Again, Imam Tawhidi openly criticizes wearing the burqa

Again, Imam Tawhidi openly criticizes wearing burqa

Again, Imam Tawhidi also known as Imam of Peace has openly criticized Muslim women wearing burqa.

In a recent tweet he shared on his social media page, Imam Tawhidi said people who think wearing a burqa all their lives is normal should go see a doctor.

He wrote;

If you think wearing this your entire life is normal, then go see a doctor. If you think your wife should wear this her entire life, then go to hell.

Recall that the Imam had recently called out muslim women wearing the burka to swim said it was as a result if brainwashing over the years. He also said it is as a result of being convinced that her entire body is 100% vagina.

See reactions to his recent post below.

Objectifying women seems to be such a problem for these people that they cannot even see a woman without thinking impure thoughts… – Alex Bendyna

That is literally creepy as hell and that’s exactly where I would tell anyone to go if they tried to force me to wear something so hideous. I feel bad for these women tbh – Kristie

We will see this soon in America if not already. And when it is criticized the liberals will be screaming “Islamophobia!”. But none of the liberal women that scream it would ever wear something like that. And they would be howling if their “partner” demanded they do so. – header0302

Feminists will fight to defend wearing them but won’t defend the Iranian women protesting against wearing them🤨 – Vi ra

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