Amber Rose strips in new photo, gets approval of other celebrities

American socialite Amber Rose strips almost completely in a new sultry photo she shared on her Instagram page and a host of her fellow stars have hailed the move.

Amber Rose strips in new photo, gets approval of other celebrities lailasnews 3
Amber Rose strips in new photo, gets approval of other celebrities

The mother-of-one had a wrap around her but it covered only her lady part while the rest was exposed for all to see.



“I like how them brains work too Mama,” Erykah Badu praised her for the photo.

Winnie Harlow, who’s currently dating Amber’s ex-husband Wiz Khalifa, said:

“Can’t breathe,” and added a fire emoji.

Amber Rose, who is a close pal to former stripper Blac Chyna, has always made it clear to the public she is not ashamed of her sexuality and has appeared in several nude photo shoots.


  1. What will you tell your child tomorrow. Mother of one. When he or she starts working around naked. Hope you will not go crazy. Always think of tomorrow with whatever you want to do???

  2. These ladies that think they must be naked in order to get attention.. Besides what talent does Amber have?

  3. This is crazy you’ve to show respect to your self and your fans how can you strip yourself all in the name of what or did you want your name to be in the number search for crazy people I really do like you but this I can’t accept

  4. Funny enough people do bad things and get praised. Maybe it just our own sense of reasoning, to be condemning her. It’s most likely acceptable in the society she’s leaving.

  5. That’s her life, it’s unfortunate the westerners don’t know the difference between what to approve and what no to approve. May God save their ass.

  6. In the western world they see it as normal thing that is why she is been praised by friends, fans and ex-husband. But if we come down to our world here “Africa” it really bad and she will be condemned.

  7. What sort of life it this.. Oya stop putting on clothes naw.. Let us see if that is how you really wants your life.

  8. As a former striper, your nudity is not a surprise to us at all. You can walk on street naked for all I care, its your life and yours only

  9. God will help you . You better repent before it’s too late for you. God loves you. Am pleading with you ma. Thanks

  10. That is what they live for.. IMMORALITY.. it pays their bill and give then that glamorous life they seek for.. Happy showing your nudity ma

  11. Beautiful nonsense by their fruits we shall know them, end time a mother for that matter what will she teach her children

  12. The devil will only give you a destructive fame and popularity that will ruins your life. May God have mercy on you and those applauding your nakedness

  13. Amber rose at it again. Only her likes and fans would love stuff like this.. Going out nude like this isn’t sending any good message to the younger ones.. Anyways its her life..

  14. Only trying to tell the world hei!!! Am still here. Attention seeker, we have bn seeing your nakedness, so there is nothing to it…mtchw

  15. Who cares it’s her body but just to let her know there are people with far beautiful bodies than who still protect their dignity

  16. This is really absurd but then again it’s your life, but live it knowing that you are going to account for it one-day

  17. This is obviously madness of the highest order and people like her are still praising her for this rubbish.This life is becoming something else, celebrities should please allow decency for God’s sake

  18. What did you gain in exposing yourself…..been decent is been matured…but nothing is bad in your country anyway they will still appreciate your nudity.

  19. Strange things that celebrities are doing, which one is nudity that is gaining popularity among them now. God help us.

  20. She is a mother of one, yet she has no shame for exposing her nakedness ,,, I wonder what she will teach her children

  21. Oh! this is completely hugwash. How can we be celebrating nudity and unclad in the name of celebrity and unnecessary approval.
    May God have Mercy on us!!

  22. It’s your body so anything u like u do with it…all those hailing u aren’t ur real friends

  23. What will you tell your child tomorrow. Mother of one. When he or she starts working around naked. Hope you will not go crazy. Always think of tomorrow with whatever you want to do.

  24. It’s not termed being ashamed of your sexuality but respect for it
    Don’t be fooled by words
    This is nonsense being proud of naked photoshoot

  25. You guys don’t get it.. Going nude is the easier way to get noticed by this our celebrities, God go epp us all

  26. When will these celebrities change their way lifes to normal? How could you strip naked and put it on social media, what do you want young ladies to learn from you? Anyway it’s end time

  27. May God touch ur heart and change your life for better, those that are given you their approval, are they also show their nude pix? Repent before it is too late.

  28. This is a trending among celebrities why wouldn’t them welcome it, Amber rose should have showed us all why cover some?

  29. Since she is not ashamed of her sexuality and has appeared in several nude photo well this real madness

  30. Celebrity lifestyle. Always seeking attention and approval from those who wouldn’t add anything valuable to them. Keep it up…

  31. Oyibo will approve but for us Africans, she has lost it a longtime ago. Call it moral bankruptcy and you won’t be wrong.

  32. Those that approve of this are also her kind I don’t blame them why on earth will a reasonable individuals approve of this nakedness

  33. She has a nice body and its only her I feel people dont insult,its good that she is confident in what she does.

  34. Shameful. What is the need exposing your body when you can still be beautiful by covering up. Stop abusing womanhood

  35. I don’t think condermning her actions will solve anything
    It’s her life
    If she wants to go naked that’s her business

  36. Speechless, you’re watching yourself as a good gift but others watching you as bad offer, it’s never late for you.

  37. Amber rose what formerly a stripper , I think she strips best when it comes to that . Shes quite sexy and beautiful

  38. Is she a leabo or a bisexual or wah..wah do u mean by sexuality…and y wud pipo hail somtin bad like dis hmmm

  39. Showing off your nudity on the social media won’t make you more famous than tarnish your image…. You should grow up

  40. That people commends you doesn’t mean that being nude is right, your body is a temple of the Lord and you don’t joke with it. Please grow up, don’t allow other to lure you into things that doesn’t make sense. Are they themselves that are commending you naked?

  41. why would anyone praise an act of immorality.. she strips almost naked and all she gets is hailing… too bad

  42. The world is going crazy, someone is like and you are approving what? Which kind of approval is that for Christ sake

  43. This world is really coming to an end, must she post her nude before getting approval from other celebrities


  45. striping ur self naked dosn’t make u famous either it makes u die young, pls dear change, it is not a good ideal

  46. I have said it before and am saying it again. Soon very very soon Ladies will be going around naked on our streets all in the name of fashion.

  47. I can’t just understand some people, you exposing your body to the whole whole and your happy about it. Your a disgrace to womanhood

  48. Well it’s her thing so I’m not surprised. Erykah badu encouraging her is a descent dresses singer..this people just believe that whatever works for you and you are happy with it is fine.

  49. This is what most celebrities abroad do, they are good at exposing their nudity.That’s her business though.

  50. The generation I was born into is such that I fine it extremly hard to understand some things. How can a mother do this in public, how will her children see this now and in the future

  51. It’s supposed to be kept secret if you want to expose it for everyone to see its left for you but I will advice you to be decent it pays

  52. These girl body fine o. nah fake body wey reign now and alot of girls are following her foot steps

  53. She can go totally naked for all I care. That’s her business out there for the world to see not mine.

  54. Amber Rose at it again.
    Well, it’s not a new thing. She is never ashamed of her sexuality even for once.
    Happy approval to her.

  55. The society over there is way different to ours
    I’m sure a Nigerian celeb won’t get approval for such

  56. Why will you insult them like that? Are they toddlers or what? They can do any business they wish because its their life and not yours

  57. A disgrace to motherhood and she will think she’s enjoying life. I pray it won’t be too late before she realizes her stupidity.

  58. She’s a mother of one and she goes 99% naked, well Americans don’t see any immoral act in such. But by the time the grows up and see a nude picture of the mother how would the child feel?

  59. What stopped her from going completely naked? And for every good or bad thing you do, you must get approval for one reason or the other.

  60. Shameless, disgraceful woman, I wonder what you are teaching DAT your disrespectful daughter. Foolish idiot.

  61. What is wrong with this Amber Rose is she okay? Of she likes she should walk with pant alone that is her problem

  62. I don’t know why all these celebrities like exposing their nudity to the world especially the female folks, it’s high time they stop it, it doesn’t speak good of them

  63. For me I think everybody should leave their life the want it, no adult will tell me they can’t differentiate between right and wrong, so if Amber chooses nudity that’s her business

  64. People na see going nude as bold step people are applauding bad this world is gone how can a mother be so irresponsible so what is she going to pass down to her child

  65. Just imagine, she is a disgrace to womanhood ,she looks like Satan’s agent, I wonder the people that loves it.

  66. Great achievement my dear,ride on and let them continue to be hailing you and you keep on exposing and disgracing yourself.shame

  67. This is a total nonsense, if she want to be popular, must it be this way? I don’t know the type of thought going through their heart.

  68. The internet is just full off nudity. Rose went almost naked and her colleagues are in support. All of you are the same

  69. It’s your choice and your life ma’am… keep doing what makes you happy as long as it satisfy you and aswell you love it.

  70. That’s a very bad way to dress. She is even a mother and she is still dressing like this. Shame unto her. Her child must be ashamed of her. Women should please try and be dressing modestly.

  71. Im not really surprised, that’s Amber Rose for yhu. She’s not ashamed of anything
    Only God can judge her

  72. This women whats the world turning into ,what is she trying to to teach her child not nice.But its her life so good for her she decides what to do with it.

  73. Let her do whatever pleases her, at least she’s an adult. There are people who do more than her.

  74. Some people has gotten it wrong they don’t see anything bad in what they do as a result of drugs most times.

  75. Lol..this is public madness.. I wonder the training this ones will offer innocent children as a mother

  76. This is completely unacceptable and hilarious. Although that is how she chooses to live her lifestyle

  77. this is absolute nonsense,women should try respect our nakedness please,its suppose to be sacred

  78. This is nonsense…. I don’t no what some people are turning this life to in the name celebrity

  79. They are birds of a feather that’s why they can approve of such shameful act. Is she insane? You are exposing ur nudity and you are happy about it. What will you tell your child(ren) tomorrow? When he or she starts working around naked. Hope you will not go crazy. Always think of tomorrow with whatever you want to do?

  80. What did you gain in exposing yourself.for you to be decent is been matured…but nothing is bad in your country anyway,may be they will still appreciate your nudity.

  81. These naked pictures are too much,and what kind of approval is this.May the creature show us the right path.

  82. Why then did she have to cover her lady part if she wasnt ashamed of her sexuality. She was meant to open all, i mean all of it, nonsense.

  83. Well its her body so she can do whatever she wants with it. We shouldn’t judge others for sinning differently

  84. There won’t be another generation before this world ends… It’s already past the time my, we are on extra time..

  85. Jess, she is naked, I’m out of word for her, the only thing I can say is “it a free word”.

  86. A shame to womanhood may God give her a heart of repentance or later she may find herself in hellfire

  87. People praise evil acts, that show how the world has gone up side down. God bless Nigeria

  88. Thus is madness she has demonstrated. What example is she now leaving for her child to follow.?

  89. Once a stipper, always a stripper. She decided to make use of the word “strip” so I don’t blame her

  90. We are now living in a world where everyone is free to live his or her life the way they likes but Amber Rose you should know that life does not end here in this world, there is life after this world and there the life will be in two phase ( heaven and hell) and you don’t have to choose there, the master of all will choose for you according to how you have lived here in disguise world. So it is a matter choice….

  91. Such pictures doesn’t glorify people, it can only call attention, just take good and adorable pictures, you don’t need to be almost naked about it

  92. I am not surprised, this is a shameful act. I know you just need one thing in this life and that is repentance

  93. very sickening.A bad example for the womanhood all in the name of being a celebrity. We have truly lost it

  94. is is totally madness and i hear celebrities give their approval. hmmmm bird of the same feather.

  95. How can anybody promote nudity. It’s quite a pity she didn’t get the right advice from those celebrities.

  96. If she is not ashamed of her sexuality must it now be a public mess? What a shame to womanhood..!

  97. Mothers should stop disgracing themselves
    Whether you be celebrity or not…going nude doesn’t mean you are a celebrity and it doesn’t means you will look more Beautiful

  98. This is really bad of Amber rose.Such a picture.Thats why she’s a close pal of Blac chyna.Amber should just change from all these kind of naughty ways . She’s even saying she’s not ashamed of her sexuality.Thats her own problem sef

  99. This is serious madness and she is been hailed by people that can’t tell her the simple truth

  100. This girl is so bad and shameless
    Prays she realize her mistake and repent as soon as possible

  101. Hmm total rubbish…
    What kind of nonsense is this.. Must you go naked to be famous??
    Rubbish approval… God will help u

  102. What is good about her dressing, clothes are meant to cover neckedness, let’s stop promoting evil

  103. She exposing her body are what reason. she just trying to cause alarm or trouble for some citizens..well that’s her life

  104. This insanity exposed her nude to public haha! Is like the world has nah turned upside down

  105. The western world doesn’t see nudity has anything offensive that’s the lifestyle and that is it.

  106. Weldone babe.I know your body does not mean anything to you,that’s why you are sampling your nickedness

  107. After showing off your body…. What else would you like to show. Amber, you are disgracing your child and the generations unborn… You need to sit up and think again what you are doing…

  108. Why is it now censored picture.. Since its a good dress code..
    Don’t expose your nudity in the name of fashion

  109. Nakedness is a normal thing there na.. This world is finished ooo.. People want to go back to the time of Adam and eve

  110. That was too bad for her see the way she expose her nude picture to the public it is not good atall

  111. There supposed to be rules and regulations guiding all these nudity models and actresses to stop polluting our young girls

  112. I don’t even see good examples all this people are laying to their children and the world today. End time anyway.

  113. This is one lady i admire so much, but going naked is one thing I won’t support her for doing

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