American man infected with coronavirus after licking toilet bowl

An American man who participated in the fetish Coronavirus Challenge by licking toilet bowls, has caught the virus.

The man is reportedly crying at the hospital as he writhed in pain after contracting the disease that has killed thousands of people across the world.

American man gets coronavirus after licking toilet bowl

He was seeing crying in hospital in another clip that he posted to Instagram.

British media personality, Piers Morgan blasted the “reckless stupidity” and claimed it was “karma” that he caught the deadly virus, although expressed sympathy for the health workers having to take care of him.

Piers also blasted a group of American who went to a ‘coronavirus party’ dressed as patients, doctors, and nurses, which has left one person seriously ill.

This comes after another American in Virginia was arrested on a terror charge for licking items on the shelves in Walmart.

Piers added:

“He has now been found, charged with I think an attempted act of terrorism and is facing five years in the slammer minimum which may stop him licking material for a while.”

The man’s action has also gotten social media users reacting to the horrible sight, with many saying the man and his cohorts should be kept in solitary confinements.

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