Ali Baba blast politicians over Nigerian Senate mace

Earlier today, we reported that the Nigerian senate plenary session was in chaos after thugs invaded the National assembly and made away with the mace. Writing on the incident which led to the arrest of suspended Senator Omo-Agege, ace Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba said if culprits who had made similar moves in the past were punished, the incident which occurred today wouldn’t have happened.

Ali Baba blast politicians over Senate mace lailasnews

Expressing his disappointment in the current state of the nation, Ali Baba wrote;

“If any the people who carried the mace in any part of this country had gone to jail, and severely punished, would anyone care to do it again? This is why we are here.

“Some will snatch the ballot box because, Kamoru did it in Osun state and nothing happened. In Edo state Osahon will do it again because nothing will happen to him.

“This is why the man that went into a government house and kidnapped an elected Governor is still considered a party chieftain. That is why someone who was undergoing investigations for money laundering in the UK, can come back home to become a Senator. That is why, someone who became a Group managing director can have so much money and the source can not be accounted for. That is why someone can brazenly walk into a National Assembly… not a cemetary and remove a mace… isn’t that amazing?

“That is why someone who gave bribe in Nigeria is jailed in America and the people who received the bribe are walking free in Nigeria. That is why a whole ship MT African Pride, big or bigger than the National theatre… can disappear without a trace. And we are still proudly African.

“That is why salaries of workers in Nigeria have not been paid but the Lawmakers still receive salaries. No complain. That is why herdsmen can strike over 50 times at different places and no action. That is why 2 bullet proof cars will cost 200m plus. Even the makers of the vehicle shock.

“That is why a country can sell crude at $150 per barrel, achieve nothing with it, leave huge debts on top of it, but be expecting the country to be developed overnight with the same crude at $26. It’s only in Nigeria. That our president will say “I told the chief of Army staff to go somewhere, he didn’t go, but he is still chief of Army. It’s the only place where… fill in the blank spaces jare… what do I know.”

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