Angela wedding vow to Michael 90 day fiancé full Video: ‘Obey who?!’

Michael Ilesanmi and Angela Deem of 90 day fiancé finally had their wedding in Lagos, Nigeria, and the highlight of the day was when Angela said Obey Who? during her wedding vow.

Angela wedding vow to Michael 90 day fiancé full Video ‘Obey who’

At the wedding reception, everyone takes their places, and Angela walks down the aisle toward her future husband.

Michael spotted a purple suit and was made to say his wedding vows first by the officiating minister.

There was however a mild dram when it was Angela’s turn. She started to repeat the words to the vows. However, when the person performing the ceremony said, “to obey,” Angela reacts.

“What?” she asks. It’s repeated to her again, and she seems unsure of how to reply. “Obey what?” Angela asks. “And obey who?” Then Angela laughs, and says the words, albeit almost inaudibly. They get married, and it’s a sweet moment for everyone involved.

Her reaction caused a further reaction among the guests at the wedding who might have found her reaction to the vow absurd.

The phrase in the vow might have appeared strange to Angela considering the fact she is not from Africa where by culture, the wife is expected to accept the husband as the head of the family and is mandated to obey him.


Angela never wanted to get married in Nigeria as she revealed she would love to hold her wedding in the US so her family, especially her mum could be present at the ceremony, but unfortunately her mother reportedly died few days after the wedding.

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