Aisha Yesufu blast Buhari, calls the president offensive names

The Co-convener of the BringBackOurGirls, BBOG, advocacy group, Aisha Yesufu has attacked President Muhammadu Buhari again, calling him as incompetent, clueless and inept.

Aisha Yesufu who talked against the bad security situation in the country and the recent kidnap of three Ahmadu Bello University students also stated that President Buhari was a failure.

In a video she posted on social media on Thursday, Mrs. Yesufu remarked,

“When we say Mohammadu Buhari is incompetent, clueless and inept we are not insulting him. We are just saying it as it is.

“As the President and Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces, Muhammadu Buhari has been incompetent, clueless, inept and a failure.

“The state of security today is heartbreaking. Did you hear of the ABU University students that were kidnapped? They should have been your children; they should have been you. Parents had to pay the ransom and they are back.

“I watched the video of one of the girls that were returned, she was crying. But do you know something? They (kidnappers) didn’t ask if the incompetent Muhammadu Buhari was her (one of the victims) president; they didn’t ask if she was APC, PDP, or whatever; they didn’t ask if she was from the north, south or other parts of the country. they didn’t ask whether she was a Christian or Muslim; or what tribe she was.

“They took her along other fellow students and other people. What about those who have not been able to pay the ransom? Is this how we are going to live our lives in the country? is this what we are going to continue to do? To look away and support this incompetence we have?

“No! It’s not doable. As long as one of us is not safe, all of us are not safe. the saddest thing is that this victim’s card is going from place to the other. it’s going around and the only god knows on whom it will fall.

“I’ll continue to repeat that yesterday’s victims were once survivals and today’s victims were yesterday’s survivals and tomorrow’s victims were today’s survivals. Let me tell you something, in Nigeria’s today, being a victim is no longer a matter of if its a matter of when.”


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