Anto slammed by trolls for posing pantless

Anto had a fair share of celebrity banters with trolls, after she shared a photo of herself posing pantless in a tennis court.

Anto slammed by trolls for posing pantless lailasnews

Anto who posed pantless in a new photo she shared on Instagram, had written;

Lots of running 🏃🏾‍♀️around today

However the photo got the attentions of trolls who reacted. Here is a screenshot of the exchange below;

Anto slammed by trolls for posing pantless lailasnews 1

This is coming after the reality show star penned down a warning to a follower, who was fond of telling her to work out more after she posts a new photo.  Commenting on her post, the follower urged her to work on her tummy which she pointed out was not in good shape and then advised her to work out more to take care of it.

Anto then replied the young lady with a warning, telling her she would block him if she comments about her body again.


  1. Only God knows what this world is turning into how could she pose pantless and still be happy about it na wah oo

  2. Though your dressing is nobody’s business, but remember the way you dressed is the way you’ll be addressed

  3. she need to understand that she now a ”celebrity” now and should be cautious of how she dress generally not minding the purpose/event

  4. Anto knows what she wants and if not careful, she will get it. But please try to wear panties next time

  5. So what she is trying to say in her replied comment is that the way she dress add money to her account.. Or did I misunderstood her words

  6. Can’t someone live his own life without side criticism. Leave the poor lady alone afterall this panties of a thing mUst not be all time. She isn’t naked thoUgh

  7. Hehe…you people that are pointing accusing fingers at her…don’t you people know what we girls are battling with our pants…well i can’t support anyone …she z just paying d price of fame…

  8. What were you looking for down there that made you notice she is not putting on pant people self please allow her to do what ever she wants its her life remove your eyes from her body

  9. Its her life she can do what she wants until d time for accountability comes,after all she’s not a kid

  10. I really don’t see anything wrong with what she wore compare to the ones who wear only pants and bra….Please let her be.

  11. Obscenities have become the order of the day. Many have thrown decency and decorum to the wind. Indoor appearances now rocked by many in the outdoors. What really is this world turning to???

  12. She might be having rashes or heat down there. At least she is not naked like some people. We should learn to mind our business at times

  13. We should be careful how we dress especially celebrities,. The younger ones are watching from the dark

  14. I think we are in the age at which what one feels like wearing depends on one’s choice but if someone dresses indecently and he/she is being corrected he/ she should take corrections or rather ignore. Anto is an adult, critics should just leave her alone. Even if she likes let her go naked, those that will like will like and those tha will dislike her will do same

  15. there is an adaged which says…dress the way you want to be address…. with this she has tells who she is

  16. Her choice thou but I will not allow close friends or sisters to try such,it don’t speak well of her

  17. Is it not sport she was doing. Sport wears we see in championship is worse than that na we’re talking pants here. Pls they should leave her alone o

  18. This world is really coming to an end soon
    someone with her sense complete will pose pantless in a picture and still be warning people advising her

  19. After the will be shouting about sexual harassment when they are the one drawing attention of it to them
    God have mercy on you

  20. It does not concern anybody if she choose to dress the wsy she wants. People should learn to mind their business

  21. You people can see sha from the head line I was thinking she was naked how did they see through what she wore? If you don’t like her dressing quietly leave her and move on why insult her?

  22. Nigerians sha! How did they get to know that she was pantless, what if she was wearing a g string pant nko? Everyone should just learn to mind their business… Aproko is just too much in this country… Someone canur be a celebrity in peace…

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