartless.. Gosh. In advanced countries all these things don’t happen

  68. I don’t know why this people are heartless.. Gosh. In advanced countries all these things don’t

  69. Even though my university is not yet a member of ASUU,I still feel very bad why the government haven’t come to a compromise with the union.

  70. This is really getting out of hand. What is the hope of the a common man. Leaders of tomorrow cannot go to institute in Peace

  71. Fg please let the students go back to school o.
    Your own children are in their various schools, Stop being insensitive.

  72. A month now! ASUU and Federal Government, u people should reach a tangible agreement na. A course that u have planned to study for four years, u will take over 5 to 6 yrs because of strike

  73. This is unfair our student’s need to go back pls.what is difficult for thrm to call off the strike self

  74. This people are not considerate at all…..when their children are graduate why will they consider calling off d strike…

  75. It is only in Nigeria where a 4year degree program can be attained in 6 years. I pray God touches the heart of the government to Hacken to their demands. Our educational sector has to be given much attention from the government

  76. ASUI and Federal Government should pls reach agreement and save our educational sector from collapsing

  77. It is so well with the Nigerian educational system. The government so not care because their own children school abroad. May God judge everyone accordingly.

  78. Federal government of Nigeria will student are begging you to reach term of agreement with asuu so will can go back to school, I want to do and graduate please, Age is at my side..

  79. The federal government are just playing with the educational systems and it is not fair. People need to go back to school and finish their education. Please they should honestly do something about it

  80. It’s really bad the way universities go on strike in Nigeria,course of 6 years takes 8 years to complete due to incessant strike action. They should reach agreement so that students can go back to schools.

  81. Is quite unfortunate that the Federal government is still battling with the strike issue with ASUU group let them resolve it.

  82. What kind of country is this, if it their children won’t they do something quick so that their children can go back to school. God will judge all of them one by one.

  83. Federal government should try and do something is unfair I believe all these things are happening because there children are not even in dis country let alone schooling here

  84. As far politicians don’t send their kids to public schools, there’s no way they’ll take education in this country serious

  85. When will the Federal government and asuus stop lying with each other, they are suffering our students and wasting there time

  86. To go to school in Nigeria is very boring because they are always striking yet the government will say they are improvingoing educational sector

  87. What kind of government are we having for Goodness sake ? It has been a month now that this strike started and up till now nothing has been done to call of the strike. This is really bad for the development of our great nation.

  88. They are just wicked
    what’s their problem when their children are studying abroad ?
    may GOD help us

  89. i trust asuu ,the most stubborn labour group in nigeria….they will bring federal government to their kneels

  90. The strike is still one month old, it’s not time yet. It’s a normal holiday dy give to Nigerian students once in a while. When they think you guys have tried staying at home, they will call it off

  91. For crying out loud Nigeria is a rich country.
    But the leaders prefer the money in their bank account so that their entire generation even those unborn won’t have to suffer till eternity at the discomfort of the poor masses.
    None of their children is schooling in Nigeria that’s why they don’t wanna do something about it.
    I pray God should help us

  92. Am very sure that if any of these politicians children are in any of these universities, they would have done something about all these strikes. It is well o

  93. If am to air my opinion, ASU strike right now is a not a good time, moreover increasing student school fees right now Is a stupid move from ASU

  94. the federal government has done this people bad too much. they have delayed their payment , which is not suppose to be so. the government should do something about it before the strike will enter next year

  95. From the look of things.the government is not ready to reach a conclusive agreement on this ASUU matter their kids are schooling abroad So, they dnt care.

  96. What kind of a country is this, they should find solution to this, someone cant just be sitting at home doing nothing

  97. They are not helping the situation of this country going on like this…the future of Nigeria is stake here o

  98. the two parties should agree with each other, for the sake of many students doing rubbish outside there.

  99. This issue of asuu have lingered for too long or is it because is Nigeria, why must we continue in these nature?

  100. Everything in Nigeria is bad include educational sector,God come to our aid as ur children cry day and night for divine help

  101. Government should intervene in this strike of a thing, people times is being wasted now, it’s unfair

  102. I refuses to accept that the strike is not aimed at the selfish interests of these lecturers. I know them ,the strike is not for the students welfare it may not be against it oh, but certainly not for it.

  103. I just wonder when they will come to an agreement and call off the strike for good so that students will return to their campuses.

  104. The federal government should stick to their agreement with the union and try their possible best to pay all the outstanding arias

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