Archbishop Chukwuma accuses FG of corruption as Ekwueme’s £200,000 medical funds disappear

Dr. Emmanuel Chukwuma, the Archbishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical Provence, Anglican Communion, has raised an alarm over the medical bills for the burial of former Vice President, Dr Alex Ekwueme.

Archbishop Chukwuma accuses Nigerian govt of corruption as Ekweme’s £200,000 medical funds disappear lailasnews

According to Archbishop Chukwuma, who is known as the counsellor to the Ekwueme family, the family is yet to get a refund of the 200,000 Pounds incurred as medical bills six months even after the money had been signed off.

“A lot of things are wrong in this administration. This government is pretending to be fighting corruption but corruption is higher now than what it used to be.

” Right now, the money meant for Ekwueme’s treatment is not yet released. The hospital has returned the money but government has refused to release it back to the family. Over 200,000 pounds and so on and so forth”, he stated.

“They delayed in paying the medical bill of late Ekwueme until the family paid the bill to the London clinic.

“When the London clinic was paid by government after the family had paid, the hospital said the family had paid and returned the money to the Central Bank. Now, the money, which CBN should refund to Ekwueme’s family is now being held.

“This money has been signed out. Where is the medical bill refund released by the Central Bank of Nigeria, which was returned by London clinic? That is the question, where is it? It should be refunded to the family and if this doesn’t happen, I am going to speak more and this is going to cause serious scandal for the federal government”, Chukwuma warned.

This is coming after sources told Vanguard that the Federal Government reneged on its promise to bear the full cost of treatment and transportation of the elder statesman to a  hospital in London, and referred the issue to the Anambra State government where Ekwueme hails from.


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  1. What is 200,000 pounds compared to the millions of pounds spent each time Buhari and his family go overseas for medicals? The worse profligacy that brought tears to eyes was parking the Nigerian aircraft in London the whole time Buhari was sickened in London. Only the daily parking fees amount to millions.

    They should save APC face, recover this fund from “the stealers” and refund same to the Ekwueme family. Everybody is a thief in Nigeria, the Pastors are worse.

    Having said that, I am going to say it as it is and that is that, I do not agree that this government is more corrupt than Jonathan’s government, Jonathan was so inept, so without economic sense that they could buy an aircraft for a 419 turned pastor, who then lied that it was “church members” who bought it. That airplane has been parked un-serviceable for 3 years and those “church members” cannot help put it back into form. Had Jonathan not been “booted out”, same “Church members” would have bought him another plane, ndi oshi liar Pastors of Nigeria.

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