‘Apostle Suleman asked me to make false confession against the Nigerian Government’ – Stephanie Otobo

Days after Miss Stephanie Otobo made a confession at Omega Fire Ministries, alleging that she was hired by unnamed politicians to drag Apostle Suleman into a sex scandal, Sahara Reporters has released a new video which backed claims that the confession was scripted by Apostle Suleman and his aides.

'Apostle Suleman asked me to make false confession against the Nigerian Government' – Stephanie Otobo lailasnews

Introducing Miss Otobo in the new video made available to Sahara Reporters were two people Chidi, and Erica who claimed that Stephanie Otobo sought spiritual and moral support from them which they offered, just after the sex scandal report went viral. It was gathered that the video was recorded on June 21, 2017, by Canada-based Worship Media, Stephanie Otobo said she was under pressure from Apostle Suleiman to apologize and lie that it was the Nigerian government that hired her to destroy him.

Stephanie Otobo also went on to disclose that she was phoned by Apostle Suleiman’s agents in Canada, US and Nigeria, urging her to return to Nigeria and tell the lies that had been scripted by the preacher, however she returned. However Stephanie Otobo who agreed to return to Nigeria to follow up her court case and meet with Apostle Suleman, asked Chidi and Erica to record a video which they were to release if anything unexpectedly happens to her.

Miss Otobo who wondered why Apostle Suleman didn’t see the scandal coming if he is a true man of God in the video, thanked those who have supported her and stated that Apostle Suleman was pressuring her family and others to lie that the government was behind the scandal.

“This is what Suleman is asking me to do,” she said.

However Sahara Reporters reported that Chidi, who introduced the video, said he received a text from a source apparently working with Apostle Suleiman on Sunday, warning him against releasing any more video claiming that over time, Miss Otobo had confessed that he was also part of the plan to destroy the preacher. Chidi, however, said he had passed on the message to his lawyers.


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