Alleged female robber burnt to death in Cross River

An alleged female robber burnt to death by an angry mob in Obudu Local Government Area of Cross River State for allegedly aiding armed robbers carry out operation of stealing motorcycles.

The deceased who has been identified as Miss Vivian, a graduate of Federal College of Education, FCE, Obudu, was also accused of killing an Okada (motorcycle) rider in the area early this month.

Alleged female robber burnt to death in Cross River lailasnews 4
Alleged female robber burnt to death in Cross River

Vivian, popularly known as China in Obudu was set on fire on Saturday (yesterday) after reportedly being told by the mob to provide her boyfriend, which she failed to assent to. She was then lynched as passerby looked on.

A Facebook user who goes by the name, Tomclassic Amunde Jnr who also witnessed the act said the Police were on ground but couldn’t save Vivian.

“I was there Live and saw it all. Two well known Police Officers were standing beside me watching the whole scenario. Most of us from the opposing view, our opinion didn’t count because we were so little compared to those who were chanting the burning anthem.

“It took up to an hour before she was lastly burnt,” Amunde said.

A witness said:

“I came out of my house this morning and saw some boys beating up China and asking her of her boyfriend. I identified some of the boys to be cult boys belonging to the KKs. They told the girl to call her friend. She took her phone, tried to reach her friend but it was not successful. So they told her that if her friend does not come out, they will burn her and just like play, they did it.”

Another said:

“They dragged her and kept beating her from her house till they got to the cyclists park and a big crowd of more than 500 persons gathered and watched her being burned alive.”


  1. Chail see this fine girl
    Everyday is for the thief but one day is for the owner of the house
    Rest in peace

  2. Eyya though she did bad but they have to handle her to the police for investigating and she should be jailed or something by law makers

  3. No matter the reason, the mob is the criminal here, they need to be arrested and prosecuted. I wonder why fellow humans take pleasure in taking what they can’t give. May God fight for her. May Her soul rest in peace.

  4. Omg.. this is bad. A woman burnt alive, cant believe this. why on earth was she stealing instead of finding something meaningful doing with her life. Now an end has come to her life.

  5. Enough of this jungle justice system in Nigeria, how can people be so heartless to the extent of setting people ablaze.

  6. This is so bad…the police men could have saved her,n this people that burnt her alive should be prosecuted for talking the law into their hands

  7. they should have allow the law to take his cause. this is wrong. those guys who burn her should be brought to book.

  8. Taken law into their hands and two police officers were watching no matter what she have done they are not suppose to kill her IGP and the government of the state take action if not they will still repeat it again

  9. This is very bad, because since there’s law why they can’t just leave her to face justice instead of being judged by themselves, this is critical and ridiculous.

  10. came out of my house this morning and saw some boys beating up China and asking her of her boyfriend. I identified some of the boys to be cult boys belonging to the KKs. They told the girl to call her friend. She took her phone, tried to reach her friend but it was not successful.

  11. Seriously a graduate…her village people have succeeded. One should be careful of people you keep as friends. If you dont drag them up they will drag you down.

  12. Don’t even know if she’s a robber or she is punished because of her boyfriend. May her gentle soul rest in peace. I’m against jungle justice.

  13. This is so bad and uncalled for people should stop this jungle justice. She suppose to be handle over to Police. Rest in Peace

  14. Though what she did was wrong, she shouldn’t have been burnt like that. She should have been handed over to the right authority for proper trial and prosecution

  15. That’s weird because they have no real proof
    She killed the cyclist
    If she was caught in the act
    It would have been a bit different
    And not this
    It’s just so bad

  16. This is so terrifying and horrible ,I thought this jungle justice of a thing has been stopped, also it so annoying hearing that law enforcement officers was there standing and watching while she was burnt to death without doing anything. The Governor needs to do something about this and get all those involved arrested and even those police officers there .

  17. No matter the reason, the mob is the criminal here if are arrested they will know how to behave they need to be arrested and prosecuted. I wonder why fellow humans take pleasure in taking what they can’t give. May God fight for her. May Her soul rest in peace

  18. Is she really guilty of what she is been accused of? If yes why the jungle justice? And if no then why killing a soul false fully? The security agent on ground can’t do anything at that spot they should have called for a support.

  19. See as she fine finish and na to steal be her hobby chai what a world. May her soul rest in peace

  20. Incredible!… Terrifying!!… Brutal!!
    Tho she’s a murderer, a criminal, worth put to justice… But being treated by some group of cultist doesn’t sound right… May her soul rest in perfect peace…

  21. The boys that carried out the beating and burning should be arrested charge to court. Since they are even cultist make their case worse. Jungle justice is not allowed

  22. This is jungle Justice ,those who did this should be brought to book and those two police men should be dealt with if at all the can’t handle the situation can’t they mobilize there men,is not fear no matter what

  23. They should have allowed the police to arrest and interrogate her and I believe she would have given names of people she was working with.

  24. But how could this kind of a thing happen in a country that has kings, chiefs and government. This is a deliberate act. They are cultists, they just burned the girl to get to her boyfriend.

    • Thank you,everyone saying different things without considering what you just said, you just hit the nail on the head.

  25. When will all these stop? Our society should learn that jungle justice is not the best and can never be.. Even if she’s a criminal, the best is to hand her over to the appropriate authority.. Moreover the mobs where only interested for her to bring out her friend.. Now they have killed her, did the friend came out? There is more to life..

  26. She is such a pretty girl,why go into crimes when you can work. And jungle justice should not be encouraged. They would have handed her over to the police to face the law.

  27. So sad what a jungle justive but the police should investigate the police that were there when such act hapoen

  28. Oh my God such a beautiful young lady, even if they were right about their claims, they shouldnt have burnt her alive. People really stood there to watch. I can’t deal with such.

  29. This is absurd the police should get to the root of this. And the culprits should be brought to book for taking laws into their hands without involving the the police.

  30. The crime she committed was very bad, we know. But burning her to death is very wrong. At least she would have be kept in custody

  31. Mob Say No To Jungle Justice we should stop put laws in our hand, they should have handed her over to the appropriate authority

  32. You see I don’t know if she has done the alleged crime, but if she has it very painful and under this condition you won’t want to hear anything expect vengeance. Though am not a fan of taking laws into our hands

  33. Everybody is architect of is own fortune if the lady is not the one that kill the motor cycle rider I don’t think jungle justice will prevail on her. All the same so sad seeing human being burnt like animal. People should let evil be.

  34. Those that watched another human, robber or not, being burnt alive will reap it some how some day. Say No to Jungle Justice. Though our Nigerian police no dey try at all.

  35. Hey! A pretty young lady like this, she should not have involved herself in such. May her soul rest in peace

  36. Thus is a sad way to end your life why go into robbery I don’t know what is wrong with our people say no to jungle justice is not old they should have hand her over to the police

  37. this is taking law into ones hand… How could a fellow man burn his co human alive… Hmm. What a world

  38. She is so pretty to mess around with crimes.. Gosh see how she died. I don’t support jungle justice it has taken the life’s of innocent souls

  39. I am not in support of the jungle justice, taking someone’s life is too bad,see what she cursed to herself, may her soul rest in peace.

  40. This act must be condemned by all. The police that are supposed to protect life and property are there and this kind of event took place. It is a

  41. This is sad but people should be careful with the type of people they associate themselves with .May her soul rest in peace

  42. What she did was bad and deserve punishment for that, but we shouldn’t have taken laws into our hand, we should have allow justice to be done by law makers.
    Rest in peace.

  43. That is jungle justice. If the accusations leveled against her is correct the angry mobs would have allowed the police to over the case. Anyway the day of reckoning has come for her. God have mercy on us and deliver us from evil.

  44. So this kind of thing is still existing in Nigeria? Why are people so heartless, even though she has committed the worst sin ever is not enough reason for this evil act.

  45. Am speechless their burning action was wront they should have allowed law to take effect…but i have two major concern here…(1) Nigeria is lawless thats why often times things like this happens….they will keep her in prison and this rich guys she must had contact will will give police or who ever massive money to release her and she will be release all back to corruptions…..(2) Nothing happens for no reason he who lives by sword sure will die by sword,she must have killed many people all for rubbery before things like this happens to her..logically things just dont happen….

  46. Cultism is evil, she does not deserve such penalty, those people should be arested and jailed for murder

  47. This is terrible.. jungle justice is not advice able.. but if she did what she is accused of,it is Even worse.

  48. Jungle justice is not the solution. By the way where were out security agents? How could they allow such to happen?

  49. Like seriously people need to stop all this jungle justice and police men were there and couldn’t do anything what a wow

  50. This country is lawless how can u burn somebody and people are standing and watching even the police may her soul rest in peace

  51. Jesus …….
    What wicked world
    See this fine girl just die like dat and our so call police couldn’t do anything

  52. Thus is cruel. Man’s inhumanity to man. Why not let the law take it’s cause. May God help us in this nation. So sad.

  53. My problem here is not the jungle justice but the fact that the police men were around and couldn’t do anything.

  54. No matter the crime jungle justice is never the best solution…. We have politicians who keeps looting our money yet we do nothing but to worship them and honour them. It’s a pity.

  55. Is there no local vigilantie in the area? Is there no police station or post? Is there no village or community head? How could they take laws into their hands and kill this beautiful girl? God have mercy on us in Jesus name, amen… I am Crying…

  56. What she did was very bad, but they don’t supposed to burn this pretty lady just like that.

  57. Imagine this beautiful girl involving in this kind of act of robbing Okada riders.Now nemesis has caught up with her.

  58. Jungle justice!! 2018 and Nigeria is still involve in this inhumane act! People who say Nigeria is a shit hole may not be wrong after all!!

  59. Why did they have to take justice into their hands. Are they sure She (China) was actually involved in the crime since no proper investigation was carried out. Another life wastes to jungle justice

  60. Imagine two police officers standing a do nothing. She might even be innocent now they’ve shortened her life. Jungle justice is not right

  61. Am ashamed of this country most times. The crowd watched and refused to help a lady been beaten by men ,this shows how bad things are with us. No matter what she does not deserve this. And the police doing nothing is a bigger shame. There is power in number if they chose to help

  62. Justice should be allowed to take it’s place legally rather than allow take laws into their hands and do something odd.

  63. Lord have mercy…. who are u to take laws into ur hand, by committing murder you’re not betterthan the china girl and other robbers

  64. This fine girl just wasted like that why didn’t they allow the law yo take its cause this is too bad and they went too far

  65. The police officers should have done something na. How could they just watch as a young woman was burned to death. This jungle justice of a thing needs to stop

  66. If it was true that she was not a theif and they burned her just like dat, das too bad, and police should investigate about the matter

  67. This is purely injustice …..why do we nigerians always take law in to our hands….taking life as if we can create one…
    we should allow law to play its role.
    believe me,God will surely punish everybody that took part in her death.

  68. This is not right even though it might be viewed/seen as justice for what she’ve done. But I think only god has the right to burn a human being for a sin. How many sins have we all committed.

  69. This is not right even though it might be viewed/seen as justice for what she’ve done. But I think only god has the right to burn a human being for a sin. How many sins have we all committed.

  70. Jungle justice should be totally eradicated
    Such actions should not be seen in this 21st century
    If she was truly a robber hand her over to the appropriate authority to deal with her
    Hmmm nah person wife to be una burn so oo

  71. Jungle justice every time. The painful part is that most people have died the death they know nothing about.

  72. what ever bad she has done she didn’t deserved to be burnt alive. Police should pls take part in this to investigate thoroughly

  73. So sad she just wasted her live, a lady for that matter, now that you are been caught, is it the best. May your soul rest in peace.

  74. This is too bad for crying out loud, she should have been killed like this since she’s not the one they really want. They should have just tortured her and let her go

  75. But these people Mob get mind ooh just set ablaze their fellow human being all becs she couldn’t fetch her boyfriend a they wanted. Did Killing her like this brings to boy to them? This is very wrong and terrible seriously

  76. What a sad end. Just imagine how she was wrested for the evil she have been doing. Let’s be mindful of what we involve ourselves in.

  77. People taking law into their hands and the police couldn’t save the girl from being burnt. The writer said it took up to an hour before the girl was finally burnt and the police cannot even do anything

  78. This is amazing,good news,bad for her,thus is what people do as Nigeria economy is bad,quick money is bad

  79. Jungle justice is not the next or way forward so sad to hear that the police were even present there but they can’t do nothing

  80. She got what she deserves,but it was not good for the people from those areas to take law into their hands RIP.

  81. Taking justice in to your hands is not good, instead you hand her over to the police and God will judge her.

  82. They should not be taking laws into their own hands.. Aren’t these types of punishment against the law? Its murder anyhow you look at it

  83. So tragic. They went too far.
    The truth is, she killed, and they killed too. They deserve the same punishment.
    That was too much, too cruel and so unmerciful.

  84. Why are human beings this wicked..this wicked act of burning criminals is now the new justice in Nigeria now..please let’s remember that whatever we do here on earth you will be accountable for it..

  85. These people were very wrong to take justice into their hands. She would have been reported to police instead.

  86. A female robber indeed, women involving themselves in an awkward and illegitimate business, let she face the music. Aaaah too bad.

  87. I am not in support of her being an armed robber neither am I in support of her being burnt alive. Let’s stop all these jungle Justice. The cult people that were dragging her are they innocent?

  88. Did I just read up to an hour before she was burnt alive and nothing could be done by the police… this is too pathetic , those who killed her are they innocent , imagine cult boys. #istandagainstjunglejustice

  89. Killing her shouldn’t be next thing after she has being caught. She’s a sinner and she needs not to be killed, but rather give her another chance to repent

  90. I thought they have but an end to jungle justice in this nation. I think those guys should be arrested and let the law carry on.

  91. That is very bad of them, what exactly did she do for them to kill her,police kwanu did not do anything, they should look for those police and persecute them

  92. They don’t have any right to get her burnt Why not handed her over to police instead of jungle justice… So sad..

  93. so bcoz she could not provide her boyfriend she deserves to be burnt wat nonsense very bad and police were watching and could not say anything about it this is outrageous even if she is guilty the guys that killed her are meant to go to jail

  94. Look at how this lady was killed just like that. She may be innocent of all the allegations after all. Let’s stop jungle justice we are not in a jungle justice. The policemen that were around should have called for back up.

  95. I still don’t know who made us judge over things like this when we are also criminals but in different callings….you are killing someone for robbery when you are also taking another persons wife or husband, don’t worry your day is closer.

  96. I don’t get this post ,firstly it was alleged female robber and down the line she was burned up for not providing her boyfriend, what was really her offence?

  97. Some people are heartless, even if the story was all true, why should they terminate her life, now that they have succeeded in killing her will the deceased ones they claim she killed be brought back to life, let’s always chew well before we swallow….

  98. Investigation is supposed to be carried out and be sure of the alleged before burning an innocent soul, police there should have done something. Things should be done accordingly and Noone should take law into their hands.

  99. Imagine a lady been involved in evil act, though I don’t believe in jungle justice but it served her right.

  100. This one weak me oh, but what where the police doing Na, it’s shouldn’t be happening na,jungle justice….

  101. What a foolish decision… Imagine mere mortals that can’t even create a finger,burning fellow human to death.. God will avenge for her…

  102. I think she got what she deserves. But let’s stop jungle judgement. Let’s not the law into your hand.

  103. Hmm jungle justice.. these is not really nice at all
    They should have handed her to the police not burning her alive
    These is a very bad senero…

  104. How are we sure the girl is a rubber? Who did she rub? No matter what, they shouldn’t take law to their selves, the should have handed her over to the police.

  105. It was all an allegation, who know if she was responsible for the robbery of the motorcycle,may her soul rest in perfect peace

  106. That was a very harsh judgement on her, they still burn people alive these modern days, so bad for her, what a terrible and painful death to her, if she is guilty it will serve as an example to others, may her soul rest in peace

  107. It is better that way to teach others lesson.Criminals must die.I like the jungle justice done to her

  108. Jesus Christ
    A robber and a killer…but why na baby.
    You are so beautiful, why did you choose that type of lifestyle..and you gave just ended it to hell fire.

    Police should plz investigate this.

  109. Jungle justice is bad nawww why r we humans heartless mthwwchh. .may God forgive her n let her soul rest in peace

  110. can’t they call the police, why take law into their hands. The police that were there did nothing to stop it.. So sad

  111. It’s so alarming at the rate to which people take justice into their hands, they have become the law themselves.

  112. Jungle justice should be abolished in dis country, such painful death. She Shud ave been arrested and serve jail term not to be killed by lynching

  113. They just killed the girl for revenge I suspect. They wouldn’t have burnt her instead they would have allowed justice have it way. Police should investigate the matter.

  114. This is totally wrong and unacceptable. We should learn how not to take laws into our hands no matter what. They shouldn’t have burnt her alive

  115. Too Much drama going on around the west and drake, what’s drake looking for. He should leave them in peace. So Kim was actually the one he referred to in his song, this is funny.

  116. The wages of sin is death, Vivian why on earth should u involve urself in such a thing. Rest in peace. Hope this will serve as a lesson to others.

  117. They shouldn’t have burnt her to death, she didn’t deserve it. Such a beautiful lady for that matter.

  118. This is outrageous! Why are they lawless in that place? Even the policemen couldnt rescue her? Ohhh! I feel bad about this…rip.

  119. That sounds like an act of wickedness, while the supposed boyfriend is operating why cant they come out to face him why killing the girl. I am not in support of robbery.
    The police needs to upgrade and rapidly respond in situations like this I don’t support jungle justice.

  120. I keep saying this and will keep repeating it, live a good life and have peace of mind, nothing good comes out of anything evil.

  121. So disheartening, people should learn to tamper justice with mercy and possible allow the law courts to judge cases.

  122. When will this jungle justice stop? She might be aiding that truly, but they don’t have the timidity of taking law into their hands. They all need to be fished out.

  123. God. He who is without sin…… How did we get to this stage of taking human life without hesitation.

  124. May her soul rest in peace this is so sad dey should have not burn her dey shouldn’t take laws into their hands

  125. Jungle justice is not the best. People should learn to hand them over to police. A lot of innocent people has been killed via that.

  126. Why would you allow the devil to use you just like their really need to put a stop on this jungle Justice

  127. I wonder when this dastardly act will stop for crying out loud. How can people resort to jungle justice in this age and time.

  128. Jungle justice is very bad. They shouldn’t have burnt her alive. I wonder why the police couldn’t save her. The police should arrest those that burnt her, so that they can serve as a lesson to others.

  129. This is not the best. They should have allow the law to take it part on it, burning her is too bad, rest in peace.

  130. Jungle justice, they would have just handed her over to the police. She did not get the opportunity for a fair hearing. this is sad.

  131. that is very wrong please report suspects or convicted robbers to the police and never take law into your hands

  132. Batman who lies can as well killed. What the different between a liar and a thief? Let law takes its place Everyman has a chance of repentance. If there was 20 in Sodom and Gomorrah they would have been no destruction. Do not judge so God won’t judge u. May her soul rest in peace

  133. Why take justice in your hand, she was only allege but not proving, they should have handed her over to the police. This is wickedness

  134. Our Nigeria Police are incompetence at all, they can’t even rescue the lady’s life first, no matter the offense committed

  135. Oh my goodness! When will all these stop? This burning of people alive, when will it stop? And to think that there were two police men at the scene when the lady was burnt alive is another surprising thing. I really feel for the lady that was burnt alive. Such a pity. The authorities needs to arrest those responsible for her death and those that have connection with her death. Rest in Peace.

  136. Nigeria with their jungle justice act , this one even worst past self, they should have hand over her to NPF instead

  137. How terrible that she had to choose the wrong part which has led to her ugly death.. May God help us to choose the right part

  138. This is jungle justice and it is not good. You should have arrested her and hand her over to the police for investigation. How are you sure she is not innocent

  139. Only God knows what’s hidden to man but I say NO to juggle justice. She could’ve been handed over to the police instead.

  140. Omg!!!! Why do we love taking law into our own hands…its not fair oo…and that useless police can’t even rescue the gal from their hands? Pls govt let those ppl be arrested

  141. When the home fails, society goes in disarray! (A. Samuel)

    No to jungle justice, but a greater no to armed robbery!

  142. No justice. This is terrible. The law was laid down so that people would not take law into their hands. Alleged they say.

  143. please and please am pleading onto the Nigerians to always do what is right. we should be citizen/law abidance and stop taking law to yourself. for it is even states that “give seaser what belong to seaser and aloud God to take what belong to God” they suppose to hand her over to the police for them to make justice.

  144. What is really happen to this country this is too much in Nigeria please left have a meet together to make peace.

  145. why are some people heartless.. you don’t take laws into your hands.. She deserved fair trial in the court.. May her soul rest in peace

  146. Imagine a female where exactly is our country going anyway I cannot blame her itbia the situation of Nigeria

  147. Am so pained, how can one derive joy in burning his or her fellow human, no matter the crime she committed, say no to jungle justice

  148. Burning her alive to me makes no sense, u can purnish her for her crimes but burning her is simply not an option

  149. The annoying part of this story is that 2 police officers were there and they couldn’t do anything to stop the jungle justice.

  150. This so call jungle justice in Cross River especially Calabar south should stop, because innocent souls have fallen victim to this barbaric and inhuman act.

  151. Armed robbery is against the law but people should stop jungle justice. Her arrest could have provided more information that will lead to more arrests in the state.

  152. Why not making a report in time to the policemen so pain
    But can we agreed that she has gotten her reward and what of those who burn her. It is well

  153. This is totally absurd, how can over 500 people watch while a fellow human being is put to death in such a gruesome manner, what is really wrong with this 21st century people.

  154. How can this fine girl be involved in this type of dirty thing? Is a big pity the way she died. Lesson to robbers especially ladies that are robbing.

  155. No matter the crime, jungle justice is wrong!
    And police is even present but couldn’t do anything, where is Nigeria?

  156. So why don’t you just get yourself a job then. Even after going to school you ended up becoming a robber. Too bad for you

  157. Why burning her nah? The youth took law into their hands Which Is Wrong….She should go and Explain to her God!

  158. They should have taking her to the police why killing her, who gave the power to take her life? People will never all police to do their job in this country Nigeria.

  159. May God save us. One has to be careful. Show me your friend and I would tell you the kind of person you are. See how she died for someone else sin… May her soul rest in peace

  160. I hope this allegations is true if yes she should have been taken to the station first before taking any action on her. Rip

  161. It took an hour and the Police watched doing nothing. A Police station is probably not far from where she was burnt. This is my country, Nigeria

  162. This kind of judgement is not right. Peoole should learn to repory matters to the appropriate authority. Not taking justice into their own hands

  163. The value of human life in Nigeria and even Africa has been reduced to nothing. Such a wicked act.

  164. They’ve really gone far for burning her they should have hand Her over to the police to do the justice.

  165. Where are the police men by then?? And the incident took about an hour. All the same, they suppose to handover her to the police

  166. Those people are criminals and should be killed the same way she died. It’s just a useless excuse to burn someone alive. And the stupid police too are watching. Shame on you all.

  167. Hummm too bad I think the law force agency should look into this situation and find out the real course of the matter.

  168. This is a act of wickedness, no one has the right to kill anybody, those behind it should brought to book

  169. What a world of jungle justice!
    Even with the police present, this is bad no matter her crime. May her soul rest in peace

  170. That serves her her next world, she will choose a different career. Some people will say hardship caused it

  171. How can a fine girl like this be involved in such act? This jungle justice has to stop because we have the law but they always allow their rules to be broken

  172. This jungle justice is not a good thing o i wonder why we will have a justice system and it will not be allowed to run its cause

  173. No matter what she has been accused of this is totally wrong. We should say no to jungle justice cos a lot of innocent souls has been lost because of it.

  174. Cross river hasn’t stop all this their jungle Justice yet,what a pity the girl just die like that after embracing her

  175. Yes it’s jungle Justice, but we should ask ourselves can you cease anyone that did not do anything to you and burn him? No! That’s because that person did not do anything. But if you ever come in contact directly with these criminals, you may change your mind about this idea of jungle justice. Because they come to kill, to steal and destroy. I rest my case.

  176. She would have provided the boyfriend, now she’s dead.Jungle justice is bad,though she did a very bad thing.

  177. We are not supposed to take laws into our hands. We don’t always follow process that is why it is always difficult for us some times. Let’s allow the government, police and court do their job.

  178. A beautiful lady like this will be involved in this shameful act? What is the world becoming? See the way she is being disgraced and burnt to death. Someone daughter was burnt to death just like that. Any lady stealing, please go and find something good to do so as to save your life.

  179. really jungle justice? In this 21st century? what happened to civilization why must we take laws into our hands

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