Alleged $24,000 extortion: Reasons why shehu sanni abandon’s lie detector

shehu sanni abandon’s lie detector : The adviser to Shehu Sani, Comrade Sulaiman Ahmed, reported that his principal is not psychologically stable to undergo the polygraph test provided by Economic Financial Crime Commission (EFCC).

The adviser allegedly stated this while speaking on a private radio station in Osogbo.

The former senator, who was moved out of his detention cell last week Monday to the Polygraph Clinic in the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) annex in Abuja, refused to subject himself but opted for Holy Quran.

His aide explained: “A situation where you detain somebody for more than 10days in an underground cell which whenever he will be given food, we have to be calling some people from the top before he could be given food.

“Such kind of person, after long detention like that, then you just bring lie detector or polygraph to him and then bring other accused person who has been going around doing his business; joining them together.

“Psychologically the accused person might not be in a stable condition.

“So when you start thinking you are going to put lie detector on him (Sani) when he is not physiological balance, it can’t work.”

He went ahead saying: “How can a lie detector be able to understand that he had been under detention?

“He has been denied so many things. So that is the reason why he shunned the lie detector.”

Sulaiman also boasted of the preparedness of the legal team for the ex-senator defense and securing of his bail.

According to him: “We are expecting to appear in court. The court order that was granted by the court to EFCC is elapsing on Tuesday.

“Our expectation is that they will bring him to court. Our legal team is work for Senator’s defense and defense and for his bail to be secured”.

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