APC reacts to Obasanjo’s attack on Buhari, FG

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has reacted to former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s attack on Buhari, who according to him is behaving like Abacha.

APC reacts to Obasanjo’s attack on Buhari, FG lailasnews

APC who claimed that Obasanjo was being hunted by the ghost of his past, and now believe that the Buhari led APC government would replicate his rigging machineries in the forthcoming general elections, asked the former President should adjust himself to the reality of the time.

The National Publicity Secretary of the party, Mallam Lanre Issa Onilu  who assured Nigerians that the 2019 general elections will be free, fair and credible, said the President has made it abundantly clear that the elections was not a do or die.

“When you are dept in a particular thing, it means it is something that you know how to do best. Throughout the eight years of former President Obasanjo, all the elections he conducted and government policies were determined by whatever mood he found himself. All institutions of government were brought under his whims. What he did for those eight years is what is hunting him.

“He cannot imagine that it is possible for INEC to exercise the statutory independence that he has. We have had about 93 elections since this government came into power and all those elections were conducted without any interference from this government.

“If there is anything that you want to credit this government with, it is the fact that institutions are allowed to fulfil their mandate without anybody interfering. We can understand where the former President is coming from because his past is hunting him.

“He must have looked back at the books when he was President and saw that if they use the same method that he used, this is what is going to happen. The 2003 and 2007 elections were nothing to write home about and they happened under former President Obasanjo. We all knew how the elections went.

“For us in the APC, votes will count. We are going to have a free, fair and credible election. We have no reason to rig election because our achievements speak for us. Former President Obasanjo should adjust himself to the reality of the imminent defeat that is staring him in the face.

“He has carried himself as the dispenser of our destiny and God is showing him clearly that he has only been lucky and the favour that God has done to him, he is now considering as things he has done for himself.

“This election will come; it will be free and fair. APC does not have any reason to rig it. You have seen all the rallies we have done and you have seen the folly in the claim by the PDP that the President was going to campaign by proxy.

“They are the ones now showing the concern nobody need from them that the President is doing too much in terms of the rallies he has been attending. For us, former President Obasanjo should adjust himself to the reality that after February 16, he would realize that he is not God” he said.

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  1. APC shouldn’t be talking about credibility here because they have got none. this is a party full of lies,

  2. These Apc people must have something to say.They must defend everything. But the truth is that they’re not returning back to power.And these politicians are all there for their selfish interest

  3. I pray and hope this coming election is free and fair although I always support APC and that will never change

  4. This time around,we av seen and we don’t want to be fooled any longer.a free and fair election is required.

  5. I jus like this obasanjo…….. buhari and their people no go like step down but I Know they will leave with shame

  6. We want free and fair elections this year ooo.
    Why bringing rigging issues now, don’t even think of rigging o

  7. Nigeria will be better Nigeria will be better we don’t know when but we still keep our hope alive. We pray for good government this time.

  8. All the recent elections had massive FG interference. Nigerians are not dummies. Anyone can give me back a repartee sha and that is what APC has done

  9. APC keep defending.. The state of economy doesn’t matter to you all. All that matters is staying through to once self.

  10. APC should go and seat down….we don’t need you people again, no matter what you all are defending yourselves with. Tender your resignation, u can all declare that you are not interested in presidency…. Let your buhari be busy as well.

  11. Hmm! Wonder shall never end in this country, so Obasanjo can liken PMB’s government to Abacha’s government and doubted INEC to conduct free, fair and credible elections, thought APC has said it all, OBJ is being hunted by his past, OBJ that said in 2007 on National Radio station that elections will be do or die, he even said they would give opposition only 3 states to win, no wonder that late former President Yaradua said the elections that took him to power was not free and fair, late former president Yaradua said this in abroad.
    During OBJ, there was nothing like rule of law, OBJ used decree throughout his reign in office, he asked soldier to perish ODI community in Bayelsa State, He also ordered soldier to perish a community in Benue State. OBJ was never Democratic during his 8 years in office, In fact OBJ is not anyway fit to compare PMB and Abacha, I swear OBJ was wicked more than Abacha. OBJ will see himself after 2019 elections, he will know that nobody is above the law

  12. All of you are all birds of same fathers Apc are good in rigging election down to chairmanship elections they rig it as well I hail una oo

  13. Weather is free and fair election,I want you to no that there is no election in Nigeria when its come to voting.

  14. Omatter the reaction Apc is loser party no doubt about that, hope Atiku disgrace them, they have done alot already

  15. God is watching u people
    And we are electing someone capable to handle the activities of the country this time around

  16. Thank you obasanjo for your letter. I nelieve it seems u dont have worknin ur acqiired farms so u now have time to be writing useless letter

  17. Am still alive till then… Let them conduct free, fair and creditable election as they have said… Till then.

  18. Apc members talks too much always boost of winning election. When you ask them will they win they can tell. OBJ is a master rigger.

  19. I pray and hope this coming election is free and fair although I always support APC and that will never change.

  20. It’s a pity that the corruption cases and cases of rigging was started by him and his administration. Now he thinks the current federal government let by President Buhari will do the same thing he had be doing. His rants are useless.

  21. I think it’s high time this man left the politics of this country to flow freely without influence from his kind

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