American-Nigerian lady Odera brutalised by police officers in Lagos

An American Nigerian lady Odera brutalised by police officers in Lagos has taken to twitter to narrate her bitter experience in the hands of the officers whom she claimed were not on uniform.

American-Nigerian lady Odera brutalised by police officers in Lagos lailasnews 5
American-Nigerian lady Odera brutalised by police officers in Lagos

According to her, their only crime was keeping out late, which she reported was due to the fact that she had a flat battery on her phone and had to stay late at a bar to charge up before heading home with her cousin.

She wrote:

Wow. Just had my first experience and my biggest mistake was allowing myself get so comfortable in this town. I didn’t even realize it was SARS until I left.

So i left my power bank at an office I’m freelancing close to my house. Receptionist dropped it with the bartender of a place next door. I’m supposed to be traveling early but I got back late so I had to head there pretty late to get it.

Went with my cousin. No light and phones were dead and I like their shrimp springroll so we sat down to use style and charge. Got my power bank, tried to order Uber, no car available, Taxify was surging 2500 for a ride I paid 500 Cousin said let’s just go take Keke N50

It’s 1am. Cuz and I are arguing if Keke would come. I’m still checking Taxify prices. Danfo bus approaches as if to pick us. I’m like we can take a bus right? Cuz says no it’s all men. Tells the bus never mind.

She says this is December season let’s not risk it. Man in the passenger seat shouts “Come here! Who the hell are you? Come and enter this bus!” He starts to get out and cuz says “run”. I was pushed to the ground mid-run and was dragged by a man carrying gun.

Cuz never made it far before the rest of the men jumped out and started slapping her, dragging her into the bus. We were screaming. They were beating. Some guy I know from the building came to help us. First time we were hearing they were police.

They told the man begging for us they said they are police and were trying to help us. So why were you now beating us? Coz we screamed and ran and embarrassed them and we must go to cell simply for that reason.

Trust we were not even having that. They were pushing and we were pushing back. I wasn’t even convinced they were real police, just rude, scary men carrying guns. No difference between them and a gang of armed robbers.

Man begging confirmed they were police and we should just go in the bus to repair their broken ego. You scared the hell out of me but you are offended I’m scared. Ok. Somewhere in the shuffle they managed to get me and cuz handcuffed together.

Cuz was super scared, screaming and crying I decided I have to take control. Told her let’s go. Finally spotted someone in the bus wearing police cap. Got in, they closed the door sped off next thing I heard is “bloody prostitutes”. Heh? Called my mom. Told her everything.

Man with police cap is eyeing me whole time. Tries to snatch the phone and slaps me. She asks to speak to the man. He says oh you are the madam that asked them to go hustle, please we don’t have anything to say to you. Hands me back the phone.

That’s when I remembered I have an online officer friend. Call him and he speaks to them. We have already arrived Ajah station. Sit on floor, what’s your name, go for booking. Cuffs are cutting off our circulation. Pleas to loosen are responded to with insults.

They finally come uncuff us and give me my phone. They ask us to leave, not before asking us to stand for another round of insults. I’m done at this point. I start walking away dude says I can send you back in there.

I’m in awe. They just beat us and wasted our time for no real reason. Cuz is still trying to explain no one identified as police so we were running for our lives. I say sorry and thank you can I go now? He eyes me, says get out and mutters cheap prostitute as we leave.

My body hurts. My favorite tights are ruined. I’m grateful for my life but I’m worried about Nigeria. I think I may have finally lost hope. Our outfits in case you were wondering. As God would have it I took out my blonde hair and red nails yesterday. We both had natural plats.


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