Anti-gay pastor arrested after luring kids with candy to sexually abuse them

72-year-old Garry Evans, an Indiana Anti-Gay Pastor of Rushville Baptist Temple in Rushville, has been arrested alongside his wife for reportedly luring several girls from his church, all under the age of 10, who told their parents he lured them into his office with candy then touched them inappropriately.

Anti-gay pastor arrested after luring kids with candy to sexually abuse them lailasnews

Anti-Gay Pastor Garry Evans, who made bond and was released from custody, has been known for preaching against the evils of homosexuality for nearly three decades.

As more allegations against Evans surfaced, he tried killing himself after bonding out of jail but was checked into jail again.

On of the abuse victims posted on Facebook that she and the suspect’s own son have gotten numerous threatening phone calls, including from his wife, Gay Evans herself;

“I just got out of jail.  I hope you’re a very happy son.  Your daddy is in there and he’s probably going to be staying in there.  What is wrong with you?  You are sick,” said Evans on a voicemail.

“This is insane.  What the **** is wrong with you, you stupid idiot?” said another family member.

“You’re fine with them arresting your 72-year-old father and 70-year-old mother?   Really?  Really?  Are you that big of a piece of scum?” said another woman.

Police chief who the recorded calls was forwarded to, however asked everyone to be patient, as it was also gathered that Anti-gay Pastor was verbally abusive and physically resisted officers during her arrest and that resulted in an extra charge of resisting law enforcement, being filed.

Recall also that we reported that a 38-year-old serial rapist, Rotimi Abomini, who reportedly lured a primary six pupil with custard and milk to make love to her, was arrested by the Lagos State Police.

News Telegraph reported that Abomini had before the incident which occurred last year at 34, Coconut Street, Ebute Ilaje, Bariga, lured several other young girls with different tricks and made love with them. The suspect who is an indigene of Ondo State threatened to kill them if they report to their parents.


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