Angel floating over truck captured by security camera in the United States

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An Angel has been reportedly captured on camera at a home in Michigan, the United States of America.

Local Fire Chief Glen Thorman says his home’s motion sensor security camera snapped the photo of the Angel last Tuesday and a second image shows the “angel” appearing fly away.

Angel floating over truck captured on security camera in the USA lailasnews 3

“I was just like, ‘Woah!’ I thought, ‘That’s an angel!” he told Inside Edition.

His wife, Rhonda, is taking the image as a sign her home is blessed. As a believer, she is of the opinion there was no way what they saw was not an Angel.

“We’re just strong believers,” she said. “So it was just awesome to have that picture come through and there’s just no way that it’s not an angel.”

Thorman handed over the footage to his pastor and he has also believed what the camera had captured was an Angell of Light. The Church posted on Facebook:

Last night at the Thorman’s house, the security camera recorded this snapshot. Glen Thorman is the fire chief for East Jordan …( they attend Jordan Rivers) Yep folks… It’s an angel. I guess there is no question who is watching over their residence while they sleep, and yes, they pray that The Angels of the Lord will surround them and their property….

These photo’s have not been altered in anyway. The second photo, the security camera also shot because the angel was moving away. The camera is designed to photograph anything in motion or unusual…. lots of tears today when they opened the security on their camera …WOW!

Social media response was mixed after the photo was posted last week.

“Definitely an anngel!” wrote one Facebook commenter. 

“It looks like a moth that’s close to the camera,” another posted.

“Everybody’s entitled to an opinion,” Glen Thorman said. “There’s a lot of naysayers that make fun of it and that’s okay.”

But his wife won’t have any of it.

“I do truly consider it a blessing,” Rhonda added. “It’s definitely an angel. And at this point that we are , I want to seriously believe am truly blessed and am so sure the blessings will begin to manifest in our lives very soon”


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