Amaechi created problems for me in South-East – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has stated that the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, created a problem for him in the South-East zone of the country.

Amaechi created problems for me in South-East - Buhari

During an All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential campaign in Enugu, Buhari disclosed that Amaechi promised the people of South-East that his administration will construct a railway linking their region to the Northern part of the country.

According to Buhari, fulfilling the promise made by Amaechi would be difficult because the minister didn’t submit any proposal of such to the Federal Executive Council. He, however, assured that people that he would convince the Federal Executive Council members for the project to be approved.

He said: “Amaechi has made you people a promise and I don’t know how to fulfil it. But I can see how I will fulfil it by getting the Federal Executive Council members to approve it.”

Buhari also urged the people of the zone to continue to have faith in Nigeria and thanked them for coming out to welcome him as he campaigned in the region.

He said: “We all must join hands to build a stronger country as we do not have any other country.”

The president added that his administration is focused on doing the things needed for progress in the country.

“if we get the roads done, get the rail lines done, and get other infrastructure done, we will be making progress,” he said.


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  1. The mouth of our Nigeria politicians are like the tongue of a serpent, they will always make promises and come back after four years to shift blame on each other. God help Nigeria.

  2. wether ameachi create problems or not just know that people are not happy with your own administration

  3. But Mr President you are in charge and Amechi is your minister,so is the same thing,more over you have the power to do anything as the Command In Chief

  4. Approve what exactly? In one sentence the old man said Amaechi didn’t submit any proposal so on what basis will an approval be given? I fear APC.

  5. Amaechi is not the only one creating problems in Nigeria, there are other major concerns as well. God save Nigeria

  6. Interesting! I can’t laugh ooo. Why would our dearly beloved minister promise such without the aim of fulfilling it? I guess it was just for campaign purposes.

  7. That is the problem with politians and their promises,they make promises and forget about it once they have gotten what thy wanted. How would the project be excusted if it wasn’t table before the appropriate people?

  8. Dat is d only problem citizen is facing
    concerning our leaders, which they will promise without fulfilled….. Shower ur mercy lord

  9. How can creating a railway link be a problem…You just have to infuse into other projects that needs to be done…..I’m not saying you should stay back ooooo

  10. You are the president while amaechi said it or not you the one fix it, Mr president do what is right not one said or not

  11. I laugh, are you all not thesame, make promises and never keep can you approve a plan that was never submitted

  12. Seriously speaking, Amaechi fucked up. If you want to be God father in your state, great. But do good to your followers because if a period like this.
    Believe in Buhari the people of South East.

  13. Hmmm is that an excuse??
    He don’t want to admit that his government is not good, he’s now putting blame on another person

  14. This is an excuse for Mr President because election is near coner, you want to use this as a chance to cover you mistake. You just know that now.

  15. ameachi made a promise but buhari complain about it then truly thier is a problem how to overcome it is the most important not to blame one for it.

  16. This one is promise made for vote,once u vote him will still not forfill it,is it now that is term is finished that he now remember his promise,abeg this present n past administration had failed us we don’t want change again.

  17. But Mr President you are in charge and Amechi is your minister,so is the same thing,more over you have the power to do anything as the Command In Chief

  18. As a leader,that is a good way to open up for people to know the true position of the situation. Amaechi needs to do the right thing to correct the situation because he will be coming back home after Buhari’s tenure.

  19. Whether amaechi caused problems for you or not you have failed south easterners and Nigerians in particular

  20. The promise they makes and don’t fulfill isn’t call a promise but sugar lip talk to woo people…. For their selfish desire…..

  21. APC with their bags of tricks. Help me and ask Mr president if south east is still Nigeria or another country.

  22. I see no problem in this now at least he has assure them now so they await it to be done all the best,I just hope he can fulfil all his promises

  23. I don’t know why i so much believe in this man called Pres. Buhari, he’s definitely the right man to take Nigeria forward

  24. If politicians stop making unnecessary manifestos, i don’t think situations like this will pop up.

  25. I one created any problems for you, you politicians create problems and complain and blame someone else, deal with it

  26. I hope so you prevail on them to approve it. But damages have been done. The politics of 99 – 1% is played out well.

  27. That is not an excuse you can use your power as Mr president to do it if you want to. The ones you promise did you fulfill it? Abeg leave this political talk Nigerians can not be fool again.

  28. These politicians should learn to tell us the truth, we are the ones who voted them into office. It’s good Buhari said the truth.

  29. When did you now he made the promise and he didn’t summit the proposal, tthen why didn’t you act since then. You are mentioning it for vote. Sorry sir

  30. I don’t understand why he is blaming Amaechi o is part of his administration and he should live up to expectations

  31. This is really laughable. Why is the President giving those excuses now? Because he wants to voted i guess.

  32. Why is he pointing the accusing finger at amaechi, was he not there when amaechi was making that promise

  33. What is bad if Buhari himself probe Amaechi?He made a promise and never fulfil it.Its a shame on them.

  34. so which means there is no other promise made by the presidency.
    It is good for him but this is the end of Buhari or jubril
    Atiku must win

  35. We are used to this,promise and fail ,if you like you fulfil if you like don’t fulfil,just don’t come back again please …

  36. What he said is not even a problem cause I know u can do it is just that u want to tell the whole world to disgrace ameachi

  37. Up baba buhari. To the next level Mr president. Do your best and see what you can do to fulfil some part.

  38. Politicians and the way they lie they keep on promising what they know they can not fulfill just to make people follow them. God will save we Nigerians

  39. Thank God it is not PDP that didn’t submit the proposal. Its your boy Amechi. But why are you guys always shit problem?

  40. So Buhari can actually point finger and say that one person created problem for him or he no know sabi sey birds of the same feather flocks together
    All these na still strategies Nigerians shine your eyes well well o

  41. As far as Buhari is still the president, what we will be hearing is one story or the other. APC is not a doom to Nigeria

  42. Is it buhari speaking abi someone else because it might not be amaechi he want to pronounce bro

  43. PMB cause the problem for himself. Amaechi as promised to work for PMB as for presidency but also said he won’t work for APC in the state.

  44. Since Amaechi made the promise on your behalf it’s your duty to fulfill it,anyway you have promised this one by yourself so make sure you fulfill it

  45. You people are nothing but dogs and midget to your brains. Sometimes I wonder if you have brains at all. You think the nation is stupid to your niferous lies ?

  46. Who is deceiving who now. Mr President you had enough time to settle this before but u did not. Because u are busy accumulating ur own money too. Now is election time and u want to come and deceive us. It will not work sir

  47. Ameachi likes to make mouth right from day one and I’m sure even if buhari finally enter for the second term, he won’t be part of the team again

  48. Normal sermon. They always promise, but fail in the end. The rain washed away the filths of yesterday.

  49. Politics everyday this is just spoiling everything it only God that can help us if it not what happen they will not be abusing there self ooo

  50. South Eastern the forgotten region. Your empty promises will not deceive us again. We see that Buhari has no plans for the south east

  51. Do you truly believe within you that all those people are support you? They are only after their own interest and none thought you could live this long. So don’t be surprised by that

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