“An embarrassment, music not for everyone” – Kelly Hansome drags DJ Cuppy

Nigerian singer Kelly Hansom has dragged disk jockey, DJ Cuppy to over her music career.

The artist called out billionaire daughter on his official Instagram page, as he tells her that music is not for everyone.

Kelly Hansom said if Cuppy was not Otedola’s daughter that Nigerian would not have listened to the her music.

Sharing the video of DJ Cuppy recent performance on his page, he wrote;

“What is this? This is an insult to music as a career and an embarrassment to NAIJA Music. This is like mocking real Musicians, when did we get here? You cannot buy talent. They would’ve paid me or someone to write a proper song for her, bring out her British accent & all but NO. 🤨

U would have just come out on Hiptv to insult all of us all 1 by 1, this is wicked. 9ja music has lost bearing, chai! 😂

Do you think music is child’s play? If she wasn’t Otedola’s daughter, would you listen to this if it was someone else? Music is not for everyone, if you ain’t got it you ain’t got it. I go soon leave this music for una. 😂😂😂”



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