Again Shiites protest in Abuja

Members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, Shiites protest in Abuja held again today. They came out to demand the release of their leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaki, Premium Times reports.

The Shiite members who were seen around the Wuse market were shouting “free El-Zakzaki” as they headed towards the Berger bridge in Abuja.

Again Shiites protest in Abuja lailasnews 2
Again Shiites protest in Abuja

The members, numbering over a hundred, including women were also seen carrying posters of Mr El-Zakzaki as they protested on the street, with onlookers watching the scene from a distance.

Mr El-Zakzaki was arrested in December, 2015, after a clash ensued between the sect and the Nigerian Army over right of way.

A clampdown by the army on the protesters including late at night at their homes eventually led to the murder of over 300 Shiites who were secretly buried in a mass grave by the government. A soldier, Yakubu Dankaduna, also died in the clash, the army said.

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Following his arrest, Mr El-Zakzaki was in detention without trial for over two years before he was arraigned by the Kaduna State government.

Since the 2015 incident, the sect has has continued protests to demand the release of its leader with many of such protests turning violent after clampdown by security forces.

On October 29, a bloody violence that erupted after Nigerian soldiers opened gunfire on Shiite protesters on the outskirts of Abuja left at least 21 members of the sect dead, a PREMIUM TIMES report revealed.


  1. This seems like a waste of effort and energy to me and they all seem to be following one another ignorantly you cannot release someone who hasn’t abide by the law of the nation into the country. They should try and reason with each other

  2. Since 2015 this man have been arrested and people keep protesting for his realise something have to be done

  3. El zazaki should be treated like others in his shoes. They shouldn’t think that they can take laws into their hands

  4. Violence won’t solve all this at all, they should be calm and wait till PMB takes his decision, stop the violence

  5. Why should he be released if he has violated the laws of the land ? They should stop wasting their time.

  6. The government should not dare to release him as he could create another terrorist group and reign terror on the country

  7. Government should give listening hear to their protest. Dialogue is best in this to avoid recurring violence.

  8. I can’t even explain the kind of government we have what they suppose to act on they will keep mute
    Buhari should release the man first crying out loud

  9. I hope the government and the military work hand in hand to curb this problem. People are being killed everyday. It’s getting serious

  10. Violence can never bring peace rather it brings death and backwardness Pls try stop d violence n let dialogue come into place

  11. The Nigerian government is not ready to listen to what your group has to say.
    And another thing is this, Violence is not the way

  12. Violence is not the answer to this,rather it will get things worse,settle this peacefully

  13. solve all this at all, they should be calm and wait till PMB takes his decision, stop the violence

  14. Our government are encouraging violence in Nigeria,I don’t know why they remanded him there all this while

  15. El zakzaky should be charged to court and his fate made known, of course getting prepared for the ripple effect.

  16. It has been couple of weeks I have been reading about this shitites ….. I wonder why the soilder killed them

  17. sometimes I wonder the kind of training our security agents and agencies receives, this small matter is gently becoming a big monster. FG obey your court and her orders na.

  18. Violence can never solve anything . They should table out what it is that is bothering them and let the government look into it

  19. I don’t no why’s the Nigerian government should be compromising with terrorist ,, why not eliminate this people

  20. He should remain there, who knows if he’s the one instigating the bokoharams too. I know Mr president won’t release him,since he’s fighting terrorism and corruption.

  21. APC government is playing double standard here. We did not hear of any arrest of the protesters or were the Nigeria police on holiday at Abuja. Incredible, the same police that arrested Deji. Religious inclination suspected.

  22. Violence can’t always be the way out in this case….. The executives should dialogue with the government over this issue

  23. This stubborn shiites again. I hope they didn’t come to look for trouble again or cause violence, all we pray is for peace to reign

  24. Let Federal government decide what to do with this El-Zazaky. Let them sentence him once and for all, so that these Shiites people will rest.

  25. Since December 2015! !! I don’t think the government will release that their leader….they should just try and get him

  26. If their leader Ibrahim El-Zakzaki, was a peaceful person and embraced peace too he wouldn’t have been detained.

  27. Let him remain in detention for now, Nigeria have had enough of terrorist attack. Let’s enjoy the calmness for a while

  28. For how long will they continue this protest which always result into violence? Please let the law take it due course.

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