Anti-drug advocate Esabienlen Ose kingsley arrested with cocaine in Italy

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A Nigerian anti-drug advocate Esabienlen Ose kingsley who is also an owner of a Benin, Edo State-based NGO that fights against drug abuse, has been arrested for drug trafficking in Italy, alongside his wife, Gertrude.

Anti-drug advocate Esabienlen Ose kingsley arrested with cocaine in Italy lailasnews
Anti-drug advocate Esabienlen Ose kingsley arrested with cocaine in Italy

The 33-year-old man, his 32-year-old wife and a Kenyan were arrested by the Carabinieri at their Vicofertile, Parma home, with 1.2kg of cocaine which they were about to flood the market with.

According to the police, the investigation started since 2015 after they got a tip off on a certain cartel that specialises in circulating hard drugs across the country.

The Police waited until that moment, after all the necessary evidences against the culprits have been established, a police source reveals.

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  1. This is some how funny , someone who has been fighting against drug abuse is now arrested for carrying hard drug , what is this man up to even his wife too is involved

  2. A role model for that matter fighting against hard drug is also selling hard drug him self. Let him fave the consequences of his sin. A is inner will never go unpunished.

  3. If the post is real dem I will say hmmmmm he was showing an innocent face to his plp but was a crime of wat he is showing to be fighting against it is well. Pretty beautiful lies

  4. Sorry man, maybe be your cup is filled up now. But why not be doing legal job and be earning than quicker means

  5. Things are not always what they seem on the outside oh. Outside he fights drug abuse,on the inside he sells it. I feel like calling him 2face

  6. He purposely made himself an anti drug advocate so as to use that as camouflage from being suspected…he doesn’t know nothing lasts forever.

  7. This is a Master planner! He was hiding in plain sight under the guise of the NGO to keep doing his illegal business,there is really nothing hidden under the sun that will not be made known,so off to jail you go please.

  8. Pretender of the highest order, he should be dealt with accordingly, with this innocent face is un believable, how couldbhe this evil to his people

  9. Better, all day is for the thief, one day is for the owner. God will keep exposing people with such criminal acts

  10. Good for him, he must face d law a whole NGO advocate still doing illegal business nothing is hidden under the sun

  11. this is just one out of a thousand and more of them out there. check all these people that advocate against something, some of them use that as a cover up for that which they actually do. its good he is caught, at least we now know the source of his wealth. what is most painful is that this man has helped the government clamp down on many drug traffickers not knowing that he is probably an El Patron in the business. crazy guy. make them hold am tight o. he probably has a lot to explain and tell

  12. See what you have done to yourself, instead of working hard and waiting for your time, you are looking for an easy way to make money

  13. Practice what you preach by example should hav been his watch word….what a mess! This is bad..too bad.

  14. To bad, that is to say he does not practice what he preach and l like these guys before they will nail you they must have enough evidence (since 2015) against you .

  15. The anti drug movement company is a scam . The company is a cover up for his criminal works . He must be dealt with

  16. This is funny. What are they waiting for, send him to jail according to the law with hard labor and if possible close down the so called NGO. He’s not a true ambassador of his own organization. How are we so sure the NGO is not a camouflage to trade his cocaine

  17. Preaching against trafficking drugs and you are still practising it, it’s a slap on your face,its really shameful.

  18. This is how they make their money and come to show off to Nigerian that they are doing honest job. The worst has happened. Send them to jail.

  19. Very shameful. He hides under the guise of anti-drug to perpetuate the evil. He should be punished twice as much.

  20. U are fighting against drugs trafficking why u are d main culprit, somebody can be trusted these days everybody is a suspect in dis world.

  21. It’s total evil to be cutoff with what you preached against and stand for. This will served has lesson to those with same attitude.

  22. Can you imagine? Do what I say but don’t do what I do. How can you be caught doing what you openly condemn? It is an irony.

  23. Seriously
    What a way to deviate the attention away from himself, when he should be the one campaigning against himself.
    Using Anti-drugs fight to cover himself

  24. Nawa ooooooo
    What will he now do to others if they were found guilty?
    Please he should be dealt with accordingly

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