All over the world, military rarely disclose the figure of casualties – Femi Adesina

Femi Adesina who was a guest on Channels TV last night, addressed the controversy surrounding the Metele Boko Haram attack which left over 100 Nigerian soldiers dead.

All over the world, military rarely disclose the figure of casualties - Femi Adesina lailasnews

Following the outcry for released of names of military men who fell in the recent Boko Haram attack, Femi Adesina who is President Buhari’s senior special assistant on media and publicity stated that all over the world, the military does not or rarely disclose the figure of casualties.

On 2019 elections he said;

‘President Buhari is likely to win by a wider margin than he did in 2015. There is no basis of comparing Alhaji Abubakar Atiku with President Buhari’.

It was alleged that multiple deaths was reported after a rescue team dispatched to comb Metele in the aftermath of the November 18 Boko Haram attack on Nigerian soldiers in Borno State came under insurgents fire on November 19, military sources.

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The rescue, treatment and evacuation team was sent from Baga, Borno State, to Metele, home to the Nigerian Army 157 Task Force Battalion that lost scores of soldiers on Sunday. The rescue team members were selected from the Nigerian Army 7 Task Force Brigade stationed in Baga.

At least 118 soldiers were killed and 153 missing in the Sunday attack on 157 Task Force Battalion in Metele, Borno State according to Premium Times.


  1. This boko Haram people is getting out of hand,and government find nothing to do about it.The security in this country is weak

  2. Government need to provide adequate security for this country,so as to stop boko Haram from terroisting the country

  3. If this situation continues like this, every day killing of Nigerian soldiers by Boko Haram, the country might end up losing her military prowel on the eyes of the world

  4. So are they planning to keep whats happening to our soldier a secret? We are watching the drama…ok oh.

  5. I think this soldiers need more weapon to face this book people. If not they will just be wasting them because if they more and adequate weapon they face the boko without fear

  6. This boko Haram thing is getting out of hand,and government is doing nothing about it. security in this country is failing ooo

  7. I totally support Femi Adesina . He is right. It’s so rare for military to disclose number of casualties

  8. We are talking about patriots that lost their lives, he’s he’s talking about buharis winning margin. How are the two topics correlated, these people are so heartless.

  9. Government need to provide adequate security for this country,so as to stop boko Haram from terroisting the country.And adequate equipment for our soldiers to fight them

  10. I’m tired of this lying government with lying ppl every where, every day.Imagine the killings under Buhari .Tufiakwua!

  11. I don’t think the crisis the boko haram is inflicting in Nigeria has been thoroughly discussion and a solution found. If not the government should look into it

  12. Not until the government says a word or do something then they (book harm) will not stop terrorising the solidiers and the entire country

  13. THis people say senseless things at all times…instead of you looking for way to increase weapon for the security people to avoid loosing our army men because they are someone child..your here talking about election…

  14. Buhari wants to come into power again yet he has done nothing to curb the Book Haram insurgency. May God save our country.

  15. Yes you are right, I noticed that most countries are always giving lesser figures of casualties in force but that shouldn’t be so

  16. Is it part of their policy or just trying to protect the integrity of the Army force…….when they don’t disclose the names of Casauties how can one knows the where about of their love once that are involved….I think they should change such.

  17. This boko haram issues are something that should be tackled with actions because they’re are becoming too ferocious to Nigeria

  18. This is so touching. Boko Haram issue in this country is becoming unbearable. government should do something

  19. 118 dead, 157missing….boko Haram has finally taken over Nigeria, this has never happened before, buhari I don’t want to insult Mr president though

  20. What is the federal government doing about this ungodly acts, Nigerian soldiers should be equipped to stand out in any battle

  21. They didn’t find solution to this issue of boko haram, people are dying, Nigeria soldier are missing or they care for is how to win the next election, selfish leaders

  22. Jesus, all those lives gone may their souls rest in peace, oh our Nigerian army hmmmmm the missing ones may God help for them to be found, can’t this book haram of a thing just end

  23. Why will d milltary not disclose d exact number of casualties. My own is Buhari will not win dis coming election cos he is d cos of dis killings. We want somebody who will eliminate Boko Haram and stop dis herdsmen from killing people and distroying peoples farms

  24. Not reporting the actual casualties is a worldwide practise but what are the government doing to put a stop to avoid further casualties?

  25. They dont want to harm the public with bad news that is why they dont disclose the exact numbers of casualty

  26. Estimated 118 soldiers allegedly reported dead and 153 missing is more than a mere tragedy within the military. I know this is one area the government would not want to talk about.

  27. the way this present government is acting towards this Boko Haram is so saddened now look at the way people and soldiers are be killed everyday so annoying

  28. What is this senior liar insulating that ,soldiers didn’t die or the number is too much according to media or what?

  29. This man is only saying this because he isn’t the one that died. And Buhari cannot win the election again

  30. The way we have accepted killings as a way of life…not caring about the effects is very sad,no value on human life…I just hope this becomes a thing of the past in this country!

  31. Sometimes I wonder if this our government officials listen to themselves when they talk or they just choose to act ignorant

  32. But this buhri government is not funny ooh what they we be telling us every time is our soldiers that died then you are a former military what are you doing about it.young people entering into army show well before you enter.

  33. The government has failed us and the military. That is the summary of it all. Full list or not, you have not explained to us what you have done with our security vote

  34. The federal government should provide adequate security for the country so as to put a stop to all this killings

  35. This Boko Haram insurgency breaks my heart each time they strike what exactly is still keeping them strong causing these evil acts on our innocent soldiers ? We need reliable and strong security measures to make us have peace in Nigeria.

  36. May peace depart from the household of whoever there sponsors are. Wasting human life and making women widow and children fatherless

  37. Chaii , our soldiers have finished in number this Boko Haram people really dealt with them. When will Nigeria share this as a testimony that we are free from boko Haram attack.

  38. If military men could be killed easily by Bokos what about civilians. Government pls security should be number one priority in our country.

  39. This tradgedy has never happened
    Gallant soldiers dropped down by the same boko haram this government said they have conquered

  40. Your problem is for buhari to win right, you don’t even care about the dead soldiers that have not even be published up till now no one knows their names or seen they’re pictures

  41. Says who you and your cohorts are trying to hide the figure from us there is more to this come out plain and address the issue

  42. If that is a global practice well Nigeria should be no exception but their families deserve to know and loved ones taken good care of

  43. The attack on our soldiers is now becoming more incessant. This menace has to stop before it is too late. It is high time they are trapped underfoot by Nigerian soldiers.

  44. Military is a serious business, those going into it knows it’s a game of their lives, Boko Haram is a major war and it’s really claiming the lives of soldiers enmass.

  45. I think Mr. Femi is trying to withhold the number of soldiers killed so that the opposition will not use it against them politically

  46. I thought this government promised to handle book haram in just 3 days. However after 4years book haram is gaining more grounds. What a paradox

  47. Honestly the bokoharam people are getting out of hand. Can’t the military just flush them once and for all. Why all this delay?

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