Ambode approves N10m compensation to slain LASTMA officer’s family

Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, has announced the approval of N10million compensation to slain LASTMA officer’s family.

Ambode approves N10m compensation to slain LASTMA officer’s family lailasnews 2
Ambode approves N10m compensation to slain LASTMA officer’s family

The Governor also ordered the State Attorney General and the Ministry of Justice to immediately increase the number of Mobile Courts in the State to twenty to summarily prosecute traffic offenders to serve as deterrent to others who might want to indulge in the violation of traffic laws.

Ambode was speaking to reporters after a strategic session with LASTMA leadership and heads of other security agencies in the state to address the traffic situation and the unfortunate killing of a LASTMA officer last week.

Governor Ambode said the state government will not fold its arms and allow the violation of the laws, hence the decision to order enforcement of the laws with immediate effect.

“For Lagosians, it is very clear that government will not continue to fold their arms and allow our officers to continue to be in areas of danger. First, I will appeal to all of you that we must obey traffic laws. Secondly, we cannot turn this state into a state of lawlessness. So, from this moment onward, all our security agencies and also all the officers that are concerned have been directed to discipline any traffic offender that is arrested.

“Government will go down and deal squarely with any traffic offender from this moment onward. We cannot allow people to continue to commit offences for which we need to discipline for. We don’t want people to take advantage and say this is Christmas or election period, we have majority of our people to protect and we have the majority of our people to also make sure that they use the roads safely. So, we will not allow traffic offenders to go scot-free anymore,” Governor Ambode said.

The Governor added that aside the Mobile Courts, Police officers have also been increased to patrol the nooks and crannies of the State to ensure security and free-flow of traffic.

While commiserating with LASTMA over the killing of one of its officers, Rotimi Adeyemo, Governor Ambode said the incident was one too many, revealing that a total of eighteen officers were lost to such unfortunate situation, and twenty-four permanently incapacitated in various hospitals in the last one year.

Adeyemo was shot by a SARS officer Olukunle Olonade following an argument.

The argument had begun after Olonade drove against traffic and Adeyemo confronted him. A short while after, Olonade proceeded to his car where from he fetched his gun and shot Adeyemo to death.

Afterwards, Olonade was lynched by a mob in the area.

Governor Ambode also announced the approval of N10million compensation to the family of the deceased officer


  1. Hnnnn so sad may God forgive him his sin and heart for his family to bear the loss. Compensation after death.

  2. I support the idea of increasing the number of mobile court in order to prosecute offenders immediately it will serve as a warning to others.

  3. Governor Ambidextrous has really tried for releasing such a huge amount of money to the deceased officer.

  4. Eyaaah, governor you try, God bless you. If this can be done to all the military killed in service it will be more honorable. Thank you

  5. No matter how much given it can never bring back the soul of the loved one..but still i want to commend the lagos state government for this genuine act…it will go a long way to ease to the pain of the bereaved family…i support the increment of more mobile court

  6. any money that is being offer is a nonsense because life is more precious than money. A life gone is gone for ever, money can not bring life back. friends guide your life very well at all time most especially the forth coming election

  7. He has done well by compensating the family of the deceased officer with the sum of N10million naire, it’s a pity for such a man to die at service point, may his family take heart on the loss, may his soul rest in peace

  8. No amount if money can compensate for the death of the man, however, that is a good move by the governor. Although the whole world now knows that the family will get 10M and this might create unnecessary and avoidable problems for them.

  9. God bless you for this act even though the compensation won’t bring back the deceased but it will also help the family he left behind,may his soul continue to rest in peace…

  10. The money can’t bring back the deceased but sha amobode have try his best May God bless the family

  11. Hoping the announcement of the compensation is actually followed by the real payment to his beneficiaries. May the Lastma soul rest in peace and may his family be comforted in Christ jesus

  12. it’s OK giving the family that huge amount… But if the money could bring back the lost soul… Rest in peace sir..

  13. It’s all a matter of patience. What’s there to wait a minute and drive.?
    This traffic laws must be obeyed by all, including force men and government officials. No exception. Although that 10million naira will never be enough to compensate for the loss, the governor did good.

  14. This is really nice and thoughtful of him…though it can’t bring him back to the living but is going to assist the family of the departed…..

  15. Governor Ambide has really tried for given such a huge amount of money to the deceased officer, may his soul rest in peace

  16. All I can offer the family of the deceased is God’s peace and comfort because there’s no amount of money that can buy a human life. But then, kudos to Ambode for that compensation.

  17. Weldon my own Ambode,what a sign of statesmanship and patriotism it only hurt me that you will leave office next year,all the same kudos to you sir

  18. It’s nice of the governor. We need law and order especially from uniformed men as they break most of the laws.

  19. Compensation well deserved Governor Ambode has done well to the family of the deceased I thought if the federal government of Nigeria can give up to that some to the slain melele soldiers

  20. 10m can’t bring back the death but is will go a long way in helping the family thank you governor ambode

  21. At least the money will be used by the family to bury him and also take care of the family for the time being . This SARS officers are very lawless .

  22. Wow! Am happy to hear this but all the same, the money cannot replace the man in his family hearts…continue to. RIP

  23. You did well at his excellence governor of Lagos state for this compensation. Other officers will start doing their works with great zeal now

  24. This is good,at least this money will help the family to survive, since their breadwinner has been killed, kudos to governor ambode

  25. This is good, the next thing is implementation because the problems in our country is not that there is no law but lack of implementation

  26. This is lawless country. Is SARI authorized to shoot uniform person or duty or to shoot criminals? God bless Ambode.

  27. That’s a good one from the governor, the deceased should rest in peace while God should gives the family the strength to bear the loss.

  28. Thanks to the Mr vice president for compensating them but really the family will never forget their loved one. May He soul rest in peace

  29. Ambode have spoken, all lagosian the police won’t default their order. Thanks to the Lagos govt for supporting the LASTMA family.

  30. This is a good kind gesture from the governor to help the deceased family to ease there pain and still continue living well since there bread winner was taking away from them unfortunately in the line of duty.

  31. That’s sound good, all thanks goes to the Lagos State government because if he didn’t compensate them he have no punishment to serve.

  32. On this note, I say thank you to the Governor. But that money can’t restore the life of the officers. Better to plaz family on pension for upkeep.

  33. Blessing in disguise some people now are saying how I wish their dad was the man their Christmas don’t set now

  34. asides the compensation ordered by the governor which commendable,what will to the offender who actually shot the victim

  35. This is very good of the governor, he really did well to have compensated the family of the deceased lastma

  36. Life is precious and life has no duplicate. Lost is lost, no matter of amount of money you give after that is nothing compared to life.

  37. He did so well but the money can’t restore the life in any way, but he did he’s part now more security conscious is what we need

  38. That’s thoughtful of you sir
    It may not bring back the dead but it would sure relieve some pressure

  39. Gov Ambode did well. Though the money can never compensate for his life, it goes a long way to sustain his family

  40. The money cant bring the man back to life, oga Governor tell all the uniform in Lagos State to behalf well.

  41. Wow that’s so good of the government. I just hope people will not start killing there people so that they will get 10million

  42. They won’t continue to fold there arms ” that’s what they say all the time whenever they are giving speeches but till leaves nothing will still be done……..sorry for the lost lives though

  43. Kudos to Governor Ambode for compensenting the family in other to wipe away their tears more… Thats good

  44. The compensation is ok but preventing future occurrence is better. Security of all is the primary responsibility of the government.

  45. This is a good compensation from the governor to the family but no amount can replace the life of the man that is gone!

  46. Good one from ambode even though the compensation can not restore the life lost, it will go a long way in solving problems in the family

  47. Thank u Ambode, but please remember to fulfill your promises not announcing it publicly for people to hail you without fulfilling it.

  48. The lagos state governor Amode tried …..atleast he compensated the family even though no amount of money is worth a human being’s life

  49. Sorry for the loss of the family of the deceased person. Thanks to the governor for remembering the family of the slain man

  50. That’s very good and may the soul of the slain lasma official rest in peace..Even the military does not give that much for compensation.

  51. Well done Mr Governor, that is really good at least is going to be a big relief to the family, also the idea to increase mobile court is a well come development,

  52. Thank God the government acted fast because the family just lost their bread winner . Won’t be easy on them

  53. Nice one sir. like seriously alots of this lagos drivers don’t obey traffic laws…….. They are always rushing

  54. Nice one for the family at least to meet the immediate needs. However, the governor should put measures in place to guide against abuse and wrong prosecution by the mobile court judges.

  55. The governor tried, well I think no amount of money that they will give the family, that will impress them.

  56. Compensation well deserved Governor Ambode has done well to the family of the deceased I thought if the federal government of Nigeria can give up to that some to the slain melele soldiers

  57. The compensation will not bring back the dead but at least it would solve the family’s immediate problems. God bless Gov Ambode.

  58. This man and his rules and he always stand on anything he says…anything he thinks its the best …..he should just do it

  59. I commiserate with the family of the deceased LASTMA officer. May his soul rest in perfect peace amen. The SARS officer got what he deserved. That’s the law of karma.

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