Red Dress: ‘Apologize to me or I’ll sue you too’ -Mercy Aigbe tells bride

Earlier today, we reported that the aggrieved bride, Lawrentta Adesuwa Sawyer, at the center of the red dress scandal involving a designer, Rikaotobyme and Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe, threatened to drag the duo to court if the issue is not resolved in 7 days.

Red Dress: 'Apologize to me or I'll sue you too' -Mercy Aigbe tells bride lailasnews 3

In a letter addressed to the designer titled “Notification of Breach of Contract and Allegations of Fraudulent, Unlawful and Criminal Conduct,” the bride’s lawyers Capitalfield Attorneys accused Rikaotobyme and Mercy Aigbe of fraudulent conspiracy to convert their client’s property for “selfish gains.”

Mercy Aigbe in her reaction to the ‘notification of breach of contract’ through her lawyers, demanded a public apology within 7days or she’ll also drag the bride and the designer to court for false accusation and trying to defame her person.

Here’s her response to the lawsuit;

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Red Dress: 'Apologize to me or I'll sue you too' -Mercy Aigbe tells bride lailasnews 1 Red Dress: 'Apologize to me or I'll sue you too' -Mercy Aigbe tells bride lailasnews 2


Recall that Maryam Elisha in her first apology wrote;

“Our attention has been drawn to the ongoing chaos surrounding a dress and one of our esteemed clients on Instagram and possibly on other blogs and social media sites.

“We would have preferred if this matter was addressed directly to us for a quick resolution and to avoid the media frenzy, but unfortunately it wasn’t.

“We hold our clients dearly and offer our services on first come first served bases with no iota of discrimination or insinuation of such.

“We admit that a dispatch error occurred in the delivery of a dress to Miss Lawrentta, who was set to get married on the 30th December, 2017 and the pick up of another dress on behalf of actress, Mercy Aigbe. . . .Please note that both dresses were of the same style, the same colour (red) and almost the same measurement.

“On realising the error on dispatch, we quickly tried to rectify the mix up. But it was too late as the wrong dress was already on its way to Edo state for the bride to be.

“We contacted the bride and explained we had an issue and asked if she would be comfortable with another dress, of same kind (which was the one meant for Mercy Aigbe), the bride agreed, so we allowed the dress to be delivered as time to recall dispatch was short in relation to the time of the wedding.

“We have already apologised to Miss Lawrentta, but once again use the public fora to tender an unreserved apology to her and by extension to Mercy Aigbe who shouldn’t have been dragged into this.

“We assure all our clients, past and future that our resolve to deliver top notch designs to clients within the country and beyond will not be compromised and the error that led to this unhappy situation has since been corrected. Thank you.”

However when called out over the tone of her apology, she tended another, and wrote;

“Dear Lawrentta @rettypety, I apologise once again for the pain and inconvenience you have suffered these past days and I will continue to do so untill we talk I have tried severally to reach you privately all in vain that’s why I’m back on IG again for on this, I would appreciate if you would open a means of communication so we can resolve the matter. Thank you, Maryam Elisha.”


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  1. See talk if u don’t apologize I will sue u, rubbish.!
    Keep celeb one side and see she will not put u inside dey cell where ur ex husband was
    Ur brain is too old to think

  2. I laffffffff. …instead of u finding means to eradicate this rubbish on ur name and beg d real owner of d cloth u rented 4 photoshoot u are still talking. …I can’t imagine myself in d ladies situation. .my wedding wear used by someone else u now said it a mistake and yet u didn’t return it u went ahead and use it….now u won sue….

  3. This matter should just be settle amicably & all this legal tussle is unnecessary & irrelevant if you ask me. The bride should understand this isn’t the worst thing that has ever happened to her in life & so forgive & move on. I think those apology is enough to have end this whole drama, and who ever is advising the bride to seek legal actions isn’t doing that in good faith.

  4. Many service providers mess us up especially when they feel that such client is not so high up on the social ladder and you are expected to swallow the ‘sorry, ma’ and go home and sooth your disappointment and oftentimes embarrassment in silence to avoid being seen as a drama queen. Justice has nothing to do with forgiveness. The bride has every right to seek legal counsel if she so desires without her feels being belittled. Na she wear d shoe so na she know where e de pain am.

  5. Dey av begged d bride enuf… she is just looking for attention…Even Mercy have apologised to d bride for wah she knwz nuffin abt… mercy u av evry right to sue too…Abeg d bride own dn too much

  6. Wat rubbish, dis woman self e dey like say mess dey her brain.. U re d one dat is suppose to apologize to her.. Pls am tired of dis una rubbish clothes sumtin okirika all d way

  7. Mercy talking, on what moral grounds is suing the bride? This goes to show she actually conspired with the designer.
    She was silent for a long time even when the story first broke out and never said a thing to the bride but can be quick now to make threats. She definitely dumb

  8. D bride too sued the designer and more so mercy didn’t no the gown belonged to another and since the bride keeps acting as if it can never end someone has to talk sense into her highest a new gown will be gotten for her so this case is really dumb to start wyt d bride is also seeking attention

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