Apostle Suleman sex scandal: Daniella Okeke calls out Stephanie Otobo

Daniella Okeke has reopened the Apostle Suleman sex scandal, a year after it trended, by calling out the accuser Stephanie Otobo, whom she claimed lied against her.

Daniella Okeke in her post stated that Stephanie Otobo dragged her into the Apostle Suleman sex scandal and lied against her despite not knowing her from anywhere.

Apostle Suleman sex scandal Daniella Okeke calls out Stephanie Otobo lailasnews

She however threatened that she will not be comfortable with herself wherever she is if she does not come out in the next 24 hours to tell the world the truth.

She wrote;

U bitch I don’t know who u re, but u came to call my name out of no where? And all of a sudden u disappeared! Afterward u changed ur name? No way u ve to tell the world the truth miss otobo! I ve kept quiet for too long…God will punish you where ever you are…. I woke up to social media like every one else on dat day, wen u called my name on the internet! The way u called my name, better go and uncall it.. or else… the next 24hrs won’t be funny

While dragging Otobo, the Nollywood actress didn’t spare Ghanaian actress, Moesha Boduong, who she claimed she has a lot of evidences against.

She wrote;

They told you not to post ur location abi? Don’t worry I ve it all I will open it soon!!! With evidence so don’t even be foolish @moeshaboduong Abi …..I ve ur watz app chart with ur numbers

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  1. These people should all go and sit one place and rest. Enough of all this nonsense. We don’t want to see or read about it anymore, we are tired already.

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