Amaechi under fire over ‘leaked audio’, told to resign as Buhari’s Campaign DG

Rotimi Amaechi, who was allegedly caught in a leaked audio released by Reno Omokri describing President Buhari as someone who doesn’t read nor care about the plight of Nigerians, has been put on blast by social media users and also asked to resign as Buhari’s Campaign DG.

Amaechi under fire over ‘leaked audio’, told to resign as Buhari’s Campaign DG lailasnews 1

Recall that the part two of the damning revelation was released today after Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Digital, New Media, Tolu Ogunlesi, claimed that the first audio recording was from 2014 at the height of Amaechi’s fight with Omokri’s former principal, President Goodluck Jonathan. This came as a counterattack against Ogunlesi’s defence, as the new audio has the Minister of Transportation mentioning President Buhari’s name.

Amaechi who was accused of scoring an own goal with the released audio, has been asked to resign as Buhari’s Campaign DG. Here are some tweets below;

@Demoore90210: #AmaechiTapes is a massive own goal by the APC team. If Amaechi, a serving Minister and DG of Buhari’s Presidential Campaign Organisation doesn’t rate Buhari, why do you? Amaechi knows Buhari is an empty barrel, but for personal monetary gains he remains loyal.

@rickieflamez: If after these tapes from Amaechi someone comes out to defend him and Buhari, that person is irredeemable and needs an urgent brain transplant.

@nicholasibekwe: In the light of the leaked audio, if it is authenticated, Amaechi should either resign as Buhari’s campaign DG or be excused from the role. There is nowhere in world anyone in his position caught making such a statement would be allowed to continue in the role.

@iamUncleMark: In a sane country Amaechi will tender his resignation. As I said “In a sane country”

@CaptViktor: Has Amaechi come out to deny these tapes yet? Or are we going to ignore all he said and continue shouting Sai Baba

@YarKafanchan: 1. Amaechi thinks Nigerians should all die before Nigeria can get better. (Perhaps why Buhari’s govt has been deliberate in wasting Nigerian lives since they got in)

2. Buhari asked “what is my business with goat seller in Onitsha”

@Papadonkee: Part 3 of the #AmaechiTapes has the Rt. Hon. Minister admitting that people are dying, poverty is increasing, things have gotten worse since Buhari assumed office in 2015. The @MBuhari Campaign Council will be inaugurated tomorrow. Amaechi is the DG. If you were him would you

@_Samuelopara: I guess Amaechi can’t come out from this, How do you say this and still tell us Buhari is the right man to lead Nigeria. Politicians don’t Care about the Masses, He was laughing talking about suffering of the Masses.

Amaechi under fire over ‘leaked audio’, told to resign as Buhari’s Campaign DG lailasnews 1 Amaechi under fire over ‘leaked audio’, told to resign as Buhari’s Campaign DG lailasnews 2 Amaechi under fire over ‘leaked audio’, told to resign as Buhari’s Campaign DG lailasnews 3


  1. I am waiting for Amaechi to accept or deny this allegations and then we will know what the party will say. Another drama has unfolded.,

  2. No matter the hide and seek games the APC led government is playing, the truth will definitely unfold in no time.

  3. God will surely judge them all for the deciet and evil they have been pepetuating in this land, the blood of the innocent and poor nigerians will judge them.

  4. I am surprised that some people believe the audio is actually by Amaechi. Well I don’t. But I would still love to hear the part 3

  5. We should leave dx irrelevant headline and discuss about things dah will go a long way to helping dx country

  6. If this is really then who else still wants to support PMB, that is why he PBM does not want debate

  7. Very funny disgrace!

    Same thing some colleagues do at work and you wonder why not tell me to my face?

    Its good he was caught…its also good he should resign.


  8. Interesting way to start the campaign. Anybody supporting Buhari is for their selfish gain. Nigerians have eyes!

  9. The current administration has nothing good to offer Nigerians…

    Those supporting it are doing so for their own selfish interest

  10. Why can’t Nigerians be sincere for ones, you know truly in your heart things are not working well yet you still clap for him all because of money. Politicians all you care about is your self, no interest of the Masses.

  11. That is a serious explosion on Amaechi. He doesn’t deserve the position and even the government in question does not deserve to rule. They have failed

  12. Hmmmm..this is serious case oo
    If this tape is true, that means he is a betrayal and to be sacked or better still let him resign

  13. It’s simple. Nemesis. Also there’s already confusion in the camp. The video of this story is on auto replay

  14. This mayhem is getting more interesting as we are getting closer to the election day, may God just help us

  15. This is slandariois something is not right. Political interest. Anyone can do anything just to find favor. But if this is true Ameachi didn’t do we well

  16. All dis politicians will be voted out of power …and new ones will come up….all dis nonesenseust stop.;!!

  17. This is all politics, besides, we have not heard anything from the president concerning the so called licked audio. They should all park well, Ameachi isn’t resigning.

  18. Buhari or the party should be the one to have the last say.. If they don’t say anything, then let’s continue to watch as the game unfolds

  19. Politics is a dirty game which exposes hiden and greedy character.
    This is just the begining
    More revelation awaits us

  20. This is getting more interesting…….. how authentic is the information…….. just feel they want to blackmail Amaechi.

  21. Amaechi is in great trouble.. Because I know Buhari would come after him. More episod will be released soon!

  22. I believe that Nigerians will get it right one day by voting for the right person to rule us.

  23. Resigning won’t solve the matter as the truth has been told , its better if the whole APC aspirants for buhari resigns

  24. He won’t resign he will be there to face it to the end but let look into it what he said was the truth

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