Algeria military plane crash kills two people

A military plane crash has killed two people in Algeria, the fighter jet crashed during an overnight training exercise, killing its crew members.

Algeria military plane crash kills two people lailasnews

According to the defence ministry, the Russian-made Sukhoi SU-24 plane went down in an uninhabited farming area in the province of Tiaret, around 250 kilometres (155 miles) southwest of Algiers.

The pilot and co-pilot were killed during the “night-time training flight”, it said, adding that it was investigating the causes of the accident.

It was the first such incident since the country’s worst military plane crash that killed 257 people in April last year at a military base near Algiers.

In April an Ilyushin IL-76 transport plane slammed into a field near an airbase south of Algiers, killing 257 people — Algeria’s deadliest such incident in 20 years.

It was mostly carrying army personnel and their family members on their way back to their barracks in the country’s far south.

Several previous accidents were due to poor maintenance of the military fleet, Algerian media has reported.


  1. Another Miltary disaster for 2019,why couldnt it be done @day,Night vision is not normally good for Manouevres of this magnitude

  2. So pathetic. May the souls rest in peace. Military must learn to maintain their Plaine to avoid all the crashes

  3. This Is So pathetic. May their souls rest in perfect peace and may God console the family of the deceased

  4. Why night training ?training suppose to be during the day,while is best know to them why they decided to train at night ….
    May their souls rest in peace

  5. I wonder why survival is impossible in a plane crash. Condolences to the families of the deceased.

  6. This is really touching Proper maintenance Should be carried out before any training. May God console their loved ones

  7. The level of plane crashes that are happening now is alarming. Last was vice president own,then sala.May the souls of the two dead people rest in peace.Amen.

  8. Pilots and copilots must be careful when boarding the plane. Make sure they check for possible failures that can lead to accidents and avoid them

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