Alleged breach of contract: Imo APC governorship candidate Uzodinma, arrested

Imo APC governorship candidate Uzodinma Hope, was on Sunday arrested by a Special Presidential Investigation Panel For Recovery of Public Property, over an alleged breach of contract.

Alleged breach of contract: Imo APC governorship candidate Uzodinma, arrested lailasnews

Imo APC governorship candidate Uzodinma who represents Imo West Senatorial District in the Senate, was arrested over the failure of his company to execute a contract of $12m for the dredging of Calabar channel as confirmed by Chairman of the panel, Chief Okoi Obono-Obla.

Uzodinma who was also accused of evading arrest for about a year but was arrested at about 8.20pm at the Abuja airport, was awarded the contract by the Nigerian Ports Authority.

The statement from Obono-Obla read, “This evening, at about 8.20pm, operatives of the Special Presidential Investigation Panel For Recovery of Public Property at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport arrested the APC governorship candidate in Imo State, Hope Uzodinma, after disembarking from an Air Peace P47324 flight from Lagos.

“The panel is investigating economic sabotage against Senator Uzodinma arising out of the failure of his company to execute a contract of $12m for the dredging of Calabar channel awarded by the NPA.”

This  is coming few days after INEC listed the Senator as Imo State APC Governorship candidate in the 2019 election.


  1. Nawa ooo. I wish Nugeria will keep on doing like this there will be no much criminals and corruption in the state. Let them go with *no body is above the law* Nigeria will be a better country

  2. they will be arrested, some of them are just embezzling money and they claim to be our leaders, well all is well.

  3. Nigeria politics… contract that was awarded to his company years ago,it’s now they realise that it wasn’t executed.

  4. Nigeria politics… contract that was awarded to his company years ago,it’s now they realise that it wasn’t executed. I rest my case

  5. This is a good move from the operatives of the Special Presidential Investigation Panel that arrested the Imo APC governorship candidate Uzodinma because he’s amomg the looters and must be charged to court.

  6. A governorship candidate cannot even deliver a contract now is it when he is voted as the governor that he will deliver his promises? Imo people please be wise.

  7. This is good when these people do things like this Justice should be done I hope they won’t collect bribe and let the man go without proper justice

  8. A contract has to be followed strictly after signing. Any breach of contract should attach a punishment

  9. Imagine what the leaders are doing,people that are supposed to guide the country, who knows how long this has been going well,treat him the way you treat other criminals, because no one is above to the law

  10. I am happy to hear that an APC governorship aspirant was arrested base on breach of contract I wonder how worst things would be if he eventually emerge as governor almost all Nigeria politician are found of this act I wish is well dealt with for others to learn

  11. Why this issue is visited and acted on now is because his contesting for an office, of not no body will care and it will be covered up.

  12. This is how corruption fight should be like…it has started…they should make sure they get to the buttom of this matter..

  13. This APC and Imo palava is now trending politics in Nigeria can be funny since you are giving a contract to execute you did not fulfil your part now you want to become governor to embezzle people’s sweat I just pray and hope justice prevail…

  14. If really the accusations is true I think he should be charge to court to provide that money. This is how they swallow a whooping amout of money meant for public benefit. I just hope that is not politically motivated cos of his recent victory in apc governorship aspirant

  15. I like the action taken by the government I wish this is how all the criminal in this country are been treated I think this corruption will not have been in existence. He should just celebrate his Christmas in prison so that next time he will learn how to be faithful to what is committed to his hands

  16. More will be arrested if they should look into their account.
    Imo state is the only eastern state that is giving Nigerians more drama.

  17. from all that is happening, what i can see is that, oshiomole doesnt want ugwumba be the ticket bearer of apc in imo, okorocha doesnt want uzodima to be the one but buhari wants to favour okorochas ugwumba but doesnt know how to go about it. and yes, these are the people that want to remain in power meanwhile they are not able to organize themselves in the first place. isnt this a good example of being pathetic? what do we make out of all these knowing that the apc imo governorship flag bearer cant even be trusted and i bet even if not known or believed, okorocha has a hand in this. how can they say he has been evading arrest but they all gathered for a primary election. why wasnt he arrested then since they want to to believe he has been in hiding since? seems we all look like kids in the eyes of this present administration.

  18. Was not Hope Uzodinma was one of the earliest 419ers who had a proper functioning office with fax, phone and hired Oluwole forgers who cloned 419 documents to dupe people? Am I mistaken?

    Was he not one big fraudster with Nwude, Morris Ibekwe, Fred Ajudua and the rest of them. I am surprised that Nigerians could be so forgetful and very stupid to allow such a person to get to the Senate, just like Dino Melaye. Now he is close to being Imo State governor and Soon, he will begin to clamor to be President. This is why Nigeria will never be redeemed, never is the word.

    Imagine a hardly schooled “clown” like Okorocha bestriding a state for 8 years, running his uncouth mouth like one yakky parrot and ruining the state 25 years backwards. Okorocha throws light on that age old saying that, “half education is worse than none”.

    If Uzodinma takes over from Okorocha, that will be the end of Imo state and I can swear an affidavit to this effect before it happens. Some years ago there was a boy insisting that he sat GCE for Uzodinma, this is googleable right?

  19. I think it’s quite good if we enforce the rule of law to the fullest and make everyone know that none is above the law. It will go along way to help our politicians curb their excesses.

  20. Good. His wrong deeds are coming back to haunt him even before election. Without uncovering this corrupt practices by him, definitely there is no gainsaying the fact that he will milk the state dry if he is eventually voted in 2019. A stitch in time saves nine. He will be welcoming December behind bars.

  21. I love this. It is good when these people do things like this and adequate Justice is done. I hope they won’t collect bribe and let the man go without proper justice. Nice one

  22. This is sure a political blasphemy….we can recall how long it took for his name to be in the list now that’s its not the list, they are looking for a way to bring him down.

  23. You see Nigeria they award contract to their company politics yet the contract is not done. What should we call that

  24. Uzodinma must feel very embarrassed. He might loose his ticket to run for the Imo state governorship position.
    I also smell Rochas’s hand in this.

  25. This is quite embarrassing on imo state . Why would a governorship aspirant be involved in such a breach of contract

  26. If this is true then Imo state doesn’t need such a governor. He should be made to pay every dime back if indeed he is guilty

  27. I hope they will arrest other government officials that refuse to complete their contract. With this sanity will come back to nigeria

  28. Hmmm! a contract is awarded him and he fails to execute it. Can he actually satisfy his people and execute good governance if he emege as the Governor of his state.

  29. This funny, so why dt they arrest him since is it now they remeber he abadon a project worth 12m, i hope God will deliver us from our so called rulers who are all criminals because Rochas Okorocha went his son in law in, i belive he has hand in this

  30. Imo state will be Doom if this man succeeded in becoming their governor, thank God he was expose early before it becomes too late that we can do anything, but come to think of it if this man was actually evading arrest like they say he wouldn’t have come out to contest as governorship candidate, something is wrong somewhere bcuz the last time I checked Rochas Okorocha never wanted him win that over him.lnvestigation pls

  31. Looking at this from one angle, it can be regarded as a political move. His political opponents are making move to dent his name because of his political ambitions come 2019.

    From another angle, he too is one of those looting the treasurery, receiving the money for a contract and not carrying out the contract.
    Nigeria we hail

  32. Special investigation should be done, if his was approved not guilty it served has an additional credit to his political careers. If not he supposed not to be a leader.

  33. why is it now that the man is now APC flagbearer that they now remember he has been evading arrest. We know who is behind this. Waiting for his counterpart to do his own and The fight between them gets deeper. Good news. And if its actually true he committed d alleged crime,then his arrest is a welcome development BT APC can do better like addressing d Ganduje case and other high profile theft by top APC leaders. Rochas is fighting dirty .. If Hope is guilty of the allegation he should face the music but I see the handiwork of Rochas.

  34. This is a dicy situation which involves many facet.Firstly the controversy associated with senator uzodinma being the Apc candidate for governor in imo State,some may attribute it to the fact that Rochas the incumbent governor is behind this because his son-in-law was not choosen and with his pedigree in Apc,he could pull such on the senator.why now
    Secondary,this could be gross misconduct on the part of the senator’s company because he feels he is with the ruling party.
    Thirdly the present administration may want to use it as a means to show their honesty in fighting corruption.

  35. I have started liking what is happening now among APC party, all the corrupt men are no longer saved again

  36. Nice one. It’s about time all this politicians know that law is above Nobody. We are all equal before the law.

  37. I said it before and am saying it again that all this politicians are all thief.They now want to probe him because he want to be a Governor.

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