Alli Ojo announces she is a lesbian, days after posting LGBTI flag

Alli Ojo, a Nigerian model and actress is finally out of the closet as she announced that she is a lesbian, days after posting LGBTI Flag on her social media page.

Alli Ojo announces she is a lesbian, days after posting LGBTI flag lailasnews

Alli Ojo who announced she is a lesbian in a video she shared on Twitter, asked for support from her fans as she stated that she decided to come straight on her sexuality in 2019. Here is the video below;



This is coming after Charly Boy’s daughter, Dewy Oputa also came clean on her sexuality. She made this known on Instagram, by sharing photos and a video of herself and her girlfriend. While speaking with Sunday Scoop, Dewy said she shared the post because she got tired of hiding and decided it was time to live in her truth.


  1. Charlie boy is mad on his own so i don’t blame his daughter for involving in that ungodly act. But i wonder if your parents were lesbian they would have given birth to you

  2. What is the world turning into? She even come out to say a thing like that. God will forgive her

  3. So sin is what people are proud of now, I think its against the law to practice lesbianism and gay?, pls government take of this people before they currpt other girls.

  4. This lesbianism/gay thing being so rampant in our youth,just shows how far people have drifted from the word of God!

  5. Every one is very free to exercise the power of choice, but they will live with the consequences of their choices.

  6. This is getting out of hand oo. Nigerian is joining the rest of those cursed countries in propagating evil.

  7. God have mercy I hope Charly boy oputa is reading this ,but I wonder for them if their parents are as they are where will they be to do all this nonsense they are doing

  8. So homosexuality and lesbianism has now become something to be proud off. I pray you received sense before it’s too late

  9. Well..the madness runs in d family..youth of these days wants to do anything for fame.. Good luck on your new sexuality.

  10. Charlie boy is mad on his own so i don’t
    blame his daughter for involving in that
    ungodly act. But i wonder if your parents
    were lesbian they would have given birth to

  11. I thought lesbianism is a crime in this country of ours,so why are this people still walking freely when they are suppose to be in jail,this why Nigeria is not working because we don’t obey the law

  12. I don’t think this is good. They are just declaring themselves lesbians, gays and what kind of lessons or moral are they living for the young one’s. This issue needs to be addressed.

  13. The law should take its full cost on them… I cant never judge them.

    Its their life, lets them live the best way that suit them.

  14. May the Lord forgive you,lesbianism is a grievous sin….I pray it won’t be too late for you to stop it

  15. God have mercy on you and your silly mouth….the world is just full of shit recent times no shame anymore everybody is been proud of nonsense…on the last day when you meet God explain to him why you called him a fool for creating man…

  16. I don’t know what this word is tuning to she even dey proud that she is a lesbian may God have Marcy

  17. When u do what you like, living a life u fill is good remember there is a life after these life, what u do here will determine where you gonna be.

  18. The world is changing rapidly imagine what you are saying from your mouth. Charlie boys daughter is just like his father, Hell awaits you all.

  19. Arrant nonsense you re a lesbisn and you are happy about it, may the Lord have mercy on you before is too late

  20. Coming out to the public to claim or make known that you are a lesbian is dangerous and am very sure your parents won’t be In good term with you. God is watching!

  21. God have mercy on her
    Homosexuality is not something to be proud of
    It is an abominable act

  22. Okay ooo.. Congratulations to that.. Who you enjoy it for the rest of you life.. Don’t come out again to tell us. Hey guys am sorry I said that. Am not gay oo.. So sorry guys..

  23. I keep saying lesbianism and gayism are westernised madness. Thank God I am not your fan. I doubt if you would have true support from your fans though

  24. lesbian and you still go church or pray 5times daily as a Muslim for insurance? may God forgive you. is arant nonsense.

  25. What has her lesbianism got to do with the public, it’s not something worth celebrating, it’s better she keeps it private or possibly seek assistance for change, good luck to her

  26. It’s a choice she has made, despite the fact that it’s unethical here in Nigeria I think her choice should be respected

  27. Government please pick all this evils out before they corrupt other good ones God made Adam and Eve not Eve and Evelyn

  28. Where is our Government biko? They should come n carry this girl please….. Let her spend 14years or her life in prison maybe her senses will reboot well again.

  29. Why she was boast to say that is because she earn a living with that, Only God can save us from all this things happening in Our country…

  30. Despite the clearly stated law agent such in Nigeria, people are not even afraid to come out openly about their sexuality. Such courage, admirable.

  31. Actually hve bin hearing ov viz lesbo ov a stuff nd i dnt fink itz ryt 4 a beautiful nd sexy girl like u 2 b involved

  32. Support you in what way I don’t understand.. You are a lesbian that is your own cross go ahead and carry it

  33. Where did this spring of lesbianism generate from. If your parents were lesbians, I don’t think you will have been here to spout this nonsense.

  34. God help us all, abominable act like these one are now celebrated by the society. You’re a shame to your generation

  35. I think this lesbianism and gay should not be what people should be publicizing is not in our culture because is a shameful thing the government should look into it so that it doesn’t corrupt the upcoming teenagers please.

  36. Wether come out or remain hiding it is a sin in the eyes of God and man so desist from it hence you be consumed by it

  37. Hmmm nawa oooo
    These is a sign of end time ooo
    And she is saying it out proudly
    Rubbish… God will forgive you

  38. They are now so proud to come out and promote sin, may God open her eyes to know what she is getting into.

  39. So we have gotten to the point where people openly admit to beings lesbians. May the lord have mercy on you

  40. Comment*indeed the world has come to an end this is a clear sign may protect our children from this act

  41. Anything that is not good is not good. She has better repent and ask God to deliver her. She is not even ashamed of herself. Lesbians and gays are not what God made us to be

  42. Life is full of choose your choice so you are free to choose what you want, that is your own cup of tea.

  43. Nigerian government should carry out their words by giving people like this 14years imprisonment to avoid others that will come out openly with no shame.

  44. You need your fan to support you for being a lesbian, OK am not your fan, so look for fan for support. Thank you

  45. People are now proud to come out as gay,this is very big problem. Every sane should condemn this new trend, it is devilish and must not be allowed to fester in this country.

  46. Lesbian uhn! And you are proud to come out and day it in public. You should be ashamed of yourself girl

  47. I’ll advice you to reason when you’ll end your life and i pray it wont be late for you

  48. So lesbianism is now a good thing. As for charlie boys daughter. I don’t blame her. Like father like daughter. God have mercy.

  49. I pray that God forgives u, lesbianism is a sin, repent before its too late.. And Charlie Boy is a big disgrace to fatherhood

  50. I guess you are proud of your lesbianism, else you wouldn’t have announced it in public,lesbianism is not something to be proud of

  51. Live out your truth or live your demented state thinking you are free. Any one who lives an abnormal life, has a spiritual and psychological problem which needs to be addressed.

  52. May God forgive you for such act. I pray it will not b too late… What has happened to decency…

  53. This has nothing to do with me, It’s her life. But one thing I would love to say is that. There’s no gain in such, living a decent life really pays.

  54. Homosexuality is a prohibited act by Nigerian law. Don’t even try to step your feet in nigeria, nonsense and ingredients. Lesbian my foot

  55. This is end time, where people announced publicly that they are lesbian or gay, may God have mercy. Stop asking your fans to support you, you don’t want to enter hell alone you need entourage abi!??

  56. Wonders shall never end, people are now coming out openly to say that they are lesibians. I’m disappointed at Charly Boy’s daughter, I never knew that she is this stupid. May God have mercy on our ladies.

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