Arrest Diezani in 72 hours – Court orders EFCC, SSS and Police

A Federal High Court in Abuja has ordered the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the Department of State Services (DSS) and other security agencies to arrest Diezani Alison-Madueke, the former minister of petroleum, within 72 hours.

According to The Cable, the order was issued by Justice Valentine Ashi based on a motion filed by the counsel to the EFCC, Msuur Denga.

Arrest Diezani in 72 hours - Court orders EFCC, SSS and Police lailasnews 3
Arrest Diezani in 72 hours – Court orders EFCC, SSS and Police

Denga had earlier prayed the court to issue a warrant for the former minister’s arrest to enable the anti-graft agency arraign her in court.

The EFCC investigated the former minister along with Jide Omokore, a former Chairman, Atlantic Energy Drilling Company, following a petition dated October 2, 2013, from Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, CACOL, bordering on money laundering and official corruption.

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EFCC said in a statement that investigations into the petition revealed that Mrs Alison-Madueke as supervising minister of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, was found to have engaged in illicit and monumental fraudulent dealings in oil transactions, which she entered into on behalf of the Federal Government.

Mrs Alison-Madueke and Mr Omokore are also alleged to have accepted and given gifts in properties located at Penthouse 22, Block B, Admiralty Estate, Ikoyi, and Penthouse 21, Building 5, Block C, Banana Island, Lagos.

They are to be arraigned on February 25, 2019 on a five-count charge for the offences, which are contrary to Sections 26(1) of the Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Act, 2000.

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When the matter came up on Monday the Commission however filed application for warrant of arrest, condition precedent for Mrs Alison-Madueke’s extradition protocol to bring her back home to face trail.

The prosecution told the court that Mrs Alison-Madueke, who is currently in the United Kingdom, jetted out of the country while investigations into the alleged fraudulent acts were ongoing.

The court today, granted the ex parte motion, and ordered the security agencies to provide Mrs Alison-Madueke within 72 hours, for her to face the charge preferred against her.

“The Inspector General of Police, the Chairman of the EFCC, the Attorney General, the Department of State Services, are hereby ordered in the name of the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria to apprehend and arrest the first defendant and produce her before this court for further directives within 72 hours,” the judge held.


  1. That’s how they will linger on her case till a new government will take over and a presidential pardon will be given, Diezani’s case had stayed too long for over 3yrs +

  2. Those stealing from d national cake should face d law. But dis case has been going on for 3years now.

  3. They should hurry and round up with this woman na. She is a grave thief. She single handedly rocked Naija

  4. Nigeria is one funny place. A woman who emarse so much wealth for herself through stealing of the country’s common wealth is left alone to work the streets of UK untouched. She should be sent to jail time immediately.

  5. She ought to have been in jail all this years Na, don’t know why it’s taken forever just to arrest her o, or is it until she runs away

  6. Yeah, she should be arrested and bring to court so as to defend all the five count charges against her

  7. Have been expecting the EFCC to carry out this for a long time, that woman must not go unpunished for all Nigeria money she embezzled

  8. Kangaroo court. Four years running APC led government still paying lip service on corruption because the hands of the leaders and security agents are also stinking.

  9. This country is just joking honestly,, how many years case from now? So because now some people are contesting for position and politics now Efcc and every body is working hard

  10. They should take it for real, because before you know, we will be constrained by their laws government will take over and she will be set free

  11. Our judiciary is sick. Corruption will make them keep a case that should last three hearings yo last three years. Its well

  12. This case is long overdue for closure.consistent adjournment will make the case loose value and track!

  13. Let the bodies involved produce the culprit if thorough investigation has been carried out proving their guilt. How come the prosecution is now and not when they were in office?

  14. Everyone should be treated equally according to the law the arrest should done with and let him face judgement at the face of no mercy

  15. Mrs Alison-Madueke , must be searched out to come and face the law for all her corrupt and fraudulent practices in the petroleum sector. She shouldn’t be spared.

  16. What are they still beating around the bush, she should be arrested , taken to court , pass judgment and send to jail , unless she is willing to bring all the money

  17. For 3 years nothing has been done to someone who stole so badly from Nigeria.They just remember her now.

  18. Comment*This is naija,where d corrupt lay snare for other corrupt contemporaries because they do not belong to the same political inclination.

  19. She had earlier applied for extradition to be tried in Nigeria but was not granted. So what is the song much noise

  20. Nigerian and fraud…. Can’t someone hear that there is good job opportunities for graduates. This case will still go on till a new reign.

  21. get her get our money get justice to the poor masses that could benefitted from the social amenities that money would have provided for all.

  22. Her case have stayed long in the court. They should either release her or when the case lingers to a new government she might be granted the presidential pardon

  23. How can they arrest someone thats not in d country, they are decieving their selves, that case will die

  24. Let the arrest her and investigate her. This, her ways are always not pure through out her tenure as the petroleum minister.

  25. Okay nah let’s wait for 72 hours , let us if it will really happen . But is this woman guilty self , her case has been lingering for years now

  26. Omo mehn! This Alison no try o, she no even park the money inside Ghana must go sack, Na Ships she take pack am doing Jonathan regime, na she dem suppose call senior Lady Rogue. As beautiful as she is .. , what a shame

  27. IF this is how corruption has always been handled that means their will be no corruption in the state

  28. The court will end up not doing anything about this case till a new government comes into power, is it not Nigeria again.

  29. Let the law take it full course on her and any one else. We are working towards achieving a better Nigeria

  30. Wealth gotten hastily shall in the same way go! This is why we should not envy some rich people cos their riches is but for a moment.

  31. These EFCT sef are sure they are ready to arrest this woman for good …the process of the investigation is getting too long

  32. She has been in the UK enjoying her self with her family members and you people are disturbing us with all this stories, good luck is that can be possible.

  33. What is all this thing sef..Since how many years u people just noticed it…Nigerian government its such a pity!!

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