After being side hoe for 6yrs, 33 Abortions, he finally proposed

A lady has revealed that after being a side hoe for 6 years and having thirty three abortions, her partner has finally proposed.

I just want to take this as a joke, cause how could someone really have 33 abortions for the same man she dated for 6 years. Well, the good thing maybe is that he finally proposed.

After being side hoe for 6yrs, 33 Abortions, he finally proposed lailasnews

The twitter user known as Empyreall said she had being a side hoe for 6 good years, had 33 abortions and so many others for her man and then he finally proposed to her.

She wrote;

“After being the side hoe for 6 years, 33 abortions, and putting his mama in the hospital after running her over in a jeep Cherokee after she called me by his actual girlfriends name, he proposed and i said YES!!!”

yall know im lying. it was only 32 abortions.

so…..yall do know this is a joke right? LMAOOOOO.

Many people didn’t take the Tweet as a joke, as they flooded her timeline with their views, which she later complained about. She wrote;

I laid the sarcasm on thick and people still believing me

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