#AmaechiTapes: If Nigeria is a hopeless country, step down – Yemi Alade

Singer, Yemi Alade has reacted to the viral audio of Transport Minister, Rotimi Amaechi allegedly calling out President Buhari and saying Nigeria is a hopeless country.

#AmaechiTapes If Nigeria is a hopeless country, step down - Yemi Alade 3
#AmaechiTapes: If Nigeria is a hopeless country, step down – Yemi Alade

In her reaction, Yemi Alade tweeted that government officials who think Nigeria is a hopeless country should rather resign and give way for people that believe in the country.

She wrote:

Top Nigerian government officials saying that Nigeria is a hopeless country. Please why do you campaign for Office? Give way to those who still have hope in a better Nigeria’.

‘Politicians are all the same, what would it cost to have good roads, good education, good drinking water and stable electricity? You can’t be in POWER forever don’t forget, neither can you carry all the money to your grave’.

Nigerians on social media, have at the same blasted the Minister over the leaked audio tape.


  1. Please tell them ooo! They know that the country is a hopeless one, yet they are still packing our money, so that we can remain hopeless, there’s God oo

  2. if Nigeria is a hopeless Mr. Minister, you will not be where you are today. This has show that you people made the country to be hopeless

  3. Yes o… please step down if Nigeria is not good..but of course you can’t since you’re as corrupt as anything

  4. Yemi Alade is becoming vocal recently.. let her mind her business. Even if Nigeria is worst,a minister cannot step down…do you know the privileges.

  5. That’s the kind of mindset they have towards us, yet they are the ones enjoying the money while people suffer

  6. Exactly. They have turned it to their family house. That’s why you are there to fix it.

  7. You’re right sister Yemi, don’t mind him after he have achieve all what he want he know realise that Nigeria is a hopeless country

  8. She’s is wrong in her statement, we all know Nigeria is hopeless. In other to fix the problems we also need someone like him that knows where the problems comes from.

  9. Yes oo,any politician who thinks Nigeria is a hopeless country should just others that think that Nigeria is a hopeful country the chance to rule.

  10. This man is senseless. there’s something he’s looking for he will soon get it. How can the country get better when fools are leading.

  11. all this politicians are after personal gain not what they put forward in their manifestos to the public.

  12. Sheabi he is one of the hopeless and helpless Idiots that moved the Country to where it is. God will punish all of them one after the other.

  13. The same people who are soppose to make Nigeria a better place are calling it hopeless,it is well

  14. That’s absolute truth if you don’t believed in Nigeria step down and let people that believe in it take their sit.

  15. I agree with Yemi Alade. You have been one of those in high positions and he is still saying that Nigeria is hopeless. Please step down for other people.

  16. Only God understand what is strong with this man how can you say your country is hopeless, live their for people that believe in this country oga.

  17. Nawaaa ooooo age please if you are tired step down
    Let the people that believe in the country sit there

  18. I think that he should not make any statement at all he should just step aside. That is my own suggestion.

  19. Yes… It is true, if they think Nigeria is hopeless, why are they trying to gain power, they are all greedy, turning Nigeria more to become hopeless

  20. Well that is the fact saying.. if you think the country is hopeless then step down let others try it

  21. There are people That believe that Nigeria is going to be good one day, please resign and go out of Nigeria. Go to another country and never claim to be a Nigeria again

  22. You know that Nigeria is a hopeless country and you are till in seat and enjoying why not you step dwon

  23. If Nigeria is a hopeless country,why do u campaign for office because the hopeless people will vote for you I totally support yemi alade

  24. I agree with you they should step down at first the worked for the downfall of a good man now they are all feeling it

  25. The leaders are the one that make the country hopeless.They should all give way so young mind can enter there and make the country hopeful again.

  26. You are very correct. They should step down so that those who believe in this country can take over and make things right again. But how could this man say such a bad thing to his very country? This is so bad .

  27. I’m with Yemi Alade on this. Rotimi Amechi and other politicians who think Nigeria is a hopeless country should resign from their office and never to re-contest for any political position again.

  28. You are in a hopeless country step down o boy you know hear Amaechi na you get this talk ooo go down now oooo

  29. They don’t know this.Amaechi is a very selfish man and yemi really finished him.They should allow those who still has hope to run the country

  30. I support you Yemi, but will they step down.the money they are making out of this hopeless country as they call won’t allow them. Bunch of hopeless politicians

  31. Very true. You enrich yourself from the resources of the country you call hopeless. You should cover your face in shame.

  32. Yes absolutely true, if you think Nigeria is this and that then give a chance and see how great it will be

  33. OK, abi they should leave the government office and those hopeless people in it manage it affairs.

  34. Yes, true talk, why did he contest then, when he know that Nigeria is a hopeless country. let him step down from his official post then

  35. I don’t think rotimi ameachi will say such a thing to the president. It’s just a way of polluting the people’s mind about the present administration

  36. It seems the musician is making sence, step down man, and let the devoted and able bodies come and make changes to everything.

  37. If that is d case I stand with u yemi he should step down forthose who want the country to progress

  38. we need to get to the bottom of this thing first so as to know whether the tape is gake or genuine.

  39. Don’t mind the stupid post,if you don’t believe in your country then step down and let those who believe work hard to make the country a better place.

  40. That’s true u can’t be in power forever so give way for people who have the belief for a better 2morrow

  41. That is the bitter truth they all need to hear, how will you make a country you call hopeless great

  42. i smell sense in what you are saying….because i believe that a hopeless man is never hopeful in life and can never see hope in anything his doing

  43. She is very right and on point. If you don’t believe in the nation, why do you then hold on to power. Just resign and go home.

  44. Am thrilled with what yemi said
    If you want Nigeria to move forward
    Step down
    And join hands together so that you people can make Nigeria a better place

  45. I think she is right he should step down let people with view of a better Nigeria come to the rescue

  46. May God save us from our leaders because when its election period they would promise us and after they have enter now they forget all the promises.

  47. Nigeria is hopeless and you Mr minister is there still controlling, why don’t you leave and allow someone else. Nonsense!.

  48. i support what she said about any political office holder making such a comment. how can a reasonable minister make such a careless utterance?

  49. Yes said it well, they never care about the wellbeing of this country, all they care for is their pocket, and they can’t get enough they will begin to backbite their superior

  50. Yemi is right, there’s freedom of speech. Politicians are just taking ths country like there family business, doing/saying anything they want.

  51. In a saner clime Rotimi Amaechi would have resigned since Friday, what’s the point of working with the president you know don’t read or act on your submission ❓
    What’s the point of serving a country you knew is hopeless ❓

  52. Yemi alade you have just warm my heart with love. You have said it all o. They should live the office in peace make person wey get huge sense enter biko.

  53. Well yemi is right but she forgot that because of the money they get , they will never want to resign.its not like they care.

  54. She is very right, how can you say Nigeria is a hopeless country and still come out to campaign, why to give chance to those that still have hope in Nigeria.

  55. I think I love her tweets. There are people who believe Nigeria is great and not hopeless so if Amechi feels that Nigeria is hopeless let him step down. I don’t know why is very difficult for them to step unlike other Western countries.

  56. Seriously it’s too bad to have persons like this in power when there hopes are dead for the country

  57. Nigeria is not a hopeless country but the people that are leading Nigeria are. Therefore they all need to step down so that Nigeria will have hope.

  58. Yeah very true…if he says that then he should step down and let someone rule in his place…how can he say that

  59. All they know is that if Nigeria is hopeless that doesn’t stop them from collecting their salary, imagine they cannot change Nigeria fir the better and they collecting the money from the failed purse, shame on them..!

  60. He should stop complaining and make Nigeria a better place think of how to improve and empower the country

  61. Yemi Alade and gossip, from causing wahala with Tiwa, now you want to enter politics nawa

  62. That is the real fact my dear Yemi,The will never give way, never instead remain eat, complain, quarrel, back bite, gossip and still be there. I have better plans for my country am young at heart, will retire when old.

  63. Abi ooo… its as simple as that. step down and do not add to our problem… when you have hopeless people leading a country, what do you expect….

  64. Good advice from yemi alade I hope they heed to her advice especially those that believe this country is hopeless

  65. My sister tell them they will all sit down there and eat and pack all the money to them self yet they will come and tell us that they are helpless

  66. Let him step Sown my dear and stop ranting about…. Pot calling kettle black.. Instead of you to make the country good.. You are here saying stupid things.

  67. Greed and selfishness will not allow Nigerian politicians to do what’s expected of them. She’s right, no one is taking the money to the grave.

  68. They spoiled the country and they are complaining again greedy politian in Nigeria is only that will judge them

  69. All politicians are all thesame , criticising others is not what they find difficult to do, if Nigerian is hopeless why can’t he make it hope full for all Nigerians

  70. They sat there to eat Nigeria money yet they will rubbish the country…if u are comfortable in where u are then step down

  71. They will use their hands to spoil the nation with their corrupt practice and they will later say the country is useless Oga please step down we don’t want you

  72. Instead of condemning our dear country, we should be charting the way forward for our country. There is power in the tongue, therefore we need to be careful in our utterances both as a leader and as citizens of this country

  73. Ur saying the truth yemi my sister but please don’t medle in the affairs of politicians before they come for you abeg.

  74. She is very correct o I hpreally thank God for this audio now we know the kind of politicians we have they that even habhave Faith in the country all the want to do is loot

  75. Yemi I am supporting you on this one.. #Oga if Nigeria is a hopeless country please step down.

  76. Thank you Yemi, the guy should step down since he believes that there is no solution to Nigeria problems.

  77. See what somebody is saying as if he was given the opportunity of presidency he would do better

  78. I really wish both the APC and PDP would be wiped out from Nigerian politics. We can look for people with sense that can steer the country

  79. Nigeria can’t be a hopeless country,it’s only the evil politicians toying with the resources in Nigeria that are hopeless. They are still in the hopeless nation, vying for one post or the other.

  80. Nigeria is not hopeless, the current crops should give way to new breeds that have not tested power

  81. Aunty Yemi, I agree with you, he should step down and we should collect every dime he ever make from this hopeless country

  82. This can only happen in Nigeria. If it was in a developed country, he should’ve resigned and be facing investigation.

  83. Confirm, stay away from the Office even if possible stay away from this Country because we may be homeless but not hopeless.

  84. There is hope for Nigeria no matter what anybody says. Mr Amaechi please if you have lost ideas of what to do resign honourably.

  85. Nigeria is a hopeless country should resign from their office and never to re-contest for any political position again.

  86. Simply put, hopeless nation hopeless leaders give us chance to give Nigeria hope and Nigerians a better life

  87. If Amaechi really said that Nigeria is hopeless then it’s very unfortunate and he does not deserve to hold any office in this country

  88. Wow that js d plain truth by yemi. If d country is hopeless. Step down 4 doz hu still have hope in it 2 make an impact.

  89. You are perfectly right Yemi Alade. If the country is hopeless, then everyone saying that in the ministerial cadre should vacate the office and give others who belive in the country the opportunity to rule.

  90. Nigeria is not hopeless and totally down, we have hope in this country and we be live things will be better

  91. Good word nice speech uve said..let him step down if he thinks that nija don’t av a better place

  92. Yemi you can not blame him completely cos he is indirectly saying they are hopeless cause of the damage they are creating to their generation to come

  93. Yemi I love your courage to speak out. We need people like you. You all have heard, step down!.

  94. what they want is to finish the money of the country…. The suffering of the people is not their concern

  95. I totally agree with you Yemi Alade but mind you, we are not very sure how true is this tape. Politicians can go to any length to condemn anybody because of their selfish interest. May God bless Nigeria

  96. Na wa oOo
    see tackling…abeg ooo
    the man only says we need revolution in this country to be a better place & hopeful.

  97. Nigeria is full of hope, but I can’t believe that a man can bite the finger that feeds him. Politicians are crook as election is fast approaching, the said tape maybe doctored never trusts power hunger set of people.

  98. This country isn’t for one set of individuals, if indeed the country is hopeless and useless, they should vacate their offices for those who still has faith in the country.

  99. He’s among those that made it to be hopeless and helpless, he should be ashamed of himself.

  100. Yes she is right.if you as a leader don’t believe Nigeria can be better again should step down

  101. Yemi Alade, thank u so much, you really gave the right speech on this matter, oga please step down …WD no Wang u again

  102. She’s absolutely right though. I hope this message sinks into the head of these politicians.

  103. Since Nigeria is hopeless but he is there squandering the money of the hopeless country.
    .I fully support YEMI ALADE

  104. Yes it’s quite true, if anybody anybody whosoever think or believe that Nigeria is a hopeless country should step down and allow those that can better Nigeria occupy there,we have no other country to call our own except Nigeria so we must make it great.

  105. even as corrupt as Nigeria is …all we have is hope and yemi alade also is wrong for saying we are hopeless

  106. Yemi is saying the fact, make him step down for people with vision and optimistic that Nigeria will good one soon

  107. Yes, anyone that believe in Nigeria should step down and the youth take over. We believe can still be a better nation .

  108. This people speak without sens……. Honestly they should hands up and allow those who believe in country……to make it a better place.

  109. Babe you are right. Who think Nigeria is not worth it should step down and allow those who believe in it to run it

  110. I’ll rather advice Yemi Alade to be careful and stay off politics. If she wants to be in politics, then plunge into it rather than making criticism from afar.

  111. They think the opposite
    To them they own the power and it should never be given out
    They say the country is hopeless
    And it got so
    Not under the British but under their watch yet they fail to resign to make sure they drain it through totally

  112. Our leaders are too funny in a country that you are born,grown,and working is now hopeless counter.Yemi Alade is right to insult you back seens you don’t respect your self

  113. Nigeria is hopeless and you’re still the minister of the same hopeless country. Resigned as she said

  114. Its wrong for him to have said that as someone holding office in the country.
    But its not too far from the truth

  115. She has a point, anyone who doesn’t believe Nigeria can still work should step down for potential leaders, we need good leadership in Nigeria

  116. i swear down it cost those guys at the top nothing i mean in a sec to make Nigeria more better and okay again, all of them are all sets of same people and same blood, they are all thieves even atiku and buhari, apc and pdp etc

  117. If he don’t know what to say is better he shot that his mouth, if it is a hopeless country he should quit his post. Fg nawa oooh.

  118. Well spoken dear make them step down for those who see Nigeria positively abeg we don’t want negative minds ruling us

  119. You said u believed in this adminstration lead by Buhari,why then do u say the country is hopeless

  120. Yemi Alade is very correct, Amaechi should step down if he doesn’t believe in Nigeria anymore so that those that believe in Nigeria can take over. Nigeria will still be good one day, it’s leaders like Amaechi that are the cause of our problem in Nigeria. Yemi Alade should just be careful of the kind of tweet she posts before these politicians will kill her.

  121. True talk any government officials who believe Nigeria is hopeless should step down and allow those that believe in Nigeria to take over to make Nigeria great again

  122. God bless you Yemi,don’t mind them once they are in power they forget that they will die one day and left all the money they are embezzling

  123. Yes am in support, if Nigeria is a hopeless country, Amechi should step down for others who knows the value to climb up not saying one thing and doing another, these politicians self.

  124. If Nigeria is hopeless, then the leaders should be blame. It shows that they are not capable to lead the people

  125. For him saying those ghasty words and still campaigning for government office…that clearly shows they are all there to ruin this country.

  126. That was not a bad reaction to the #Amaechitapes of recent. So many people still believe in the country. Those who have lost hope should step down

  127. This is the type of politics in Nigeria after calling Nigeria a hopeless country they will still steal our money and carry it to abroad to build schools..hospital and even train their children there with the hopeless country’s money…well God will help us

  128. Yes fa oo you are right all the way, is better hey step down for the people who believe in country

  129. Amaechi is part of the problem nigeria is having presently. I pity nigerians who will still vote in apc

  130. ….for sure, if you people in government cannot make it right step down, there are vibrant and energetic persons that can do the work and make Nigeria a productive country again

  131. I agree with her, anyone who says this country is hopeless and is occupying a seat in government should step down.

  132. It takes a man with vision and foresights to believe in his country.. How can the country get better when even people that are occupying a high position doesn’t believe in her.. If he is tired.. Let him step down for others with vision to rule

  133. I think the minister should vacate his office , there is no point being the minister of a country that has no hope

  134. Nawa how can ameachi say such a thing
    If Nigeria is hopeless then am very sure he contributed to the hopelessness in the country na..
    That’s a very wrong statement

  135. Nice write up by Yemi. I wonder what it will cost to get good roads, drinking water, stable electricity. They are just in power to eat money and they won’t do anything.

  136. Yemi true words. He can’t live forever and they forget the only thing people will remember is the legacy they leave.

  137. Please Louden it let them hear it very common in our country and every one is acting as though nothing is happening we really need help and healing

  138. It’s the truth cos you’re advocating for that post to make a change, the system may be all dirty but dedicated mind are needed not haters

  139. That’s true, I support this view, you shouldn’t be a minister in a hopeless country

  140. This Amechi of a person just keeps insulting the country citizens and our president also..they should look into his case and treat him well as soon as possible i dont see him as a person that wants the good for Nigeria as a country

  141. There is hope in this country. Is just that some persons at the top makes it looks like all hope is lost.

  142. Yes, she is right. If Amaechi says that Nigeria is a hopeless country, then what is he still doing in office as a minister in a hopeless country? Some of this our politicians talks like they are on drugs sometimes

  143. He has no shame to be said that because,asa top govt official who sees his country as hopeless and can’t make them hopeful, what do we call that?

  144. He should step down, cause you cannot make things better if you believe that your efforts are directed towards a hopeless case.

  145. These politicians are just lairs
    Yemi alade is saying the truth…. It’s really a nice write up

  146. Thank you Yemi Alade, hopeless country; yet you fight to occupy position in the hopeless county.

  147. Nigeria is hopeless and you Mr minister is there still controlling, why don’t you leave and allow someone else. Resign and go to your new country u know better

  148. I believe in this country, so all those old fool should allow young people to rule this great Nation. And I totally agree with Yemi Alade. If you think this country us hopeless step down.

  149. He may be right in his own sense that Nigeria is a hopeless country. He knows how much he had stolen from the Treasury.

  150. If you can talk like this, that means you are only there because of what you can gain from Nigeria.

  151. Nigeria still have a bright future only if the heartless leaders we have will change or die to give light to shine in Nigeria

  152. Yeah i strongly agree with yemi alade. Why will have got to say we’re hopless. What is he still doing on the seat

  153. I concur with you. That scandalous tape is a shame and limitations to APC. They know what they are doing.

  154. UP you YEMI ALADE is he feels Nigeria is not suitable or comfortable for him he should step down and get out at ones

  155. Yemi alade I love your reply.. Let him step down..you can see the man is still fighting and contesting for office…and yet calling the country hopeless..

  156. I agree with Yemi on this. If truely it was Amechi that said what we heard on tape, then he should step down fast

  157. Sia he doesn’t even need to step down to know so that we will confirm that nigeria is a blessed with no iota of that with full conviction with all alacrity nigeria is indeed hopeless

  158. This country make some peoples great but still react rude to this same country.
    What a life.
    God bless us na

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