Aisha Yesufu drags Arewa youths, describes them as ”Oxygen Wasting Vessels” with ‘BambiAlaMentality’

Nigerian activist Aisha Yesufu has taken to Twitter this morning to blast youths from Northern Nigeria popularly known as Arewa Youths for dragging her on Twitter.

Mrs Yesufu revealed on Monday that homosexuality was not a new discovery in Nigeria, as she reveals she witnessed it 37 years ago.

The activist also stated on Twitter that the LGBTQ community is not tolerant and are bullies.

The youths in the northern region of Nigeria attacked her over her support for gay rights in Nigeria. They argued that she should never be in support of such things as it is against the tenets of Islam which she practices.

Ms. Yesufu did not take their attacks lying low and has hit back at them, describing them as ”Oxygen Wasting Vessels”.

She wrote in multiple tweets;

Youth in Nigeria will pick up an issue and focus on it until the government is forced to do something about it but the ones in arewa twitter with their #BambiAlaMentality jump from handle to handle to transfer the aggression they cannot transfer to the parents that abandoned them

Buhari looked at Arewa twitter youth and their #BambiAlaMentality and decided to use the brush on them to brush every other youth across the country and call them lazy youth.
Naaah it is the ones on Arewa twitter that are beyond lazy

You are here shouting haram. Biko who are you fooling with that sanctimonious attitude?
Isn’t a father sleeping with his daughter haram?
Isn’t a mother sleeping with her step son haram?
Isnt an old man putting a little girl inside babbanriga haram and molesting

They will be talking Islam and they will be shouting as if they have the patent of Islam.
If it is to talk morality they are number one but let it be about practice they are nowhere to be found.

Small thing “stop practicing our islam” which Islam do you own? The one that many do not know how to perform ablution or that there is ghusl bath? Or the one where you commit murder in the name of riot?
Go get knowledge & practice Islam & leave your “our Islam”

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