APC addresses Olawole Oluwo’s resignation

The attention of the All Progressives Congress, Lagos State has been drawn to the letter of resignation of the erstwhile Commissioner for Energy and Mineral Resources, Mr. Olawale Oluwo.

The APC wishes him well.

APC addresses Olawole Oluwo's Resignation lailasnews

The APC salutes the vigilance of the party apparatus and leadership which have put Oluwo on the watch on account of his antecedents in party politics and succeeded in checkmating his rabid opportunism.

It is on record that Oluwo first made an attempt to reap from the challenges of internal party democracy in our progressive movement when he teamed up with one of the losers in the 2007 primaries of the Action Congress to stop Babatunde Fashola’s sure victory at the polls. The unfortunate political adventurism failed woefully.

However, in the conventional demonstration of mercy and forgiveness, Oluwo’s principal, Sen. Tokunbo Afikuyomi was accommodated in the second term cabinet of Governor Babatunde Fashola as the Commissioner for Tourism.

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A similar milk of mercy and kindness led to the consideration Of Oluwo as a member of the Lagos State Executive Council under Governor Akinwunmi Ambode in the hope that he has purged himself of opportunism, disloyalty and vaulting desperation for power.

Oluwo had hardly resumed as the Commissioner when he began his plot to use that office to advance his quest for political fiefdom. The object of his ambition was the positioning of his wife as the chairman of a local government.
However, alert party men and women raised alarm about his anti-party antecedents wondering why someone who recently joined the party would want to use his position as commissioner to impose his wife on the constituency.
The party rank and file aborted this abuse of power and reckless peddling of influence and everybody thought the lesson had been learnt. He, apparently, had not.

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As soon as the procedures for the general elections began, Oluwo once again became the only commissioner to seek his wife as the member of House of Assembly for Eti- Osa. By now the pattern of his ambition had become clear. The intrigue that enabled him to make his wife the first- term commissioner’s wife to become the chairperson of the committee which organised the annual National Women Conference became clear. It was meant to achieve undeserved visibility. This obnoxious attempt to deceive party members was again foiled and it is the aggravated frustration that has led to this defection.

It has been necessary to put this in true context so as to dismiss the false and capricious insinuation that his resignation was in principled objection to the party’s last primaries. Far from it. He was only playing true to type, seeking as he had done in 2007 to reap from the primaries.

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He has further showed that he has been a mole of the PDP and has been working to undermine the APC. His exit is a signal to other like minds who may wish to follow his trail.

The party machinery knows everyone and their inclination. We encourage all genuine APC members to remain firm and committed to loftier and greater ideals of taking Lagos to a higher level of excellence.

The party remains unshaken.

Joe Igbokwe
Lagos APC Pub Sec


  1. He has his plans in politics which weren’t working for him where he was, so he left for somewhere else.

  2. Every one is entitled to his or her opinion. If he chooses to leave the party, he’s reasons are best known to him.

  3. Every body has is or her own way of doing things…. D same things happen to this man he had a reason for doing such things

  4. the man exit from party can never affect the party, you are free to choose from your heart and the party to join

  5. Since everyone has their reasons of doing things I think he also has his own reason for his resignation. Nice update

  6. He has resigned, that’s good, but from the text hope this resignation wasn’t because he couldn’t achieve what he wanted in the party, i smell self interest on this matter

  7. Every politician leaves a party for a reason either if he doesn’t benefit from there so no matter what it’s either for his good or otherwise

  8. It isy a good report, at least he honorably stepped down before he was casted by the party.. But this does not mean he should not be investigated and prosecuted accordingly if found guilty of the charges

  9. To every action there is something seen as attachment to it….resigning at this critical time shows a lot of concentration….

  10. He has reasons that made him resign and joined PDP, like he said that one of the reasons that made him join agbaje is because jimi agbaje is his long time friend, so I respect his decision

  11. one is entitled to his or her opinion. If he chooses to leave the party, he’s reasons are best known to him.

  12. well since he have resign no problem o but let he not go to corrupt other party like PDP o because we don’t want it o

  13. He has seen the the future is not bright for APC and decided to take this bold step. I like his courage.

  14. Whatever you decide to do,do it once is right,if resigning will favour you,go ahead,is your choice

  15. Is exit from the party can’t stop APC nt to win the coming election or lose.please Nigerians let’s vote wisely

  16. Most politicians are full of envy and greed. Anyway,he has not yet come out to say anything.

  17. someone once said if you don’t want to be told how many men slept with your mother don’t join politics.

  18. I guess it’s his choice,but the way I see he needs some showdown for doing so because there was no continuity of the present government

  19. He’s not the first that has resigned. It’s a game of choice. If he feels he’s no longer comfortable with his party, he’s free to resign.

  20. Well he has a right to take any decision that is beneficial to him but going by the party’s update,it was very selfish and greedy of him to try and impose his wife on the party members!

  21. Why resigning now? Maybe he has other plans..i wish you well in your future political ambition….

  22. APC have been in serious conflicts and divided over personal ambitions and imposition of candidates forcefully on the party. So I think is an internal problem and misunderstanding that made him to resign and move on. That is the kind of politics we operate.

  23. You can’t bite the hand that feeds you intentionally and go scot free without any consequences attached to it.

  24. Politics is a choice, optional and not mandatory, he has made his choice to resign so no one can question him for what he did, he has his reasons for resigning

  25. politics in Nigeria is very sick, one can assassinate the character of his opponent to a lowest level just to be champion

  26. APC is a failed party and the earlier they realized that the better. They should stop this childish attitude of attack anyon who had left the very party.

  27. That’s Apc for you.once you divert to another party or press the exit button, they’ll start leaking all your secrets

  28. nigerian politics with it backstabbing and traitors,we wouldn’t hear the last of such things as this

  29. Is even better for the party that he resigns because he like an antagonist in the party who really doesn’t have mind for the party.

  30. Even at his resignation, the party still have great people that will move the party to the next level

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