Any man that asks you for money doesn’t love you – Young lady to women

A Nigerian lady has stirred controversy on social media with her comment about men who ask their girlfriend for money.

According to Goodness Adeosun, in a post on her Twitter page, any man who asks his woman for money does not love her.

She stressed that the only condition for a woman to give a man money is if he is her husband.

Goodness wrote;

‘‘I don talk am, any man that asks you for money doesn’t love you.

Don’t let him fool you.

Don’t come here to tell me that we women do that to.

I don’t ask my men for money when I’m in need. I have my siblings to ask money from, I have my parents..

If he does, it means he has no respect for her or he’s using her.

No woman should ever supply a man with money if they are not married. If a man is handling his responsibilities properly, he shouldn’t need to take money from a woman.

If he’s not, why would you want him in

In your life.

I am wary of men that do that.

If he’s so much in need

Don’t he have male friends outside?

If he Doesn’t have such kind of connection or strong pillars outside, it’s scary to make that person your life partner.

What happens if you both don’t have the money?”

Any man that asks you for money doesn’t love you – Young lady to women

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