Andy Murray announces retirement from tennis

Andy Murray has announced he’s retiring from tennis after Wimbledon, due to an hip injury that has plagued him since 2017.

Andy Murray announces retirement from tennis lailasnews

The 31-year-old made this known during an emotional press conference where he made it known that he still plans to take on the Australian Open but could walk away from tennis this month if his condition doesn’t improve.

At the press conference ahead of the Grand Slam, he started crying after telling everyone he wasn’t feeling great. He had to leave the room for several minutes so that he could calm down. He said;

Australian Open Tennis Murray

“Obviously I have been struggling a long time and I have been in pain for about twenty months now.

“I’ve pretty much done everything that I could to try and get my hip feeling better and it hasn’t helped loads. I’m in a better place than I was six months ago but still in a lot of pain. It’s been tough.

“I’m going to play here. I can still play to a certain level, not a level I’m happy playing at. It’s not just that. The pain is too much really, I don’t want to continue playing that way.

“I’ve tried pretty much everything I could do but it hasn’t worked. In the middle of December I spoke to my team and told them I can’t keep doing this. I thought I needed to have an end point, because I was playing with no idea of when the pain was going to stop.

“I said to them maybe I could get through this until Wimbledon, that is where I would like to stop playing but I am also not certain I am able to do that.”

He said he’s in so much pain that he’s not enjoying the sport he loves. But not only is he afflicted with physical pain, but also the mental drain that comes with it. He added:

“Everyone I bump into that’s all they want to talk about [his health], it’s pretty draining. I have spoken to psychologists about it. It’s not fun or enjoyable.”

Murray walk away from tennis with two Wimbledon wins, a US Open title and two Olympic gold medals.


  1. So pathetic. To quit what you love doing especially at an early stage. Well, he has made something out of his career. He could look into another career that doesn’t require the use of his hip

  2. It’s unfortunate the tennis player make the decision because of injury. I wish him best of luck

  3. You have done well in the world of tennis and you have lay a good legacy. Wish you quick Recovery

  4. If you want to retire is better for you. You can’t enjoy any game while you are in pain. So if is your choice to retire, is the right thing to do. Wish you quick recovery

  5. A good actor or performer leaves the stage when the ovation is loud. You have paid your dues in the arena and truly is time for you to take a break,by paving way for the young generation to step into the arena.

  6. Infact he has tried so much let him retire before he died in the game, please retire go and rest you have done so great congratulations for going on time, please go and take care of yourself.

  7. I think its a wise decision to retiring even if it isn’t really want you want to, but what if he dies on the field ? That wouldn’t be good at would it , so its good decision murray

  8. Sorry for the pains..
    Take care of your health first coz health is wealth o..
    I pray for quick recovery

  9. chai a year and 8 months no be small thing, so sorry dear u will soon be fine and continue your work okay.

  10. It’s really so sad.I think you should go and takecare of yourself first. Hip injury or pains is not an easy one.And you should also enjoy the game you play. Please takecare of yourself first

  11. Congratulations on the success you have acquired so far Andy Murray.
    Quick recovery, it’s a good decision, health is wealth

  12. January 11, 2019 at 6:59 am
    It’s really so sad.I think you should go and takecare of yourself first. Hip injury or pains is not an easy one.And you should also enjoy the game you play. Please takecare of yourself first


  13. He has done his best in the past, if health challenge won’t allow him continue then he should retire rather than killing himself untimely.

  14. To quit what you love doing especially at an early stage. Well, he has made something out of his career.

  15. If Murry retires at 31 then he will be missed so much, what a great talent and a personality he is

  16. That’s is going to be tragic to see him leave the like this because of the lingering Pain from that injury. I wish him easy recovery.

  17. He is been through all kinds of pains and injury,he will be missed and i think is best for him,all the best

  18. I will really miss him on the court, the painful part is leaving what you love doing. I wish the best in your future endeavors.

  19. A big congratulation to him, he had really try allot in term of playing table tennies and he had achive so many things dere

  20. It’s unfortunate to live what you love, your Game and career, what makes you happy cause of your health but no matter what, you should treat your health first.. Wish you quick recovery

  21. I think your health comes first get medical attention first and be healthy before coming back to play is so sad that you can’t enjoy what you love doing.

  22. I wish you good health, hope you become free from those pains in your hip, regain health man, wish you well

  23. Go take good care of your health and return strong again to the field of playing wish you all the luck

  24. Life is the most important thing right now. You need to be strong for you to continue. It’s quite a pity. Didn’t know you have been going through a lot. Get well soon. We will sure miss u. And wish u quick recovery

  25. Hmmm it’s really difficult walking away from the things you’ve achieved and love.i pray your health gets better

  26. Andy, sorry you have to retire so soon due to injury. I wish speedy recovery so you can change your mind towards your retirement

  27. Health is wealth. Your health first please. Its a good choice you’ve made. I wish you speedy recovery.

  28. So sad, I feel his pain.. it’s so sad when you love what you do but because of health issues, you get limited. Wish you recovery

  29. Ohhh.felt sorry for you.can see you not happy about how you play the sport you love most.I pray you get relieved from the pain soon.

  30. Well, you were good all along and certainly will be OK after this decision. Your decision is right because we should be concerned about our health status

  31. Congrat o. God will heal you. Go to Him, He is waiting for you. Pray to God. Be strong. You will be fine .

  32. Sorry sir, you have entertained us all the years. God will heal your injury. As you retire may God see u through

  33. I support your decision health is wealth and it sure come first you have done a lot in tennis and you are a legend please get well soon it is well

  34. I want to forget all the times
    when we were together,
    Bot because I doesn’t love her,
    Because it hurts too much to remember… 🙁

  35. Every profesion has it’s chalenges injury is a challenge to every sportsman or woman. So best of luck in what ever you choose after tennis.

  36. your health is very important when u get better you can always do something else that can fetch you cash

  37. So pathetic. To quit what you love doing especially at an early stage. Well, he has made something out of his career. He could look into another career that doesn’t require the use of his hip

  38. Sorry brother,I support your decision because your health is your priority,health is wealth.Please take care of yourself

  39. it’s so heart breaking to quit what you love doing most because of health issues at a early stage, I wish you speed recovery, health first, then other things can follow

  40. Congratulations legend, you’ve done well in this game and we wish you the right state of mind to be able to manage yourself as you rest from the game.

  41. Andy Murray, that is the best decision to make at this time if the pain is getting too much day by day, there is no need trying to play with the pain is better to retire and quit sport and may be think of something else to do that will not drain your energy

  42. You what is best for you, you can’t enjoy the game when you are in pain. Although is disheartening to quit what u love doing. But at the same time health is wealth. I wish you divine recovery.

  43. It’s a good decision you took…. Your health comes first….. I wish you quick recovery and no more pains

  44. Nah so. God first body second . before any thing you do in life . that is the decision is healthy so you don’t loose your life at a young age

  45. you’ve done great for yourself despite the pain,nice time to call it quit,wishing you success in your future endeavours

  46. Sorry for the pain u are going through right now. May God heal you and give you better condition in Jesus name.

  47. Health is wealth…it is who is alive that will talk about game pls look after ur health…i wish u quick recovery

  48. its very true, your health is impotanter, try and take care, true i can feel your pain. it has not been easy for you even though the world thinks you are

  49. Wow a such good tennis player like this when they feel like retire it pain we people that watch them I wish you good luck

  50. Well its good for the sake of his health….. They say health is wealth. What is the need of making money when your health is bad. Tho he made a career out of tennis its good for him.

  51. So sad I feel is pain such a good player only to be stopped by a force he can’t control I pray he gets better or better still book a healing session with any powerful man of God

  52. A yah is not bad o because every man that work need to rest and enjoy. its only the greedy once that doesn’t text for otherwise to come in

  53. So sorry for your pain. Thy lord is your strength . A path is opened for you already. If you could just look.

  54. If you think that will be the best, I support you so as to have proper medical care

  55. Andy Murray is a very good tennis player, so sad that injury has made him to cut short his playing time it’s pitty. Wish you the best Andy.

  56. Good for you to retired for the sake of your health, you’ve really done well in the time of your playing, congratulations on your achievement so far. wish you all the best.

  57. Wow I do love watching his match!!! It’s so sad that you have to quit now due to that injury. Wimbledon will so miss you!

  58. Get well soon Andy. You have made your mark in tennis and you’ll forever be remembered as one of the best players of the game in the world.

  59. So sorry retiring so early especially from a game he loves so much I feel so sorry for him I pray that God will have you

  60. Congratulations, Happy retirement enjoy your days and I wish u speedy recovery because health first

  61. Its painful that his retirement is as a result of his health. Get well soon and wish him quick recovery

  62. What a sad way to retire but he was really trying Murray, Novak, Federer and Nadal were the big guns for some years, we will miss you

  63. We understand how you feel but you just have to be grateful to God for your life. Wishing you all best ahead.

  64. Its pain he had to announce his retirement date this way well I believe that you will be okay very soon..good luck to you.

  65. What a pity, condition led him to quit his career, God will not allow bad situation to destroy our career

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