And this was how this man sent his cheating girlfriend packing on her birthday (video)

A cheating girlfriend who woke up expecting a birthday gift from her boyfriend, however had another surprise stored up for her.

And this was how this man sent his cheating girlfriend packing on her birthday (video) lailasnews


The lady in the video making rounds online, was accused of cheating on her boyfriend with one Hubert. The cheating girlfriend who got blindfolded, was led to her surprise by her aggrieved boyfriend and it was her properties wrapped like a birthday gift.

Upon removing the blindfold, the lady who had a switched mood was told her sins, as her boyfriend told her to pack her belongings and leave his house. Twitter user @ddotomen wrote;

She cheated on bruh with a nigga named Hubert so he gift wrapped her stuff like Joann Fabrics and put her out

Watch the video below;

A MAN who saw his girlfriend cheating on him and decided to take a selfie catching her in the act, was also in the news few weeks ago. Mariano, 20, accidentally showed up at the same party as his partner, but was shocked when he saw her making out with another man.

The couple were clearly too busy to notice boyfriend Mariano coming to sit next to them to catch them on camera. In the photo the girl is caught red-handed passionately kissing the man, as Mariano watches just inches away.

The unnamed girlfriend reportedly did not find out that Mariano had seen her with the other man until she saw it online.

After the photo spread across social media, receiving over 67,300 likes, Mariano, from Quilmes in the Argentinian state of Buenos Aires, posted a screenshot of his girlfriend’s apparent explanation of the incident.

In the messages, the girl says: “I was very drunk and the [other man] was very insistent with me, he told me loads of things and I do not know how it came to that.


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