Archbishop drowns during baptism

A South African archbishop identified as, Andries Moeti drowned during a baptism, leading to the death of the 36-year-old cleric.

Archbishop drowns during baptism lailasnews

The leader of New Heaven Apostolic Church in Marobjane Village, Limpopo, South Africa drowned in front of church members who were queueing up to be baptised.

When people realised the archbishop had been under water for a while, they screamed for help as they were afraid to go in and rescue him.

His mum, Elisa Moeti (60), told Daily Sun it was hard for church members and his family to accept Andries’ death.

“We are still shocked because he always went to the stream to pray and baptise people. He would go into the water for a minute before letting his congregants go in for prayers. “I believe his death was God’s will because those who were there when he drowned told us the incident was mysterious,” said Elisa.

His dad, James Seshoka (57), said it was a sad moment when the search and rescue unit recovered his body from the water. Church members were fainting and crying.

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The archbishop will be laid to rest in Marobjane tomorrow. He leaves behind his wife and three children.

Elisa, who worked closely with her son, said she would look after the church and his family.


  1. If baptism must be by immersion I suggest knowing how to swim should be a major requirement for being a pastor

  2. Is a sad story, does it mean that no one can swim and rescue him? May his family have the heart to bear their loss

  3. Sorry for the death, l really sympathize with the family, such a horrible death, perhaps the bishop is possessed with demons.

  4. A sad incidence. I pray God forgives him his sins and grant him eternal rest and his family the fortitude to bear the loss.

  5. This is so sad for him but hope his family members will find heart to bare the death of the deseased.

  6. This is a sad story, how will the family cope with such a sudden death, many now will be scared to be baptized in the water

  7. Unbelievable!! does it mean that no one can swim and rescue him? May his family have the heart to bear their loss


  9. There is something that is not clear about his death. After all he has been baptising people in that same river

  10. what a tragic. may his soul rest in peace and let the church put together effort to build big what his plans are for the church before his death.

  11. A mysterious one indeed. How deep was the water that will lead to his drowning?
    Moreover, was he suppose to go under the water before baptizing people?. Well, God knows better

  12. So church members where so afraid to help their archbishop?

    Hmmmm.. It’s in peace..maybe it’s the will of God

  13. What a sock and sad news, so his members cannot enter the water and rescue the bishop too bad. May his soul in peace.

  14. Mysterious indeed.. This is an anomaly. I never hear am before until now. May his soul rest in peace

  15. How can a true child of God die so mysteriously
    There’s more to his death
    Operative water spirits I suppose

  16. If it your way let it go but not we don’t know have the death is may him soul rest in peace..

  17. Hmm, it’s better if it is as said that he is called by his creator but nevertheless it could have just been a better way than that.
    My condolence to the family

  18. Well it’s sad end. Honestly if people must be at the river, sea, or swimming pool for any activity it should be expected that he/she knows how to swim too. I tell people this.
    May his soul rest in peace.

  19. How come,did he deep himself or he was deeping the people that he was baptizing,may his soul rest in peace

  20. Death is inevitable. No one knows how he or she is going die. Yours was by drowning and that’s so sad. May your rest in peace.

  21. How could this have happened? Whatever the case maybe it is advisory to always be careful
    May his soul rest in peace

  22. May his soul rest in peace, but carefulness is always important in the service of God and in all you do.

  23. This is sad but does this kind of baptism still exist the baptism of the holy ghost is by fire not by water

  24. Only God knows why the man of God drowns, may God forgive all his sins and iniquities, and may his gentle soul rest in peace

  25. This is sad . God is not responsible for his death ooo. All those mammy water are not comfortable with his activities in the stream.

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