Amaechi challenges Peter Obi to public debate

Rotimi Amaechi has challenged Peter Obi, vice-presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to a public debate.

Amaechi Challenges Peter Obi To Public Debate lailasnews

Amaechi who is the director general of the All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Organisation (APCPCO), said Peter Obi lied about infrastructure and transportation, while fielding questions from Kadaria Ahmed on the presidential town hall-style debate.

He made this known while speaking at Kano state on Friday. He said;

“I need to address some important issues, I’m addressing Nigerians, not just Kano indigenes; I speak today as a Catholic Christian. I speak with responsibility as a former governor of Rivers state, and former chairman of the governors’ forum.

“I have told my friend and my former deputy, his excellency Peter Obi, that the moment you climb the post of governor, you must deal with facts and figures, you must not lie to the people lead.

Amaechi said Peter Obi lied by saying Goodluck Jonathan had released money for all the rail projects completed by the Muhammadu Buhari-led administration.


  1. I know both Atiku and Peter Obi lied during the programme. But calling Peter Obi to a debate will not solve anything. Amaechi should just tell us his own side of the story and allow us to believe whatever we want to believe. Or better still, let him give Osibanjo the details and make Osibanjo challenge Peter Obi to a debate. Then it will be level. Afterall, they are aspiring to be the next vice candidate in the next administration.

  2. Amaechi, should go to the media and explain everything than challenging him for debate if what he said is not true and moreover thank God President Jonathan is still alive.

  3. All this thing is campaign matter,pls Nigeria let focus on making this country great rather than apportion blames.

  4. Nice but still Ameachi and Obi are not contesting for any thing if there should be a dabate it should be peter and other people contesting for vp

  5. APC should give us space, all this while what project can they point at and say of a truth they started and finished it.

  6. This is a debate i will not like to miss for anything.

    Whoever says APC do not do anything is totally inwardly blind.

    Please, Peter Obi, accept the challenge. Let’s hear your side.

    Though your party is not an option.

  7. Politics when is time for election they will be bringing everything fight they will be bringing it on well besides it’s a politics and the topic will be very good I will love that I love it

  8. They should try to settle all these.
    .May God save us all these is happening because of upcoming election

  9. Political interest, but it is very interesting, but please they should settle well, besides they know their meeting points.

  10. I think they should have this debate and let the truth of the whole matter be made known to the public.

  11. I think amaechi should explain to his party how he caused t the opportunity of fielding candidates the the coming election instead of debate

  12. Don’t mind him he would research nonsense and come out to feed us lies I detest this man called peter obi most of his point are off points

  13. If ameachi said dat obi lied den he shud prove to us dat he Ameachi has nt lied b4,wat is d debate for Ameachi live obi alone pls

  14. If ameachi said dat obi lied den he shud prove to us dat he Ameachi has nt lied b4,wat is d debate for?Ameachi live obi alone pls just tell us dat u want to ruin his reputation which u will nt succeed at

  15. If Obi goes for the debate, he will still win. He is better orator and the people’s man.
    So that’s how it should be

  16. Its well o you guy’s know yourselves and all the lies you are telling the people, for me I don’t believe it and won’t believe it

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